Three Shootings, Three Differences

Let’s look at the recent past:

Deranged White kid shoots up a predominantly Black-patronized supermarket in Buffalo, NY — motive:  who knows, the kid’s a fucking psycho, everyone seems to have known this, although that didn’t stop him from buying a gun legally in New York, the state with allegedly the toughest gun-purchasing requirements and safeguards in the U.S.  Of course, being as he’s White, it’s all the result of Evil White Supremacy (EWS Tucker Carlson genus).

Deranged Hispanic kid shoots up a primary school in Uvalde, TX (a predominantly Hispanic town) — motive: who knows, the kid’s a fucking psycho, everyone seems to have known this, although that didn’t stop him from buying a gun legally.  Kid’s Hispanic, so we can’t pin this on EWS, so we’ll go with the “assault rifle” bullshit.

Deranged Black guy (36) shoots up a Korean hairdressing salon in Koreatown, Dallas — motive:  this time, we know the guy’s a psycho because he has delusions that the Dallas Korean mafia (?) is out to get him.  The shooter’s car has been linked to two previous drive-by shootings in Koreatown.

Waddya mean, you never heard of the third episode?  Here ya go.  I leave it to my Readers to wonder why it never got any national/international press coverage, as the first two did.  Actually, I won’t.  The asshole is Black, hence the sound of crickets.

And for those who missed it, here’s the media guide:

Nazzo Fast, Guido

There’s this (no link because paywall):

Ummm, at the risk of offending some people — and I have no truck with pro-abortion loonies harassing judges and bombing pro-life organizations, believe me — it seems that I do need to remind everyone that the anti-abortion groups have had their own nutcases in the past:  murdering abortion doctors, blockading and bombing abortion clinics and so on.

This is not a tu quoque  argument, by the way.  If someone tries to terrorize a judge for his opinion or ruling, or bombs a building, that by definition is terrorism.

Both sides stand accused.

And the “activist” media are assholes (and not just in this instance, either).


Count me very much among the “social media users”:

Commenters on social media are calling a Washington state father a “hero” in response to reports that he allegedly rescued his daughter from sex traffickers and later killed the man he believed responsible for selling his daughter into sex slavery.

All I can hope for is that he killed the sumbitch only after a little creative use of some woodworking tools.

I probably would have, in his shoes.