When You’ve Lost The Dutch

Dutch people, as a rule, are famously tolerant and generally speaking, a decent lot (except when occupied by Nazi Germany).

So when the Dutchies use bulldozers and batons to clear out a terrorsymp encampment, you have to know that your cause may be in trouble.

And if the above two links didn’t elicit at least a grim smile from you, we can’t be friends.

My suggestion for riot control, as always, is a little stronger than bulldozers and batons:

Rising Tide To Sink All Infidel Boats

From the inimitable Laurence Fox:

Why yes, Laurence, yes they have.  And every time people like you stand for election to roll back or prevent the above, they are roundly defeated in the polls.

Clearly, the Islamification of Britain is something most Britons want.

Now go and make your evening prayers, facing towards Mecca of course, and tell your houri  sister to cover up her body.

…or be stoned to death.

Whose Country?

Eh, anyone could have seen this one coming:

The United Kingdom showcased its submission to mass immigration on Tuesday by flying the Pakistani flag above its most important Anglican church.

Footage shared across the X platform showed the flag of Pakistan flying above Westminster Abbey.

According to the Pakistan High Commission, the flag was hoisted to celebrate Pakistan Day, a national holiday commemorating the adoption of the first Constitution of Pakistan.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with flying a Muslim flag over a Christian cathedral… during Holy Week, the most important event on the Christian calendar.

FFS, I’m an atheist and even I’m offended by this blatant example of ummah.

You Don’t Say Pt. 2

Following on yesterday’s news from Denmark comes this new bombshell from Germany:

When it comes to crimes against life, 54 percent of cases of murder were committed by foreigners, while they were responsible for 64.8 percent of cases involving manslaughter.

Foreigners were also vastly overrepresented in robbery cases, including 65.5 percent of robberies, 75.6 percent of aggravated robbery, 93 percent of car thefts, 87.5 percent of handbag thefts, 93 percent of pickpocketing cases, 87.5 of violent burglaries, 80 percent of daytime burglaries, and 72.9 percent of street thefts.

Foreigners also committed 75 percent of money counterfeiting crimes, and 62.5 percent of sexual blackmail cases.

Foreigners were additionally responsible for 83.3 percent of human trafficking cases and the same amount of forced prostitution cases.

When it comes to serious sexual crimes, foreigners are also vastly overrepresented, with the data showing they were also responsible for 64.1 percent of all rape cases. In one of the most extreme data points from the new statistics, foreigners were responsible for 100 percent of serious sexual assault cases.

“But the Western whores were just asking for it”, the cultural relativists will wail.  “No wonder the pore Muslim- and African lads were led astray.”

Hang ’em all.  Yeah, the apologists as well as the rapists and murderers.

You Don’t Say

Looks like the Great Assimilation Project© has just discovered an unforeseen* consequence:

Back in 2020, Mattias Tesfaye, Denmark’s minister for Immigration and Integration, did the unthinkable and decided to create a category for criminals from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), mostly Arab and/or Muslim nations. Guess what Denmark learned? MENA immigrants have a higher tendency for unemployment and violent crime than any other ethnic group in Denmark.

Wait… you mean:  “Muslims commit violent crimes way more than people of Danish descent”?

And in other news, Nazis didn’t like Jews, apparently.

*“unforeseen”  to anyone who believes in the Brotherhood Of Man and unicorns;  for the rest of us, it was as predictable as January snow in Minnesota.

Time To Step Up

I hardly ever drink Coca-Cola anymore… no big reason, I just seem to have lost the taste for its battery-acid sweetness.

One of my biggest eye-openers was when I bought a Coke in the Cape Verde Islands back in 1986, and could hardly finish the can.  You see, I’d always thought that Coke was a universal flavor, no matter where you bought it.  Nu-uh.  The super-sweet formula of South African Coke was nothing like the Belgian (?) Coke sold on Ilha Do Sal (yes, the Coke was bottled in Brussels, according to the legend on the can).

Anyway, that was my first exposure to the battery-acid burn of regular Coca-Cola, and once I got used to it, I drank it as much as I had back in Seffrica… until I stopped.  Maybe it was the switch from cane sugar to corn sugar — there is a difference, and I can, or could tell it, even in blind taste tests back when I used to do such things.

Anyway, my Coke consumption is now about… I dunno, maybe a few cans a year, and usually only when I can’t think what else to drink.  We keep maybe a 6-pack in the house, mostly in case visitors might want some, and when it’s gone I don’t exactly rush to restock it in the garage fridge.

That may have to change.  You see, Coca-Cola is now apparently a Zionist drink, according to these fucking loons, who have resorted to damaging stores — even very popular ones — who sell the stuff.  All this because Coke has a distribution center on Israel’s West Bank, and the Pals think that the WB is theirs and Israel is The Great Invader / Colonizer or something, I can’t be bothered to keep up with whatever is riling them up these days.

Were I in charge of such things at Coca-Cola, I’d close the operation in the West Bank and move it to, I dunno, somewhere outside Tel Aviv — thus causing the Arab workers in the WB plant to lose their jobs along the way.  But that’s just me.

Take the time, however, to read the article linked, because unusually for the Daily Mail, it’s a sound piece of actual journalism as used to be commonplace but is no longer.

The British “Friends of al-Aqsa” organization is, like the American Council for Islamic Relations (CAIR), one of those festering pustules in Western society who, while being all about keeping relationships friendly with their host societies, are in fact nothing more than terrorsymps who, if they had their way, would impose Shari’a law in a heartbeat.

Wait a minute, Kim, I hear you say, calling them “terrorsymps” is a little harsh.

Really?  Attacking a store and its owner just for stocking Coca-Cola, and causing him to stop selling it — terrorism isn’t just blowing up buildings and flying airliners into skyscrapers, you know.  And this kind of thing happens everywhere — everywhere — when the Muslim population of country reaches even as little as 5% of the total.  (And Bradford, where the above bullshit happened, has a Muslim population which — forget that piddly 5% — is closer to 30% of the area’s total.  Small wonder that they can rampage around at will for the slightest excuse, such as a store having the temerity to sell Coca-Cola.)

Frankly, I’d have no problem at all with putting an asterisk in our own First Amendment which says in effect “except for Islam and its practitioners”.

But I can’t do that, of course, so I think I’ll just put on my yarmulka and go buy a case of Coke.  Because fuck ’em.