Nice of them to warn us:

Former Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal gave a speech on Tuesday encouraging Muslims and Palestinian supporters to display their anger and begin pro-Palestinian demonstrations on Friday.

He was talking specifically about Muslim countries, but you can expect some of that foolishness Over Here too.

So y’all may want to pack an extra mag or two for your carry piece and truck gun when out and about this weekend, just in case.

That’s just me:  all concerned about the safety of my Readers.

Domestic Terrorism

Oh, this is fun:

In the middle of the night Wednesday, police arrested an armed California man near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home after the man allegedly told officers he wanted to kill the justice.

Of course, he’ll only be charged with illegal possession of a firearm, will plead down to misdemeanor picking his nose in public, and be freed on $10 bail.

I leave it to my Readers’ imaginations as to what would have happened had this been a Texan stalking judges Kagan, Sotomayor or that new Commie.  Especially the latter, her being Black and all.

Wishful Thinking

Apparently, Border Patrol agents captured 23 “migrants” criminals making their way over the border.  Even worse, these happened to be not ordinary “migrants”, oh no;  these were actually on the so-called terrorist watch list.

What followed was this query:

Fox News reports from a Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request that Border Patrol agents apprehended 23 migrants whose names matched the list. The apprehensions occurred between January 20 and December 27, 2021.

Former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner and Chief of the Border Patrol, Mark Morgan, told Breitbart News that the report from Fox News raises serious questions.

“The real question we need to be asking this administration is, what did you do with the 23 people from the Terrorism Screening Database you took custody of?” Morgan said during an interview. “Their arrest would have triggered further investigation by the FBI and other law enforcement entities.”

“Did you release some or all? he asked. “Did you remove some or all?”

My hope is that they were “removed” by taking them out back and shooting them dead, but I’m almost certainly wrong.  Unfortunately.

First, McVeigh

…and now this asshole:

On Jan. 12, the Del City Police Department received an intelligence bulletin about someone making threats to blow up the Occupational Safety and Health Administration building in Oklahoma City.
Investigators learned that the man said he was going to rent a truck, fill it with gasoline, blow up the building, and then take his own life.

As an impartial observer, I should note that it doesn’t seem like Oklahoma City is the prime location for gummint offices, does it?  (I know, we shouldn’t have so many gummint offices in the first place [/Andrew Jackson].)

Officials say Moore threatened the OSHA because he didn’t agree with the agency’s guidelines regarding COVID vaccinations or face coverings.

Seems a kinda strong response just for “disagreement”, I have to say;  so 10-to-1 says this Covid bullshit was threatening his livelihood.

Or else he’s just a radical libertarian.