If this bullshit doesn’t set your teeth on edge and make you reach for your 1911, I don’t want to talk to you no more:

As part of President Joe Biden’s massive resettlement operation out of Afghanistan, his administration plans to resettle at least 95,000 Afghans across 46 states. The only states or territories not taking Afghans are Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Washington, DC.
Wyoming is the only state in the nation where the federal government does not annually resettle refugees. That is mostly because none of the nine taxpayer-funded refugee contractors have offices in the state.
In a piece titled “One state has never taken in refugees. Will it welcome Afghans?,” the Post explores a proposal by a local Episcopal church in Casper, Wyoming, to take in Afghans. The Post interviewed a series of individuals for the piece, including those who said Afghan resettlement in Wyoming could “help with diversification” and break from their “conservative beliefs.”

I think that this would be the perfect time for Wyoming to pass a law that bans all face coverings in public.  Yes, that would include Covid face condoms and… yes,  Muslim veils.  All for reasons of public safety, of course.

Read the story from one Afghan asshole who used to live in Wyoming… I’m off to the range.

Oh, How Nice

Here they come.  First it was the tech companies coming to Dallas and Austin, now it’s the fucking movie people?

Hollywood stars are leaving Tinseltown behind to recast their lives in Austin, Texas.

What comes next?  Did you have to ask?

Yet even those accustomed to Austin’s growing pains have been stunned by the pandemic’s fallout, which rocketed housing prices by 43 percent in one year — the steepest climb of any major metro area in the country. Tales abound of home sellers being bombarded with all-cash offers the moment a property hits the market. During the first half of the year, 1,440 Austin-area houses sold for more than $100,000 over asking (versus 22 houses in the same period the previous year).

Here’s the good news, though.  Leaving L.A. for Austin is like jumping from a pile of dogshit into a pile of cowshit.

The homeless problem created by Adler and the city council has had a decidedly negative impact on the city and its residents. Crime involving homeless suspects has seen a drastic increase over the past two years.

To make matters worse, the “defund the police initiative” and the anti-police sentiment that has been encouraged by the far-left politicians that govern Austin have pushed an alarming number of officers to resign or move to other departments. Each of these factors has contributed to making the city less safe, but the city council and Mayor Steve Adler don’t seem to care.

Welcome to Los Angeles-lite, assholes.


While waiting for my Chinkvirus jab yesterday at CVS, this Mexican woman came up to the pharmacist — a Chinese immigrant, as it happened — and started trying to tell him her problems with her Rx script, and also asked where could she find some product or other.

She could not speak a word of English.  When he asked her for her birth date so he could pull up her Rx record, she just stared at him blankly.  Then she repeated everything she’d said earlier, as though this was going to change everything.

Amazingly, the pharmacist actually made some sense of the second part of her speech, and said, “Aisle Number 8”, which was met with the same blank stare as before.

Then she started to get angry, and began her little speech again, only louder and irritably, whereupon he said, loudly, “ID?”

That she understood, and groveled around in her Mexican purse (a.k.a. a well-used plastic Fiesta shopping bag), then handed it to him.  He looked up her record — gawd knows what would have ensued had it been a fake ID or something — and shrugged.  “You can’t pick these up yet;  it’s too soon.”

Well, if “Aisle Number 8” was beyond her, that little explanation wasn’t going to fly.  So she grabbed her ID card from his hand, and stormed out of the store.

If immigrants to this country want to take a wild guess as to why they aren’t welcomed with open arms, this would be Exhibit #1.  What got me was not just this fool’s inability to speak English, but her testy attitude when the pharmacist couldn’t speak Spanish.  You would think that before coming to deal with a problem, she’d at least bother to learn a few English words to help her get her point across, but noooo.

What really got up my nose was that the pharmacist — also an immigrant — spoke excellent English;  he’d had to learn it in his mid-twenties when he came over fro China and enrolled at University of Texas to get his degree (as I learned when I was chatting to him afterwards).  In other words, he’d not only learned a foreign language but an entirely different alphabet, and earned a medical degree in that same language.  No doubt at some point he’s going to get a corporate reprimand for his lack of customer service skills.

I know that he probably moonlights as an agent of the ChiCom Party, but I’m still on his side.

And I am even more determined not to bother to learn Spanish (something I’ve been idly considering over the past few months).  Fukkem, and FIFO.

All Hell Diversity

So much for the Great Diversity Experiment:

As the world watched in awe five years ago, new faces were welcomed into Germany with balloons and banners proclaiming ‘We love refugees’.
More than a million strangers headed there from faraway lands at the height of Europe’s biggest migration crisis since World War II hoping for a new life in the West.
In a rallying cry to her nation, the German chancellor Angela Merkel declared in the autumn of 2015: ‘We can do this. We are strong and can manage it.’
Even as Mrs Merkel’s historic speech was broadcast on German TV, reports flashed up on the screen that trainloads of men, women and children were clamouring to be let in at her borders. And they were.
In astonishing scenes a few days later, thousands of bedraggled, tired migrants turned up at railway stations in German cities to be met by local children blowing soap bubbles and handing over teddy bears as the country threw off its dark, xenophobic past to become the humanitarian face of Europe.
But today the celebrations for migrants are over in this powerhouse of the European Union.
Many of the foreigners who entered Germany in those heady days are being forcibly sent home to Africa, south Asia, the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans on secret flights, marshalled by security officers, after being frogmarched to airports from their beds by armed police.

I wonder why?  Oh yes, because they can’t or won’t assimilate, their crime rates are astronomical, and far from being the fuel that would help Germany’s economy, most are pretty much acting as brakes, being totally dependent on Germany’s generous welfare state.

Who could ever have thought this this would happen?

Well, most of us, as it turns out;  only we were called “racists” and “fascists” or worse, for the sin of being realists and not starry-eyed dreamers in thrall to the “magic dirt” theory of socialization.

As for “being frogmarched to airports from their beds by armed police”, I just wish we could do the same to our ingrate immigrants, but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with me saying that, too.


It is, as they say, to LOL at this development:

In the weeks since the lawsuit was announced, more than 250 Dalits from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Netflix, and dozens of others in Silicon Valley have come forward to report discrimination, bullying, ostracization, and even sexual harassment by colleagues who are higher-caste Indians, according to data provided exclusively to VICE News by Dalit advocacy group Equality Labs.
There have been 33 complaints from Dalit employees at Facebook, 20 complaints at Google, 18 at Microsoft, 24 more at Cisco, and 14 at Amazon. There were also complaints recorded from employees at Twitter, Dell, Netflix, Apple, Uber, and Lyft — as well dozens more complaints from a range of smaller Silicon Valley companies and some companies outside the technology sector.

“Caste discrimination is in every U.S. company where Indians are working,” said [Indian migrant] Maya.

When I was in India fifteen years ago, I was astonished at the degree of social discrimination — which is not the same as tribalism, although it can be.

I’m no stranger to this nonsense because South Africa, where the Whites and Blacks hate each other, both hate the Indians and mixed races.  Within the White community, the English-speakers hate the Afrikaners and vice versa, but both despise the Portuguese, Italians, Chinese, Central Europeans, Lebanese and other Arabs (yes, there are quite a few of those).  Within the Black community, the hate is limitless:  Zulus hate the Sothos, the Xhosa hate the Venda, the Bapedi hate the Zulus, and so on and so on ad infinitum.  And everyone — everyone — hates the Jews.  Just one big unhappy family, the Seffricans are.

It’s the same in the Middle East, caste-wise:  at the top are the Persians, then in order come the Saudis, the Egyptians, the Syrians, the Lebanese, and the Jordanians.  At the very bottom of the pile are the Palestinians, who are universally despised.  (I think I’ve got that right:  it was explained to me by a Persian — not Iranian, as he stressed to me — whose family had fled Iran not because they were Sunnis, but because they were… Catholic.  Talk about an inconvenient religion.)

Now let’s talk about the Balkans… nah, let’s not.  This shit gives me a headache.

As long as there are people who are even the slightest bit different from others within the same milieu, there’s elitism and discrimination.  ‘Twas ever thus, and I’m just glad to see that the Indians have imported their little flavor of discrimination to the U.S. — as if we don’t have enough of our own local varieties already.

Welcome Wagon Offer

I see that the Brits are going to offer asylum residency to something like 200,000 Hong Kongers, and I have no doubt that we Murkins are going to do something similar.

I think that’s excellent — as long as both countries structure the offer so that people of proven means and talent get to the front of the line, because we want immigrants who will want to work and be successful, and not come here simply to suck on the various government teats that we have misguidedly allowed to grow and fester, once again in both countries.  And if there’s a nation of people who have a track record of not wanting or needing the Helping Hands Of State to stick it in their asses  give them benefits, that would be the citizens of Hong Kong.  (Their attitude, in a nutshell, appears to be “Stay out of my way and let me make money”.)

There will be considerable culture shock, by the way, when these newcomers arrive in the U.K. and U.S. with relief to have escaped all that repression and control, only to discover that instead of paying 5% income tax once a year, they’ll be bent over and raped repeatedly by the fascist goons of Her Majesty’s Department of Customs & Revenue and our own Internal Revenue Service (“service” as in what stud bulls do to heifers) so that both nations can continue to provide free medical care, education and money to the ungrateful, shiftless and unemployable.

But hey:  democracy, whisky and sexy carries a cost, too.

All that said, however, I think that both the U.K. and the U.S. need to be extremely careful in vetting the people we welcome aboard, because China is asshole and it would not surprise me to learn that the godless fucking Commies would include a few (or many) spies and agents among the would-be immigrants so that they can continue their campaign of espionage and the undermining of Western democracy.

Any efforts of our own home-grown Commies to start wailing about “diversity” and “helping the needy” should be brushed off with utter contempt because, you see, they want to help the godless Chinese Communist Party to undermine our Western democracy.  All their yelpings, therefore, need to be seen in that context.

In fact, what we should do — both the Brits and ourselves — is to offer not asylum but an exchange of people wanting to live in a democracy with people who would prefer to live under Communism.

Hell, I’d give them a two-for-one offer:  two Ivy League university professors or two Portland/Seattle pantifas for every one Hong Kong entrepreneur.  Fuck it:  how about a five-for-one exchange?  I’d happily lose a million “Democratic Socialists” like Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, the entire faculty lounge at Oberlin College and the wokeist New York Times editorial committee in return for two hundred thousand hard-working Hong Kong capitalists.

Change my mind.