Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

Same old story:  guy misbehaves on the road, gets pissy when he’s nearly knocked over, decides to get all shooty, and instead is shot dead by the innocent driver in self-defense.

As soon as you’ve stopped applauding, feel free to guess the race of the corpus delicti.  Clue:  his name is JaDerek Gray, and he was no doubt on his way to choir practice.

Carry on;  nothing more to see here.  Fort Worth, baby.


  1. “Fort Worth police … call this ending the worst-case scenario in a road rage situation.” Oh, I don’t know about that. Seems to me that the worst-case scenario would be if someone got shot that DIDN’T richly deserve it.

  2. I’m going to take a wild guess that it was all captured on the motorist’s dashcam and that is responsible for the swift determination.

    1. I’m actually kind of surprised that if there was a dash cam, that it was accepted as evidence. “Who are you going to believe? Ten thousand people who weren’t witnesses and know nothing about the incident except the race of the participants, or your lying dash cam?”

  3. Last I checked, lane splitting is legal only in California. So “you inadvertently disrespected me while I was doing something dangerous and illegal” now triggers “road rage” as a handy, empty explanation like “gun violence.” Sounds much better in the headlines than violent narcissism abetted by racial entitlement.

  4. When the Texas CHL was being debated, I used to argue with two pinheads I worked with about gun rights aaaaall the time. Once it passed it was of course only a matter of time before someone used their gun to defend themselves, and when it happened it was in the DFW area. Two guys just smacked pickup mirrors. Obviously someone made a mistake. It happens. I’ve been the smart guy in those situations, and I’ve been the retard, and so have we all.
    But, one decided to get aggressive. To be sure, this was a guy who did this all the time, but he came up in a rage to the other driver who by now had his window down, and was stuck in traffic. Douchebag yelled then punched the seated, seatbelted (like a good subject) guy twice; he pulled and shot. Douchebag fell down, said, “You didn’t have to shoot me!”
    Now, the morons I worked with fixated on his statement like it meant something…. No, he didn’t have to shoot you, absent physical violence on your part, but you made that choice, and it didn’t pan out for you.
    But the main thing that just blew my mind is one of them said with indignation, “A man was killed – MUUUUUURDERED – over a broken mirror!”
    “Uhm… No. No, he wasn’t. The guy who shot didn’t decide to commit violence over a broken mirror; the guy who got shot, on the other hand, did decide to commit violence over a bruised ego and almost certainly a lifetime of bring a violent douchebag. Ha punched another person who was strapped into his vehicle, in the head, twice, and got shot due only to his own violent actions. The way you are talking, I wonder if you think a woman who uses deadly force to stop her potential rapist murdered someone over a penis?”
    I was ever so popular there…….

  5. Skunk Bucket: This isn’t the worst case I can imagine, but a few years ago two men shot each other dead in a road rage incident. This was in Michigan near Grand Rapids. Both had concealed carry permits, which you need to legally carry a gun loaded or accessible in a car in Michigan.

    One of them – the one that forced the other one off the road and then started the gun play – was a former jail guard. He apparently had a record of violence, but was protected by the police department. If he’d been prosecuted like a regular person, he might have been a felon unable to legally have a gun at all, let alone get a CCW.

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