News Roundup

With commentary so pithy, you’d think it wath yellow.

that’s what happens when you impregnate your much-younger wife, you old goat.

what I’d like to know is:  who the fuck scheduled Sex Ed classes for first-graders in the first place?

because Britain isn’t France.

and because said harpy is a woman, she’s only banned from teaching — as opposed to going to jail had this been a male teacher.

I think that “being fired” should be included in their “lived experience”, but no doubt someone will have a problem with this.

but Lakeview (Chicago) and West Hollywood (L.A.) beg to differ.

welcome to London, DadJust wait till you go to a pub and order a pint of ale.

there goes my bulk order of Aguila Match .22 LR.

how’s that “religion of peace” thing working out, then?

And yes, it’s time for INSIGNIFICA:


Frankly, I think most of my Readers would prefer not to look at La Gwyneth’s teeny lil’ floppies.  Here’s Kelly:

Have mercy.

News Roundup

The news is a little old today, but then so am I.

key word: “Italian”.

that’s the Arabs for you:  always late to the party.

hasn’t this turd’s expiration date come and gone yet?

next up:  Benedict Cumberbatch is auditioning for the character of Kunta Kinte in the remake of RootsBecause diversity.

but wait;  that’s not the best part of the story:
Brown said he filed a report with the Atlanta Police Department.
and a memorial service for Irony will be held tomorrow.  And the real news:
Atlanta Cops Are Still Laughing Themselves Silly.

...simple solution:  tell people when they make their reservations that you’ll be holding them for 10 minutes and not a second longer.  Then issue your hostesses with stopwatches.

and another growth industry comes to Texas.  That said, I’ll believe it when I can go into Guns ‘R’ Us and buy one over the counter without filling in any paperwork.

And now for INSIGNIFICA (and pretty horrible they are, too):


And speaking of horrible:

no link;  you think I want to lose ALL my Readers?

the only way I would be interested in this would be if the nanny had been caught giving the Royal Ginger a BJ.

Speaking of gingers:

here’s her knee before the boo-boo:

Now go to work.  Only three more days to Friday.

Catalogue of Catastrophe

Okay, we moved back into our apartment last Thursday, to be greeted by the following:

  1.  Wrong refrigerator installed (the old one had been left un-emptied and unplugged for two months… draw your own picture).  This one was fine, except it had no icemaker — this is not a First World problem, by the way, as will be seen later.
  2. Washing machine not working.
  3. No wifi/Internet.
  4. No toilet roll holders.
  5. Most kitchen- and dining room lights not working.
  6. Closet shelves not reinstalled.

Then after one day’s residence:

  1. Water started coming up from under the kitchen floor.
  2. Dishwasher motor burned out.
  3. Washing machine was fixed, except that the outlet hose fell out (badly connected by the rehabbers) and the laundry was flooded.  As you can imagine, by now I was getting really sick of water on my floors.
  4. Still no wifi.  (By the way, I am getting heartily sick of “Support” which suggests kindly that you can address your problems through their website when the core problem is that YOU HAVE NO FUCKING INTERNET CONNECTION.)

So as of this writing:

  1. The water coming up from under the kitchen floor was traced to TADA! the unconnected hose that should have led to the fridge’s icemaker, but which had been left uncapped.  Now it’s capped, and awaiting the arrival of a) a replacement fridge or b) an icemaker.  The floor is now dry.
  2. Maintenance reconnected (and fixed firmly in place) the washing machine’s outlet hose.  (Why did I not do so simple a job myself?  Because in terms of our lease, I’m not allowed to touch anything to do with laundry connections because they’re trained and do a perfect job.)
  3. Wifi is fixed and running, and TV (Netflix etc.) also works.  The problem had a two-second fix:  when the apartment was rebuilt, AT&T installed a new wall gateway device which I duly plugged in, not noticing that there was a tiny On/Off switch UNDERNEATH THE FUCKING UNIT which, silly me, I failed to notice because it was UNDERNEATH THE FUCKING UNIT.  So I feel only  a little foolish.
  4. Dishwasher still not fixed / replaced.
  5. Still no toilet roll holders.
  6. Kitchen- and dining room lights still not working.
  7. Closet shelves still not reinstalled.  (These last four because they’re not technically “emergency” maintenance issues, and must Wait Their Turn.  I think I’ll call and report that the dishwasher has sprung a leak.)

Bring on the Apocalypse, Simon.  I’m ready for it.  (Oh yeah, speaking of which, the guns have been retrieved from their sanctuary and installed in their home in the safe.  Now to clean them all… shit never stops, does it?)

Oh, and say welcome to my new bedside gun, a S&W Mod 65 .357 Mag which I secured for only a little too much money at the Fort Worth ELGS (Evil Loophole Gun Show):

So it’s not all Sturm und Drang.

I’m Back

Jeez… I leave the Internet and the world alone for just a few days, and look what you guys have done — or rather, not done.

1. President Braindead is still alive, as are Wannabe-President Williebanger and the Witch of Endor Speaker of the House.  Did I not leave explicit instructions?

2.  That ginger prat Harry is still mouthing off about how shit a life he had until he married Legspread Caringslut.  All this because he’s protected by that “bonkers” First Amendment.  Had he mouthed off in similar fashion back in Britishland, he would by now have met an unfortunate “traffic accident” in some dank European tunnel just like his Mom did — and she was only bonking a rich Egyptian playboy, FFS.

3.  Only now has the Federal Bureau of Incompetence declared that the Berniebro’s attempted assassination of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise et al. was an act of “domestic terrorism”?  Next thing, all that BLM looting is going to be upgraded from “let the children play” to “aggravated shoplifting”.  I mean, where will it all end?

4.  All of a sudden, ex-Pres Trump is found to be correct in that the Wuhan flu did in fact escape from a lab in ahem, WuhanfuckingChina.  Are we going to hear all sorts of apologies and such from the media, to CDC and other assorted assholes?  Don’t hold your breath.

5.  Crime, especially violent crime, continues to soar in all the major Democrat/Socialist-run U.S. cities because their so-called “leaders” are soft on criminals and have defunded, overworked  and otherwise demoralized their police forces.  Only academics, journalists and said leaders are surprised by this;  but the people who voted these clowns into office will continue to do so.  Sic semper stupidii.

6.  As with Item 1., Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan are still alive.  Really, people.

7.  Facebook is still in existence?  Don’t you guys listen to anything I say?

Seems like certain people need a severe scolding — and I’m just the guy to do it.

Radio Silence

Damn, damn and damn.  I was at our apartment and everything looks fine for a move back later today… except that the wifi isn’t working yet, ergo  no Internet ergo  no posts for a while.

I have a couple up for tomorrow (I’m writing this from the hotel), but that’s it.  Unless I can get the thing up and running by tomorrow, there may be nothing posted over the weekend.

Bear with me, folks;  this is like resettling in a new city, FFS.