News Roundup

And speaking of friends not worth Smirnoff:

...just for kicks, we need a couple of Christian families to ask for an opt-out too, based on… ummmm I think it’s called… equal protection? ordinary old headaches weren’t enough? the moment, the ANC government is too busy offering support to Hamas to worry about the White Man’s Magic.

And speaking of the latter:

1.) I don’t think that many Pals live in Gaza in total, and even if there are, 2.)
#Don’tCare #TheyStartedIt #Fuckem

And the Great Cultural Assimilation Project News:

...there should be a LOT more of this.  (Not the slashy-slashy, the shooty-shooty.)

...could somebody pass the news on to this asshole?

And speaking of “shocking”:

...newsflash:  we never are.  Go peddle your panic somewhere else.

...for once, they got it right.  And proud we are of it, too.

...the Catholic church was unavailable for commentNo doubt they were too busy hosting the funeral of a trannie atheist.

...her half-dozen OnlyFans subscribers must be distraught.  A quick reminder of whom we speak:

No man should;  but at least one man apparently has, as she recently popped a sprog:

…to prevent mass vomiting.

And speaking of the unspeakable:

...I had no idea that Pedo / Paedo World even had a hierarchy.  So what’s Joe Biden’s title, then?

And in the Travel Department:

...don’t go to:  1) Monaco, 2) London or 3) New York City.  Ask me how I know this.

And in today’s


...I imagine that the Hotness Competition among female firefighters is not that strong, but lessee anyway:

I guess her background as a porn actress has helped her in her new career.

And that’s the news.

News Roundup

(“This [mother] drinks it, that one doesn’t.”  So much for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.)

And speaking of French wisdom:

...little late to the party, mes amis, but à bas les Vertes!  (Couldn’t have put it better myself.)

Speaking of Greens, and their Global Warming Climate Cooling Change© agenda:

...ah fucking hell, not this old chestnut again.  This was supposed to happen back in 1975, when all the Smart Set was convinced a new Ice Age was upon us.  Now that Covid has failed, Global Warming has morphed into Climate Change and nobody cares about either, here comes the Collapsing Gulf Stream again.  Can I suggest that if it doesn’t collapse next year, all the scientific alarmists be scourged then hanged in the public square?  Show of hands…

And speaking of capital punishment:

...someone tell me why people like this should not be broken on the rack, then beheaded.  I need a good laugh.

Next:  a parent who gets the picture.
...and good for her, say I.  Hope she’s got a gun or two floating around, in case of looters.  But she’s from Utah, so...

...and in other breaking news:  Sherman Sacks Atlanta.

In Sex Wars:

In Medical News:

...keyword:  Mexico.  Also:  “…all of whom had undergone cosmetic surgery like breast implants or butt lifts”.

In Serious Crime News:

...see, if he’d only stopped at three...

...and given who it was, our Potternerd should be thankful they didn’t shoot him dead on the spot.  Although the shooting should have been confined to the fraidy-cats who called the rozzers on the poor kid.

In the Travel / Entertainment Dept.:

...and here I thought that “themed cocktails” was just another term for hookers in fancy dress.

...wait:  a fireball?  In a water park?  Does not compute.

TAYLOR Swift and Travis Kelce are on course to become
the richest power couple in entertainment
...BFD.  If Taylor Swift married some starving folk singer in Memphis, they’d still be the “richest power couple in entertainment”.

And now for the ever-popular

And to finish this off, a stroll down :

...oh well, I report, you decide:

Incidentally, when did “42” become middle-aged?  Even when I was 29 (and not 69), I thought 40-year-old broads were sexy, not middle-aged.

But we can discuss all that another time, because that’s the end of the news.

News Roundup

And speaking of a better America, let’s go further into the news:

...clearly, the NYPD cops wanted a bigger bribe.

...”Why women shouldn’t be employed in male prisons:  Reason #1″

...does this mean I won’t get that million-dollar inheritance?

...don’t listen, Don, she’s faking you out.

...substitute “Amazon” and “Record companies” for “Sony”, and you’ll be fine. give back all the fucking money.

...sorry, assholes, but you ain’t no Costco or Sam’s Club.

...hey, if they’re not gonna stand for ours, then we won’t stand for theirs.
#WhitePushback #FuckYouAssholes

...I’d say the pot is calling the kettle black, but that would be rayciss.

...or “best on her knees”, take your pick.

And now for


And finally:

...aaahh Kelly me old darling, how we’ve missed you on these pages.



And now that our cups runneth over, that endeth the news.

News Roundup

Let’s start off with something from the Department of Losers:

...missed seeing him again by thismuch.

...what’s that, Lassie?  Hoofbeats from four horses?  I hear them too.

...quelle horreur.

...quick, sue the mill that made the steel for the gun maker.

...Britcops:  “We would, but then we’d be in more trouble than you are.”

...sadly, no pics of said accident.

Moving away from industrial-grade losers, we go to the Great Cultural Assimilation Project:, boys will be boys. [/Eytie cops]

From the Gummint Gazette:

...always wondered why you’d need a college degree just to be rude to customers at the DMV.

...I actually first read that as “House Republicans Shoot Senators”.  Imagine my disappointment at the second reading.

...Das Kapital, p.276.  His idol V.I. Lenin would be so proud of him.

...for “Americans” read “Journalists”.

And just to show that gummint isn’t the only entity capable of complete idiocy, there’s this:

...just another model to sit, forlorn and unwanted, on some dealer’s lot.

And in Evil Satan News:

...we know.  I mean, Nancy Pelosi is still in Congress, and FJ Biden is still in the White House. And don’t get me started on the FBI and DHS...

And your pre-weekend 


...never watched the show either, but here’s an FYI so everyone else can keep up to date:

And that’s what passes for news.

Japs Bomb Pearl Harbor

and in other “news”:

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell admitted that he was wrong to expect inflation would be transitory when it started to rise three years ago.

I wonder what clue he and the other asswipes at the Fed missed:  that government spending was increasing exponentially, that the Federal debt was spiraling upwards, or that the government was printing ever-more money to pay for government-created Covid-related expenses and social program giveaways instead of paying down the debt?

That’s some college degree you must have there, Chair Guy.  You fucking moron.

You’re “wrong”, and we’re being bent over the desk and raped by your mistake every time we go to the grocery store or try to pay down our credit card debt.

News Roundup

Speaking of pigs:

...whereupon mobs of angry citizens start hanging and shooting the illegals — oh wait, this is NYFC, nothing happened afterwards.  Never mind, carry on.

...oy, the insufferable little bitch is going to be impossible now.

From the Pulpit Chronicles: if they’d sung folk songs, there’d be executions.

Time for some International Relations:

...are you sure it’s not angry parents or Catholics, you asshole government thugs?

...gosh, now I wonder which ethnic group they’re talking to, specifically?

In Election News:

...I just want the ATF gig, and I’m not a Senator. US Democrat Socialists take notes for their own October 2024 arrangements.

...oh well, as long as they didn’t waste it.  Useless asswipes.

...I guess Katie Hopkins was already booked elsewhere, otherwise why get the “40-day wonder” (who is Conservative but NOT conservative) to speak?

In Marketing News:

...Marketing Rule #1:  always establish your customer base numbers before starting your business.  Even if it’s a religion.

...I’m confused:  satisfaction 20 minutes after ordering, or 20 minutes after the product is delivered?

...and in related news, the Clintons pre-announce that they have an alibi for when she has her unfortunate accident or commits “suicide”.

And in the newly-labeled 



And in more ShowBiz News:

...LOL “confirms” — like she could deny it:

And to get that horrible visual banished from your brain:

There ya go… and that’s the news.