News Update

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And so after poor Marie’s fate, more bad news:

then “NO PENIS NO VOTE”.  See how that works?

like eating ham through the wrapper.

fuck off, fascistTell you when I and most gun owners might accept a set of federal gun laws:  when they are identical to those of Texas (including Castle Doctrine and others of that ilk), and as long as the poxy NFA is also repealed.

From the Dept. of Irony:

…or “because of”?  I get so confused

oh stop it, I just can’t deal with this bullshit anymore.

in which we see the dangers of someone editing what you write (original headline in link).

lessee, now:  hundreds of BLM rioters looting on that day, and she gets charged?  (Episode #1,343 of “guess the race”, with a twist).

sheesh, and I thought $120 for a bottle of wine and two salads was expensive in Monaco.

all part of that “culture sharing” thing in EUtopia.  Still on trains:

Nostradamus Kim predicts an increase in crime on LA transit lines.



And finally, a fond farewell:

Whoa… some actual news in there.  I’ll try to do better next time.

News Update

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And if Chinese isn’t good enough for you, try this one:

so no change from the ordinary for them, then.

From the Dept. Of Irony:

and if that didn’t make you chuckle, we can’t be friends.

well, you don’t want an amateur in that job, do you?  

of “unknown causes”.  Uh huh.

every time this old Commie opens his mouth, he reminds us that he’s a fucking moronOld age sucks.  Ask me how I know.

I know, my index finger is twitching too.

thus planning to drive away more and more people — I’m betting these assholes have shorted the stock.

unless they’re White male students, of course;  then it’s open season.

Then we have the Pussification Chronicles:

are you fucking kidding me?  That’s almost as bad as the next wussy

you might feel vulnerable;  I just want to punch you in the mouth, you fucking sissyYou even have a celebrity endorsement.

Doing manly things, on the other hand:

bourbon and razor-sharp axes:  always a good mix.



just throwing this out there, but maybe it has something to do with the vasectomy he had two years ago?

I’ve always had a soft (okay, hard) spot for Keeley Hazell, for two very good reasons.  Here she is arriving as some function or other:

And then, some other pics, just to give you an idea:


And that, as they say, is all the news that’s fit to leer at.

News Roundup

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I know, I know… but the news is still worse:

Commie asshole.

see below.

don’t you just wish you could do that to the Antifa assholes without getting hassled by the fuzz?

actually, the reverse is true, but of course the WH is going to get it wrong.

would that were a literal event.

it’s a common side effect from eating Tide pods.

shut the fuck up, Carl.

they call her “leggy” only because they can’t call her “breasty”.

sounds about right.  Should be more of it.

Train Smash Watch:

no link, nothing to see.  Oh, alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.



I know, I know:  pictorial proof required:

And speaking of the above, here’s Christine McGuinness:


Back In Time

This is being typed on New Wife’s desktop PC, which has a keyboard of the IBM Selectric Model 1 type — meaning that I’ve had to relearn where the various DEL INS BKSP etc keys are located, and also have to pound the damn keys instead of caressing them gently into conveying my fevered thoughts and furious invective onto the screen.

All this, of course, because Moron Kim forgot his laptop’s power cord in Boise, as catalogued on these pages before.

Speaking of fury:  a number of you have emailed me, telling me of your repeated inability to log in to this website.  There’s nothing wrong with your systems;  according to Tech Support II, I may apparently be coexisting on a server at WordPress HQ with another site which gobbles up all the bandwidth, leaving Poor Me to experience delays, 503 notices etc., all of which cause me serial RCOBs not even assuaged by repeated sips of gin.  He has contacted the goblins at WP for guidance, and has received notice that a “ticket” has been opened, but so far no other response.

I myself have had to resort to using a “CTRL-A / CTRL-C” routine prior to posting a new piece, lest the input be forever lost in the Abyss Of Teh Intarwebz resulting in a Grade A (Deluxe) RCOB with many Bad Words uttered to upset the Sikh family living above us.

Don’t even ASK how miserable an experience it is to load pics.  A single News Update, for instance, can take  up to two HOURS to load, with my blood pressure frequently approaching 400/350.  So forget any nude pics of Salma Hayek appearing anytime soon; it’s text-text-text for the foreseeable.

If TS II’s supposition is correct, I’m going to have to make a few changes around here, but we can talk about that later, perhaps after I’ve emptied a few mags downrange.

We’ve also been notified by our slumlord that the rent is to increase, to the point where we might actually have to consider moving.  So over the weekend New Wife and I will be looking at rental alternatives in the area, few of which at a cursory glance seem to offer the same facilities we have in this place.

Ask me again about my RCOBs.

ANYWAY:  all working as planned, I’ll be drawing the lucky ticket for the BoomerShoot ULD Rifle this weekend, and the lucky winner will be notified ASAP.  I have to tell y’all, were it not for that UGLY scaffolding masquerading as a stock, I’d get one for myself.  Once I’d sighted it in (and Mark C. will attest to this), it dropped pretty much every bullet into an MOA group at 400 yards, and its trigger is close to the best I’ve ever fired.  Good grief;  what a weapon.  I might just repeat the choice for next year’s rifle, so much do I like it.  (Caveat:  the PMC .308 FMJ ammo I bought was crap — inconsistent, all over the place.  Had I used proper target ammo, I have no doubt that I could have achieved one-hole groups at that distance.  Lesson learned:  next year, if I go, I’ll take handloads or premium target stuff.)

The multiple AARs of Boomershoot will have to wait for next week, but an executive summary would be that a good time was had by all, and that Friend Mark C. is an absolute monster on a rifle — I am truly jealous.

Till later.

News Roundup

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Oy.  The news is still worse, as you will see.

just breaks yer heart, dunnt?

somebody do the math and tell me:  what’s the percentage of 169 out of 6 billion?

some might say that male humans should have the same ability.

now everybody repeat after me:  “You can always trust the government.”


so everybody repeat after me:  “You can always trust stuff from Apple Corp.”

I think I want a double cheeseburger and a milkshake.  Let the vegans eat fucking bugs.

when they approach the amount we left behind in Kabul, let me know.

..put another way, 674 years of tradition flushed away for no good reason.


….which would probably explain this:



Vinegar-flavored genitals?

And that’s the news.

Let The Market Decide

We often hear that mantra from free-traders and staunch capitalists, but sometimes the situation isn’t that simple.  Take this example in the exquisitely-beautiful town of St. Ives, in Cornwall, Britishland:

Landlords and businesses have been buying up properties in the area and converting them into summer homes, meaning there is nowhere left for locals to rent.
Jasmin cannot find a new place to rent and her tenancy is due to end on May 10.  She has exhausted letting agents and spare room sites, and fears in three weeks she will be sleeping rough.

And from the local council:

“The boom in house prices and the demand for holiday accommodation is causing a significant reduction in the availability of homes to rent.  It matched sudden escalation in rental costs.
“Private landlords have been moving away from long-term letting and instead moving towards the short-term holiday market.”

Read the whole thing.

I know that many towns in rural counties Over Here have had the same problems — transplanted Californians, ’nuff said — to where locals with jobs in those towns have to find a place to live in further-off towns, sometimes as much as an hour’s drive (or more) away.

Jackson Hole in Wyoming, when I first drove through there back in 1987, was a one-horse town that had nothing to recommend it other than proximity to Yellowstone and a couple of ski runs;  now, it’s the place to find Hollywood types and other California scum in their vacation homes, with all the foul side-effects:  expensive housing, expensive eateries, empty streets out of season, and so on.

I don’t have any solutions — at least, not free-market solutions — so maybe it’s up to the local governments to step in;  although getting government involved usually if not always seems just to exacerbate the problem.

I welcome discussion on the topic, in Comments.