First, McVeigh

…and now this asshole:

On Jan. 12, the Del City Police Department received an intelligence bulletin about someone making threats to blow up the Occupational Safety and Health Administration building in Oklahoma City.
Investigators learned that the man said he was going to rent a truck, fill it with gasoline, blow up the building, and then take his own life.

As an impartial observer, I should note that it doesn’t seem like Oklahoma City is the prime location for gummint offices, does it?  (I know, we shouldn’t have so many gummint offices in the first place [/Andrew Jackson].)

Officials say Moore threatened the OSHA because he didn’t agree with the agency’s guidelines regarding COVID vaccinations or face coverings.

Seems a kinda strong response just for “disagreement”, I have to say;  so 10-to-1 says this Covid bullshit was threatening his livelihood.

Or else he’s just a radical libertarian.

Nothing To See, Move Along

So late yesterday, some asswipe went into a North Texas synagogue, took four people hostage and had some demands.

…because of course it was — actually, only one of Islam’s Finest — and he wanted some other asshole (convicted) terrorist freed from jail.

What happened next?

After a ten-hour standoff, an FBI Hostage Rescue Team made entry and rescued the three remaining hostages. The FBI confirmed the suspect is dead.

My only regret is that the Feebs took the little turd out.  Shoulda just left him to a Texas Ranger.  (“Only one Ranger?”  “Only one asshole.”)  Same result, less fuss.

And Speaking Of South Africa

…we have this little situation developing in Mandelaland:

Looting broke out in several cities in South Africa this weekend after the country’s former president, Jacob Zuma, began serving a 15-month sentence last Thursday for contempt in relation to an investigation of corruption during his tenure.

I should note that Zuma — corruptus maximus  on a continent renowned for its systemic corruption — was convicted of perjury, rather than his extensive and bald-faced plundering of South Africa’s already-straitened treasury.

So why are the Usual Suspects copying their BLM counterparts in the U.S.?

Well, it’s all happening in Kwa-Zulu/Natal, because Zuma is a Zulu, you see, and so why not riot and loot all over his homeland?

Needless to say, just as Baltimore was set on fire after some strung-out Black asshole was killed by cops in Minneapolis, so Natal’s little exercise in ad hoc  property redistribution is spreading outwards, and the boys in Johannesburg aren’t going to be left out of the fun, no sirree.

The background to all of this is actually a combination of two factors:  the grinding poverty that persists in South Africa, and the fact that the hapless and incompetent government has not been able to get even close to vaccinating its people against the Wuhan Menace.  The plague that has ensued has resulted in knee-jerk lockdowns, preventable deaths by the hundreds of thousands, and a deepening of the already-critical economic slump.

The second article on the topic is priceless, and contains this gem:

Perhaps most alarming are reports of ordinary people “forming armed groups to protect businesses, homes in KwaZulu-Natal”, and videos on social media which purport to show armed, ad hoc citizens’ militias and private security out on the streets.

Alarming?  This is Africa, old son.  That’s what you get when you have this situation:

A mosque has also been set on fire in Mayville Durban.
“They were not fighting, they were running for their lives. They were innocent people. We don’t know how they died,” Ismaeel said, alleging that there are “no police” — and indeed that “Police are themselves are targets. You call police they can’t come.”
This squares with reports from Pietermaritzburg, where at least two malls have been looted and one raised [sic] by fire, with the BBC saying that riot police who attempted to disperse looters with rubber bullets were met with live ammunition in return.
Police also came under fire on a freeway near a mall in Durban, where many malls, stores, and at least one factory have been looted, with one officer being hit in the leg.

For some reason, I feel an urge to go to the range


Some mook went berserk in a supermarket in Boulder CO a couple days back, killing ten folks including the cop who stopped him.

Police identified the alleged shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, as well as his ten alleged victims.  Sadly, the asshole wasn’t among the deceased.

Of course, Chuck The Schmuck Schumer immediately announced that he would be proposing a boatload of new gun control laws, without ever mentioning which if any his proposed laws would have stopped this particular crime from occurring had they already been in place.

I’m just amazed that this being Colorado, there wasn’t at least one armed citizen on the scene;  but maybe the fact that it happened in Boulder (a.k.a. Hippie Heaven) had something to do with it.

More Diversity Fruits

Then there’s this asshole:

Tunisian Migrant Charged in Connection to French Church Terror Attack

Wait for it…

Brahim Aouissaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian national was shot and seriously injured during the October 29th attack in Nice, France. He has finally been charged after his condition improved enough to be questioned by police.
The French broadcaster RTL reported on Monday that police had found an audio message on the migrant’s phone, in which he described France as the “land of unbelievers”, as well as “photographs relating” to the so-called Islamic State.
Police also found an image on Aouissaoui’s phone of the Chechen Islamist terrorist Abdulzakh Anzorov, who beheaded a French teacher, Samuel Paty — two weeks prior to the terror attack in Nice — after the teacher showed a class on free speech a Charlie Hebdo caricature of the Islamic prophet Muhammed.
During the attack at the Basilica of Notre-Dame in Nice, Aouissaoui reportedly yelled out the jihadist war cry “Allahu Akbar” during and after the attack. Along with three knives, two mobile phones, the Tunisian migrant was also carrying a copy of the Quran.