Get ‘Em While They’re Fresh

Here’s a headline which will make you do something:

But here’s the punchline:

A guest, who endorsed the marriage, said the marriage came about due to a longstanding custom mandating that the priest marry a virgin. He revealed that there are currently no virgin girls in Nungua above the age of nine.

What was that saying about Africa winning?  Oh yeah… well, read all about it.

Warning:  contains the name “Gborbu Wulomo Nuumo Borketey Laweh XXXIII”.  (Strange way to spell “child molester”, but there ya go.)

I Hate To Say It But

…I told you so.

A number of people have sent me this link, wherein seething Marxist Julius Malema is talking (yet again) about killing all White people in South Africa — what used to be known as genocide, except nowadays that doesn’t apply to killing White people.  #White Lives Don’t Matter, in other words.

Here’s a little something I wrote on the topic, back in March 2018:

I don’t think that South Africa will go Full Rhodesia. I think it will go Full Nazi Germany, with the Whites taking the place of the Jews. And I think — no, I am sure — that the rest of the world: the U.N., the West and anyone else that counts will do sweet fuck-all to stop it nor will they intervene in any way because African Blacks killing African Whites is just fine by the rest of the world because Apartheid.

Africa will win again.

And yes, I have friends and family still living there. My sister and her husband live on a farm.

All I can hope is that the few White South Africans who can, will still be able to flee to another country.  Certainly, the Jews (like my buddy Mervyn) always have the Israel option — and people like my sister, for example, who is married to a British citizen may be able to escape.  New Wife’s son likewise has a British passport.  Why they haven’t already left… I dunno.

As for the rest — mostly Afrikaners and English-speakers (like I used to be), born in South Africa with no convenient ties to a foreign country — face a certain fate.  Nobody will want them, nobody will take them in on humanitarian grounds, and having mostly been disarmed by both government regulation and denial of firearm permits, all they can do is wait to be herded onto the cattle cars, figuratively speaking.  (In fact, there will be no cattle cars, just wholesale slaughter in the streets and in their homes.)

If all this happens, it will be a humanitarian catastrophe, the scale of which will equal the Holocaust of WWII;  and just like then, the rest of the world will do nothing — in this case, not because they’re Jews, but because the White South Africans committed the unpardonable sin of being born White, and their grandparents supported apartheid.

And for those who think that the country will collapse into ruin and chaos, well:  it probably will.  But the Malema supporters won’t care because, you see, everything is only about right now, the future be damned.  It’s the African way, played out over and over again all over the benighted continent.

Africa will win again.  And lose; but they don’t care.

Comparative Paradise

Here’s an interesting development:

South Africa is planning to withdraw from UN conventions so the government can restrict immigration and send refugees back to countries that are not deemed dangerous.

Indeed, the nation’s statistics agency said last month there were more than 2.4 million migrants in South Africa last year, with the highest percentage coming from neighboring Zimbabwe at 45.5 per cent, followed by Mozambique and Lesotho. 

‘Migration between countries is driven largely by the quest for economic opportunities, political instability, and increasingly, environmental hazards,’ said Statistics South Africa. 

A little-known fact about Seffrica is that it’s seen as a Mecca, so to speak, by all the other sub-Saharan African countries (a.k.a. shitholes) because it’s seen as the best-functioning country in the sub-continent, with the greatest opportunities for jobs.

Fact:  Seffrica has an “official” unemployment rate of over 48%, and in some areas it’s a lot higher.

Fact:  Most Black Seffricans loathe the “immigrants” from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Malawi et al., and they display their enmity in the traditional manner:  murder, disembowelment, amputation and immolation (when they can find any gasoline, that is).  In fact, if you subtract the murders of migrants from the statistics, then the national murder rate drops quite substantially (to about double that of South Side Chicago, for instance).  And those are the official (i.e. reported) murders;  most go unreported, and un-investigated by the world’s most incompetent and corrupt police force.

Fact:  Violent crime perpetrated by said “immigrants” and “asylum seekers” is obscenely high.  A huge number of the carjacking gangs, burglary rings and so on are organized and staffed by the above, and one of Seffrica’s most notorious serial killers (recently captured) was a native Mozambican.

So it’s no surprise that the Seffrican government has taken the stance that it has:

Mr Motsoaledi said the ruling African National Congress (ANC) had made a ‘serious mistake’ when it signed up to international agreements without seeking exceptions from certain clauses. Other countries had opted out of giving refugees the same rights as citizens. 

The government minister said that the current liberal laws, which saw the ANC open up South Africa’s borders to migrants and asylum seekers at the end of apartheid rule in 1994, were now outdated and needed a ‘radical overhaul’. 

Mr Motsoaledi is now pushing for people seeking asylum in South Africa to stay in the first safe country they enter – a proposal that will largely affect those from other African nations. 

Under this plan, refugees from Malawi will have to stay in Zambia and not go further south (through Zimbabwe) to get to the Promised Land.

If all this sounds familiar to my Murkin and Brit Readers, it should.  Plus ça change, plus la même chose.


I remember listening to some comedy record or other a long time ago, which featured a radio interview (à la Bob Newhart) of a captured Confederate soldier just before Antietam.  When asked his opinion about Union soldiers being armed with the new Winchester repeating rifles, the Reb thought for a moment, and said laconically, in a deep Southron accent:  “Yeah?  Well that’s all well and good for you Yankees… but we know how to aim, boy.”)

I was reminded of that exchange when I read this report (sent to me by several Readers, thankee) concerning this little incident in Seffrica:

Heavily armed attacks on armored cars are so common in South Africa they are known as Cash-in-Transit heists (CIT).

“15 robbers armed with automatic rifles carried out a CIT heist in Hoedspruit, killing the Fidelity driver,“ reports YouTuber Willem Petzer.

According to police spokesman Colonel Matimba Maluleke, the suspects shot at the escort vehicle before disarming the guards (a driver and crew) of their official rifle and pistol. “Unfortunately the two guards were shot at and sustained injuries that resulted in the death of the driver. The suspects then pursued the armoured vehicle while shooting at it until it stopped. The driver of the armoured vehicle and his crew were allegedly ordered to disembark the vehicle, disarmed of two firearms and chased into the nearby bushes. The suspects used explosives to blast the vehicle and made off with an undisclosed amount of money,” Maluleke said.

All was seemingly going according to plan for our Robbin’ Hoods;  however, things went downhill for our choirboys soon thereafter:

“A community crime watch group, Hoedspruit Farmwatch, was alerted to the incident and went in pursuit of the robbers, putting obstacles on the road to prevent their escape. A shootout ensued,” Petzer writes. 

“The volunteers blocked the roads outside of Hoedspruit with boulders after they were alerted of the attack. A skirmish, lasting about 20 minutes, ensued at one of the blockades between the robbers [armed with AK-47s] and the farmers, who were armed with pistols. The farmers managed to kill 4 of the robbers and wound 3. No farmer was hurt. The other suspects fled into nearby bushes after the shootout on foot.”

Apparently, untrained criminals spraying bullets from their rifles are not a match for trained shooters with handguns.  But it gets better:

“The Hoedspruit farmwatch tracked them down using their dogs and arrested the rest of them, recovering all the money from the heist.”

One of the arrested suspects is a highly wanted Mozambican suspect who has been on the run for some time for a spate of crimes he committed in the Free State in 2022 including the murder of a police officer. The injured suspects were found in possession of suspected stolen money, a rifle and a pistol.

For background on the whole “neighborhood watch” thing, read the full report.

So to summarize:

Asshole criminals with AK-47s:  1
Trained Afrikaners with pistols:  4, plus 3 wounded and the rest captured.

I don’t know the full details, but the farmer’s dogs were likely a mixture of Boerboels and Ridgebacks.

Yeah, I’d pretty much give up, too.

We may now begin the

Out Of Left Field

Here’s a little “ethnic festival” news that should surprise absolutely nobody:

An Eritrean culture festival in Stuttgart descended into violent chaos over the weekend as opposing mobs attacked each other and police with stones, bottles, and wooden planks.

The clashes broke out between Eritrean government supporters and opponents as some 200 protesters gathered outside the festival in the southwestern German city.

Of course, nobody in Krautland could have foreseen any of this happening because it’s all part of the Great Assimilation project, as envisioned by CommiePres Angela Merkel.

Who even knew that there were that many Eritreans in Stuttgart to start off with?