Why It’s Good

I’ve linked to the Steve Hackett/orchestral version of Firth of Fifth before, and my apologies for doing so again.

However:  did you ever wonder why it’s such a brilliant song?  Here’s Doug Helvering, a classical composer who analyzes the piece from a musical theory perspective, and after listening to this exposition, you’ll understand the genius behind Tony Banks’s masterpiece.  (It’s long, but definitely worth your time this weekend.  If you’re not au fait  with the theory terminology, don’t worry:  just watch and listen to Doug’s reaction as the music plays.)

And if you want a less-classical take on Genesis, here’s Rick Beato on their Dance On A Volcano.

Note to Reader & Friend Weetabix:  share this with your wonderfully-talented daughter, for her take.

Today’s Earworm

Old Bowie (mostly the chorus, of course).

Whenever people tell me that Bowie’s music sucks, my response is always the same:  “He changed music;  [your favorite band] just played it.”

Nine times out of ten, I’m correct.

Piano Interlude

If you’re looking for a couple hours of sublime background piano music this weekend, here’s maestra Valentina Lisitsa playing several different composers’ works, just so you won’t get bored.  Or you can watch it all the way through, as I did last night.

No need to thank me, it’s all part of the service.