Short Answer: No


The simple  answer is the title of this post.

Longer  answer:  Do not expect help from those whom you hate and actively seek to destroy.

Fuck ’em;  their medieval belief system, their backwards society, their honor killings and their hijabs:  fuck ’em all.

They’re savages and should be treated as such.

Needless to say, our Congress is no doubt authorizing a few billion dollars in aid, which just makes me all the more eager for November 2022.

Well, That Didn’t Take Long

Ah yes… harsh reality sets in once the Great Satan has flown the last helicopter off the embassy building:

Approximately one million children in Afghanistan currently suffer from malnutrition, the country’s Ministry of Public Health said Monday, Tolo News reported.
Afghan Deputy Minister of Public Health Abdul Bari Omar revealed the figure to domestic media on November 15, adding, “700,000 Afghan women … are suffering from malnutrition along with the children.”

And right on cue, we get the old 1946 song sung again, as we are asked to implement the Marshall Plan Redux, toot sweet:

The “foreign ministry” of the Taliban urged the United States Congress in an open letter published Wednesday to unfreeze Afghan government assets to allow them to govern effectively, asserting that they are a “united, responsible and non-corrupt government.”

Three words:  GO. FUCK. YOURSELVES.

Lest we forget, these same children were used by the Taliban as human shields against U.S. and other Western troops right up until we left the place —  disposable trinkets (just like the Pals do against Israel, speaking of loathsome Muslim assholes).

Now we’re supposed to get all teary-eyed and guilty because this so-called Afghan government is suddenly overcome with care and concern about the kiddies (such care and concern notably absent when it comes to whipping “immodestly-dressed girls” in the streets, but nemmind).

Go wave your tinkly little beggar cups somewhere else, assholes.  You asked for this;  now deal with it.

Or, here’s a thought:  collect all foreign nationals still trapped in Afghanistan and ship them safely to (say) Istanbul first, and then we may talk to you.

Or not.

And by the way:  I loved Audrey Hepburn, but UNICEF can also kiss my hairy African-American ass.  They can raise money from, I dunno, other Muslim countries e.g. the Gulf States or Saudi Arabia or someone.  We know that if Christian children were starving in their millions, none of the above — and least of all Afghanistan — would lift a damn finger to help them.

F.O.A.D., the lot of you.  Enough is enough.

Culture Clash

Another one in Germany:

A 29-year-old Afghan man in Germany attacked and severely injured a 58-year-old landscape gardener who was working in a park in Berlin, allegedly because he didn’t like the fact that as a woman she was working, police said Sunday.
The attack in the city’s Wilmersdorf district took place Saturday afternoon, and a 66-year-old passerby, who tried to come to the woman’s rescue, was also severely injured.

I am truly curious to see what happens when (not if)  the new crop of Afghan “refugees” tries this kind of nonsense here in the U.S.

It may require just a few Righteous Shootings to help them assimilate.  Just sayin’.

Animals In Civilized Society

In last week’s post about rugs, I hammered on about the cancer that is Muslim rape in Europe.  Here’s more:

According to the victim in the case, the three Moroccans drugged her with crack and cocaine, forcing her to ingest the drugs, then took turns repeatedly raping her and torturing her by putting out lit cigarettes on her skin and sc[a]lding her with red-hot spoons.

I know that anecdotes doth not make data, but here are the stats:

In Germany, cases of gang rape have become so common that figures released by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) suggest that as many as two women or girls are gang-raped on average every day in the country.

The horrific statistics reveal that half of all suspects in gang-rape cases were not German citizens and that often the perpetrators came from Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

But hey:  by all means let’s throw open our doors to them and settle them in our cities.

And when these assholes start raping American girls, and the police shrug because they don’t want to be accused of racism [sic], and liberal judges give the rapists a slap on the wrist because of “cultural differences”, and when outraged American men start shooting these animals like the mad dogs they are…

Guess who’ll be called the bad guys?

Not Just A Rug Anymore

I’ve often talked about how there’s no point in admitting immigrants — and especially refugees (like Rep. Ilhan Omar, for example) — when they are not interested in becoming part of the national culture, and in fact are actively hostile to it.

It seems as though Austria is starting to see the wisdom in those words, albeit too late.

Read the rest to see exactly why.

And note that the Austrians can’t change their laws to reflect their new reality and deport said criminals and rapists back to their shithole of origin, because they are governed by EU law in this regard, and cannot change it.

I can hear yet another Brexit-sigh of relief coming from Britishland…