That Leap Year Thing

According to some legend or other, February 29 (tomorrow) is the date when women are “allowed” to propose marriage to men, as opposed to vice versa, which catastrophe may fall on any other day of the year.

So let’s play another one of Kim’s Silly Games.

Assuming you were of the age and (non-)marital status to be able to take advantage of said Leap Year foolishness, from which of the five options below would you entertain such a proposal?  (And no, you can’t chicken out and nominate your current wife because that would be too easy.)  To make life easier, you can rank said proposers if you want.

Another assumption (and this is a difficult one) is to imagine that none of the choices is batshit fucking crazy.

Here are the options available to you, O Lucky Man (and the names are linked, for any background you might need).

Anna Magnani

Dawn Addams

Peggy Cummins

Joan Bennet

Romy Schneider

Rank away, in Comments.


I don’t know where this word came from, but it sure as hell describes this situation:

A book serialised on Mail+ at the weekend, called Bad Therapy, suggests that ‘touchy feeling parenting and therapy’ had effectively damaged Generation Z, those born from 1997 to 2012, who are now in the 20s and teens.

The rush to ‘diagnose and accommodate, not punish or reward’ has led to ‘the loneliest, most anxious, depressed and fearful generation on record’.

The modern emphasis on protecting and safeguarding has led us to our current predicament, where even the wrong use of pronouns makes some people ‘feel unsafe’.

This may sound harsh, but this generation snowflake really does need to get a grip. Their future mental wellbeing depends on it.

Never mind “mental wellbeing”;  their entire future requires that Generation Snowflake needs to grow balls (figuratively speaking, of course), develop a thicker skin and stop thinking that the world depends on their mental wellbeing.

I would humbly suggest that the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools would be a good first step, but no doubt some will disagree with me — which is part of the problem, right there.

Prime Example

Following on from the above post, here’s a classic example of mollycoddling:

Why Anya Taylor-Joy’s corset photo is so dangerous to impressionable young girls

On Sunday, to celebrate the premiere of her film Dune: Part Two in New York, the 27-year-old posted a shot of herself wearing the undergarments needed to pull off the dramatic Maison Margiela haute couture gown she wore on the red carpet – namely a corset straight out of the Victorian era, that was cinched so tightly it will have eating disorder counsellors clearing their diaries for the foreseeable.

Here’s the offending pic:

But here’s the silly part:

One [commenter] accuses the actress of ‘normalising starvation’; they tell her plainly that ‘this is not a healthy look for women at all’; and another has written a desperate plea: ‘You are going to kill people with this sort of beauty promotion. Please delete. Please.’

I find it hard to comprehend why Anya would have posted this picture – or at least not taken it down once her followers had made her aware of the potential damage it could be doing.

And sadly the only thing I could come up with was the need for publicity – the need to garner more attention around her red-carpet appearance for Dune.

As a grown-up actress, looked up to by so many young women, she needs to recognise that supposedly fashionable Instagram shots like this can turn into tomorrow’s anorexia inspiration.

Frankly, if “impressionable young girls” feel the need to starve themselves to death after seeing that pic, they need to be expunged from the gene pool anyway.  But here’s another pic of the offender:

Next thing, we’re going to be calling for the abolition of pics such as this because “shots like this can turn into tomorrow’s rape inspiration” among impressionable teenage boys or Third World immigrants [some overlap].

Here’s a suggestion for people calling for this kind of action:

Fuck off.  Just Fuck. Right. Off.

We don’t need to be “protected” from this stuff;  we need to realize — as about 90% of all sentient beings realize — this this is fantasy.  The corset was a movie costume, not a “how to dress” guide.  That some morons will take it the wrong way is unfortunate, but not problematic for anyone other than their own stupid selves.

I’m reminded of the Popes who ordered that Michelangelo’s priceless artworks be defaced by having fig leaves painted over the depicted women’s pudenda.  Same people, same thought process.

What the hell:  why not inspire some lustful thoughts, or maybe an insatiable urge to go and shop at Victoria’s Secret…

Gratuitous Gun Pic: James Crockhart & Son Double (.450 BPE)

As any fule kno, I am not an aficionado of the black-powder firearms genre, but that doesn’t mean I am averse to pics of same.  This particular beauty was made in the late 19th century — which is very definitely a period of history in which I am interested if not actually addicted to — and I love it.

As the action suggests, this is not a muzzle loader — by then, we’d definitely moved on to brass cartridges [snort of derision from Reader Mr. Lion et al.]  even though smokeless powder had not yet become a thing.  Had I access to a friendly reloader who could make me the ammo necessary, I would jump at it just for the historical sense alone.

Here’s a thought, however, if you didn’t want to shoot this fine old gun.

If you were looking for a piece of wall art — say, for over your house’s mantle piece — and you had a budget of around $12,000 for such an indulgence, would you consider this rifle over a contemporary painting?  Here are a couple of examples of what I’m talking about, by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot:

I have to tell you, I would be torn.

And I apologize if this discussion makes you want to run to the nearest gun store (or art gallery) and buy something.  (See the above two posts for the implication.)

News Roundup

And talking about giving the finger:

...let NYFC sink.

...they hate us, we move, Q.E.D.

From the Global Cooling Climate Warming Change© front:

...make ’em starve, guys:  join the Frogs and Krauts, make your own European Union.  Also:

...some would call it prudence, others would call it hypocrisy.  I report, you decide.

On the Police Blotter:

...wait [putting on Sarah Hoyt’s Shocked Face]:  you mean criminals don’t obey gun-prohibition laws? 

And speaking of gun laws:

...git ‘er done, cher.

...that’s not really breaking news, is it?  We’ve been doing that anyway, since Trump was still only a millionaire.

In the Dept. of Vanishing Things:

...wait:  could this crisis be from vegans becoming a dying breed?  One can only hope.

And in International News:

...and as plans go, this sounds like a good one.

...lemme guess:  for boys, Mohammed, Piotr and Jetmir;  for girls, Ngxoza, Jasmin and Agnieszka.

...presenting Dr. Kim’s Patented Anti-Seagull Devi©e:

And now ’tis time for link-free 

...and how many men would take the risk?

...not, mind you, that I think she said (or says) it that often, the Welsh tart.  But anyway:

And one from days of yore:

And that’s it for the news.

Quote Of The Day

I really could quit looking up things to feature here and just read Jeremy Clarkson for material.  Here’s his latest:

OH no. It really is true. Just days after calling in the administrators, Body Shop has started to shut its branches across the country. 
So where am I going to get my satsuma body butter now? And my carrot moisturiser? And my tea tree oil?
I guess I’ll have to go back to the olden days of using soap and water and accepting the fact that old people are supposed to look like scrotums.


I know, it’s actually scrota, but I’m not going to correct The Greatest Living Englishman.