Responding To Tyranny

Holy shit.

Devid R killed himself, his wife Linda and their daughters after he faked a Covid-19 jab certificate and feared his children would be taken away when it was discovered.
Police found two adults, both 40, and three children aged four, eight and 10 dead from gunshot wounds in a family home in Koenigs Wusterhausen south of Berlin on Saturday.
In a farewell note found by police, the man, named as Devid R, said he forged a vaccination certificate for his wife Linda. Her employer had found out, prompting the couple to fear they would be arrested and lose their children.

This is the result of totalitarianism, where someone is so fearful of disproportionate government punishment that they end up doing something horrible.

This is a catalogue of catastrophes, from government putting pressure on companies to enforce Covid-related regulation, to a man doing something stupid just so his family’s income can be protected, to the threat of losing his children for doing so, and the whole tragic consequence.

Understand:  I’m not excusing this guy nor his actions.  What I’m saying is that excessive government action — most especially when it comes to threats against families — can have the direst outcomes when a man (rightly or wrongly) perceives that he is cornered and helpless.

And something else the government — in this case the German, but it could be any government — should note is that they got off lightly.  Our late friend happened to shoot his own family on this occasion;  but he could just as easily have shot the government agents first when they showed up to take his kids away, and then turned the gun on his family.

Perhaps he should have,

News Roundup

Yesterday’s news, delivered a day late and a trillion dollars short, just like the Biden so-called “administration”.

despite the fact that :

and believe me, if it had, we’d all be wearing masks today.  [/sarc]

no wonder the Left is going apeshit about FuturePOTUS De Santis.

and she’s going to be fired in 3…2…1…

is this even news anymore?  Then again:

so it’s not ALL bad news.  Then again:

having borrowed a white flag from EU partner France, no doubt.

From the Dept. of Suckage:

he’s not well-known in Murka, but should be  (see link for example).

you had me at “not apologizing to fucking people”.

and they said the age of romance was dead.

down to WHERE, exactly?

And now comes the time for INSIGNIFICA:

…Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were unavailable for comment.

Here are some other “persecuted” women:

Carole Landis

Greta Garbo

Mara Corday

Brenda Venus

Sophia Loren

Oh, how these poor women must have suffered…

News Roundup

Some with missing links, to preserve my Readers’ sanity.

what the hell:  Iran, Syria, Russia, China and Libya are already in that poxy organization, so what’s one more set of scumbags?  And in that vein:

I’ve often had the same urge, only I wouldn’t be pointing the gun at myself.

And speaking of idiots pointing guns:

yeah, the old “the gun went off all by itself” excuse.  Uh huh.


how about “fucking awesome”?   “Not enough” would get my vote, though.

prolly the same percentage who supported Hitler’s Anschluss back in the 1930s.

pot calling kettle;  come in, kettle.

stick to talking about the economy, Jimbo;  you’ve been living in NYFC for too long.

And a feel-good story, for a change:

and it still wouldn’t start on the first couple attempts.


or, to restate the thing:  men who use e-cigs are twice as likely to use Viagra.  Isn’t modern life wonderful?



…happens all the time.

Here are a few sofas with babes, and some theme music while you’re looking:

Kate Walsh

Helena Bonham Carter

Some Italian chick

Mariska Hargitay

Lisa Edelstein

Claire Goose

Olivia Munn

Penny Lancaster

Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Not sure “Oh, baby!” is the proper thing to say, but if any of them is ever offered on Craigslist…

News Roundup

With commentary so pungent, your nose will burn worse than Madonna’s hoo-hah.

in case they die before they can be killed?

and a quick glance at the student orgs involved will tell you all you need to know.

said snow being the “thing of the past” as prophesied by some asshole or other.

executive summary being: 
1) keep drinking; 
2) strongly think about vaxxing if you haven’t; 
3) Boris Johnson is a dickhead.

either somebody is lying, or else just stopped lying.

so, not a red cent in their red kettles then.  Hope it was worth it.

From the Heart Of Stone Dept.:

stop that giggling, it’s a tragic — hahahahahahah.

being Clarkson, his first ad line was rejected:  “If you’re an alcoholic, don’t fight it, feed it”, and was replaced by “It’s really fucking good”

and good for them, say I.  Not all restaurants need be “family-friendly”, and I wish there were more of them.

and just like that, the entire career of actor Peter Sellers vanished.



…and speaking of pointless Brit TV shows, here’s someone from the celebrity dancing thing, the wonderfully-named Nadia Bychkova:

I know:  small boobs, long legs.  She’s a professional dancer, FFS.