Quote Of The Day

From SOTI:

“The Rock ‘N Roll Hall Of Fame is as legit as the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Tangential thought:  Let’s assume that you had the option of selecting the very first ten entrants — performers separate from non-performers — to the RRHOF, which would they be (order not important)?

Mine are below the fold.

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Today’s Earworm(s)

If this is it… well, here we go again.


Dave Mason is reported to have absolutely hated the Headkeeper  album — he said the record company complied the songs (from studio outtakes) and released it without him even knowing about it.  But it’s one of my favorite albums of all time.

If what he says is true… a lot of bands’ best efforts don’t compare with his outtakes.  But that’s Dave Mason for ya.

I saw him playing with Fleetwood Mac when they opened for Crosby, Still & Nash.  After the concert, the general consensus in the Men’s Room was that his We Just Disagree solo bit during the Fleetwood Mac set was the highlight of the whole concert.

One More Time

…and why not?  Here’s Khatia Buniatishvili playing Schumann, impeccably conducted by the always-brilliant Zubin Mehta.

I love the way Khatia always becomes part of the orchestra — she’s listening and participating, rather than just waiting for her turn to feature.  (Other “virtuoso” pianists should take note.)

I need to get some of her performances on CD / DVD.

Weekend Easy Listening

A few clunkers, to be sure, but there ya go.  Several hours’ worth of memories from my last two years at high school, and the first two at university.  Background music of the finest kind.





Have fun, courtesy of Dany Fisher.  Earlier years will pop up in the right-hand column, no doubt.  Enjoy those too (except for 1974… JHC, what the hell happened there?  Three, maybe four decent songs, and the rest are all shit).