News Roundup

Some bad news, some good news, all treated with scorn, skepticism and a large helping of sarcasm.

this is actually excellent news.  The Tranny Formerly Known As Bruce is very conservative, politically speaking, and I can’t wait for the Democrats to go through this:

off the top of my headavoid looking at pics of Nancy Pelosi, watching President Braindead’s press conferences, and seeing a Gay Pride parade, to name but three.

they panic, I see it as ethnic Darwinism.  And that includes the morons who think that vaccines are a Gummint plot to alter their DNA / install a tracking system / [insert loony reason of choice here]

‘cos they’re just teeny little girls.  Who should be executed with just teeny little bullets.

never having regretted a one-night stand, I’m untouched by this.  And in similar vein:

my suggestion (says Dr. Kim) :  hook up with this coupleThat would teach her.

not that either of these posturing pustules has ever flown on Southwest, of course;  but just to be safe, they should be put on Southwest’s private no-fly list.

considering that United is already on my “don’t fly with them under any circumstances” list, I don’t have to worry about crashing because of Token Pilot Shawanda  (formerly Jamal) Washington’s screwup.

as if 2021 wasn’t going to be bad enough.

when you consider the lifetime’s teasing he’s had to endure because of his name, it’s amazing that this only happened when he was 38.  Anyway, he’s now “the late” so we need say no more about him.

And now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA (no links because ugh):


Finally, some outstanding views news , seeing as it’s Masters Week:

…putting the SCHWING!  back into golf:


The Pride Of Wisconsin

…and I’m not talking about cheese, or the Green Bay Packers.  No, I’m talking about Ed Gein of Plainfield, who lived a life which fed horror-film screenwriters for decades.  I knew his story, of course, but I was reminded of it by a newspaper article about him:

As well as the body of Bernice Worden – decapitated, strung up and gutted “like a deer” – they discovered a hoard of macabre keepsakes, from bowls made from human skulls to a belt made from female nipples and a lampshade covered with a face.

A nipple belt?  Even among the buxom, corn-fed Wisconsin women of the area, that’s a lotta women you have to kill to get that amount of material.

After Gein, all other mass murderers and nutcases look like amateurs, and the movie types (like Psycho‘s Norman Bates and the guy in Silence of the Lambs ) are pale imitators.


News Roundup

…and then there’s this kind of news:

which is when the Border Patrol should have started shooting, “to protect the senators’ lives”.

can’t see why she’s upset; it saves her having to move twice, when President Braindead is tossed out of the WH.

which in the case of classical music, is clearly true.

And still on the theme of “Campus Foolishness”:

which is fine — just as long as the total cost of reparations is added to their student loans.

somebody please tell me this is an April Fool’s Day joke.

and if you thought the Eyeties were being overrun by Arab and African refugees before

cue sad violin music:

no doubt just the latest in a whole series of kitchen screwups which finally caused him to snap.

hamster, meet Mr. Garbage Disposal.

just the latest in our “Extreme Self-Delusion” series.

Now it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


And finally:

Okay, I admit that this particular pic wasn’t in the actual photo shoot, but whatever.

News Roundup

All the news that’s fit to ignore, laugh at, or take as a signal to start the shooting.

and here I thought it was being caused by militant feministicals.

nothing like encouraging a culture of snitching to build esprit de corps.

not the best way to get carpet burns, really.  Key word:  Edinburgh.

California Gauleiter Gavin Newsom was not available for comment.

what’s a little thing like “law” when it comes to acting like a dictator?

key word:  Australia.

given that FC Dallas’s U-15 boys’ team recently beat your gaggle of lesbians 5-2, I wonder how well you  would do against the likes of Lionel Messi, Harry Kane, Ronaldo and Robert Lewandowski, seeing as you want to earn their kind of money?

strange how it takes a ministerial order for the Brits to do for a year what we do every day Over Here.

and it’s not even the Babylon Bee.

funny how everybody calls the U.S. The Great Satan;  and yet when the shit hits the fan, nobody ever calls on the Norwegians or Swedes for assistance.

And now:  Insignifica


Finally, your ***REAL*** news:

…and for proof of said boo-boo:

Ankles?  Didn’t know she had ’em.

Get well soon, chica!


Turns out that my “Example” post of yesterday was based on “false news”, i.e. a crock of shit.  Mea culpa — whenever there are no names or specific addresses given in an article, it should be a dead giveaway but I missed or ignored that.

The problem with this stuff is that after Ruby Ridge, Waco and gawd knows how many other instances of no-knock invasions of people’s homes by the various law enforcement entities (SWAT, FBI, DEA, DHS and all the other alphabet agencies), shit like the above can get traction and fool the gullible — in this case, people like me — and our natural suspicion / hatred of rogue government activities makes us patsies.

I promise to be more circumspect in future.