News Roundup

You’re going to need a drink after seeing this lot.

...nah, not that one;  that’s some other Simon Cowell.  Made you look.

...ah now, that’s Our Simon:  ready to do anything for TV ratings, the foul bastard.

In Glueball Jewhate News:

Relax, Jacques;  it’s Paris.

Also, news from The Great Cultural Assimilation Project©, U.S. Division:

...causing poor children to starve:  it’s the United  African Way.

And speaking of the poverty-stricken:

...of course, they’re only poor African members, so donations won’t be affected.

And in Political Disaster! News:

...not that the Commie bitch doesn’t deserve it, of course. mean like Biden with the student debt forgiveness thing?

Meanwhile, in reality:

And let’s hope he learns from this guy:

It’s not just in the Americas:


...of course, in Euro terms, “far-right” is “JFK Democrat” on the U.S. political spectrum.

In Health News: no different from what happens in a pub, then.

From the Travel News desk:

...key word:  Mumbai.

Some Parenting News:

...explanation:  loony father and mother, likely insane kids.

And in yet more 


...fuck Hamilton, he’s going to Ferrari next year anyway.

And driving down :

And as Clint Eastwood might say:  “That’s enough of that.”

News Roundup

So let’s untether the news.

...what’s that, Lassie?  Pigs flying overhead?’s a newsflash for that 80%:  takeout food has ALWAYS been a luxury.

And in the People’s Soviet of Kalifornia: how’s that $20/hour wage thing working, then?  And speaking of failures:

...hey, if Americans aren’t going to buy our shitty Duracell Cadillacs, we’ll just flog them to gullible Brits.

In Glueball JewHate News:

...dkfiem dmrk mgfrdw gymjxd  (sorry, can’t type when I’m laughing hysterically).

...note to the Muzzies:  when you’ve lost the Germans, you’re in big trouble.

...I wonder exactly how many Izzies have visited the Maldives in the past ten years… oh, none?  Talk about a painless gesture.

...and we’ll feed your rotting corpses to pigs.  Fair deal?

And in The Great Cultural Assimilation Project© comes this:

(oh… Venezuelan, not Mexican.  Sorry for the confusion.)

...well, except for the fact that the Izzies were going back to their homeland instead of fleeing it, Il Papa has it absolutely correct.  You know, if this fucking moron can’t get the Bible straight...

And in Furrin Election News:

...just as long as they don’t start assassinating Austrian politicians again, we’ll all be good.

And on to


And in :

...we saw this curry-flavored totty not long ago on these pages, but sometimes repetition can be A Good Thing, yes?


And just one flashback pic to when Our Padma was still a sprightly youngster of 40:

And that’s the end of it all.

News Roundup

We need some kind of protection from news like this…

From the Glueball Jewhate Dept.: long as it’s just on campuses, fine.  If they want to take it to the streets, however...

...which overlaps quite nicely with the next item.

From the The Great Cultural Assimilation Project©:

...I dunno why the locals are so intolerant.  Why can’t they just understand that crime is so much a part of Algerian culture?

...more intolerance;  child rape is an integral part of Nicaraguan culture.

...when you count “nothing” as “extraordinary”, perhaps.

In Transnational Organization News:

...of which they’ve had far more than they deserve anyway.

...LOL I suspect the sample was mostly farmers. the consternation of the European media, no doubt.

From the Nasty Furrin Country files:

...said position to be occupied by… a man.  (Not from the Babylon Bee)
#Melbourne #OfCourse’s not hate speech, it’s a Government policy statement.

From the Dept. of Health: Boomer Villagers need any encouragement.

And now, several instances of

...all sex is risky (if done properly), and doing it is always a gamble.

And on a stroll down :

...let’s spend a few moments with this totty and her well-traveled parts:

I think that barely covers the news for today.

Avoiding That Inconvenient History Stuff

The Catholic sent me this example of people with a chronic case of cranial-rectal insertion:

The heroics of HMS Black Joke, a Royal Navy clipper that waged a fearless five-year war to put an end to the slave trade, are worthy of a Hollywood action movie.

She was once a slave ship herself, sailing under the Brazilian flag and known as the Henriqueta. But when the British captured her in 1827, this brave little vessel was transformed into the scourge of mercenary slavers who traded in human beings.

Her crew took unimaginable risks to hunt down Spanish and Portuguese ships and free the men, women and children crammed below decks in conditions of horrific misery.

Read the whole thing, and then its dolorous conclusion.

I would suggest a public whipping for the entire group of decision-makers, just to give them a taste of what HMS Black Joke saved so many people from.

That, or just a simple hanging for the lot of them.

But no doubt that would make me a violent racist hater, or something.

News Roundup

Speaking of snake-oil salesmen:

And in International News:

Speaking of which:

...I think he misspelled “Caliphate”, there.

On a similar topic:

From the Dept. of Education:

...can you spell “L-Y-I-N-G  B-A-S-T-A-R-D-S”, children?

In Tech News:

...we were not shown the poor innocent shopper’s race;  I wonder why that is?  Could this new software be having problems because all shoplifters look alike?

...more because of their “externalized penis size” perhaps, but I could be wrong.

In the Okay, Cupid Dept.:

...the real news is that the honeymoon night pics will be posted on OnlyFans.

And in the new and improved (not really)

...complaining, or bragging?  I report, you decide.

...yeah, whatever.  To be frank, there’s not that much cleavage to plunge into.  Now her legs, however, are definitely worth a little manspreading:

In fact, the back view is far more plungeworthy:

Amd that’s all the news worth diving into.