1. In my early years in the Chicago suburbs, there was a neighbor family a few houses down from us with the last name of Schneider. They named their daughter Romy after this beautiful woman. They eventually moved away to Worland, WY. We still visited them there a few times on cross country trips, but that eventually fell off. Now I can’t help but wonder where their Romy ended up.

  2. You certainly nailed this one. I always found her a little bit stiff as an actress, but who cares? Try her in La Piscine with Alain Delon … wow. It also has a young Jane Birkin … double wow. IMDB has quite a collection (400+) of additional pics, some of them stunning.

  3. I’m sure she was “quite flexible” with Alain, as he appears to be the “Love Of Her Life”, taking care of details even after her death.

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