That Awful Colonialist Elizabeth

A whole bunch of racist assholes (and disaffected Argies) have been rejoicing at the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as a “colonialist” and all that rubbish.  Accusing Elizabeth of colonialism is the same as accusing (for example) Joe Biden of slavery — i.e. it happened a long time ago and in Elisabeth’s case, was an inherited legacy.

That nitwit in the first link says that “we should examine the role of Queen Elizabeth in colonialism.”

Okay, let’s.

Why don’t we see what happened to all those British colonies in Africa, for example, following Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953:

Sudan: 1956
Ghana: 1957
British Somaliland (Somalia): 1960
Nigeria: 1960
Sierra Leone: 1961
Tanganyika (Tanzania): 1961
South Africa: 1961
Uganda: 1962
Kenya: 1963
N. Rhodesia (Zambia): 1964
Nyasaland (Malawi): 1964
Gambia: 1965
Bechuanaland (Botswana): 1966
Basutoland (Lesotho): 1966
Swaziland: 1968

The dates following the countries’ names refer, of course, to their full independence from Britain and becoming thus fully-fledged nation-states.

And all happened during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Some colonialist.

Pure Class

So while the world mourned the death of Queen Elizabeth II yesterday, we had this reaction from an academic person:

Carnegie Mellon University professor Uju Anya reacted to the news of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II suffering from poor health shortly before her death on Thursday by calling her a “wretched woman” and a “genocidal colonizer” who is “the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire,” adding, “May her pain be excruciating.”

Could you imagine having to take one of her classes?  Ugh.

Death Of A City

Here’s something to watch:  Seattle Is Dying

Yeah, it’s long — an hour or so — but it’s a classic case study in how misguided crime policies can corrupt a city, and cause it to fall.  I knew things were bad out there, what with all the Antifa and BLM riots, and what have you.  But this is everyday civic rot and degeneracy.

And of course, the answers are simple, and will work. Rhode Island, as you will see in the video, has come up with a workable solution.

But the elected politicians in Seattle refuse to change, and laugh when confronted by civic anger and resistance.

This is what the Soros prosecutors and Democrat politicians have in mind for every city and town in the United States.

Not According To Brother Jesse

I often use the “African-American” term to describe myself, almost always in fun, or else to poke holes in someone’s refusal to see my point.  Never have I tried to use the “African-American” claim for any other purpose, as David Bernstein describes here.

However, even in jest, the supposition makes several (I think) good points.

Fact:  the Du Toit family’s Huguenot forebears fled Catholic France’s oppression to settle in the Protestant Dutch Cape colony in about 1792, thus making their appearance in what is today South Africa earlier than many of the Bantu tribes migrating south from Central Africa.  On my paternal grandmother’s side, the Dutch Van Wyks arrived in  the Cape colony even earlier, around 1665, before even the Zulus crossed the Limpopo River in the north.  So “longevity in the country” vis-a-vis Blacks vs. Whites is of dubious value, in my case.  The only Black tribe which predates both Whites and Bantus would be the Bushmen (Nan) tribe, who were more or less exterminated, slaughtered by both Whites and Bantus.

Fact:  a huge number of White South Africans speak at least one African language like Zulu, Ndebele or Sotho, depending on where they live or work.  (My late stepfather was fluent in four African languages, for example, because he worked in the mines for decades, and my father was fluent in Zulu and Sotho — and German, incidentally.)  Back when I lived there, I had at least a little familiarity with Sotho (thanks to my Black Mommy Mary, who raised me as a small child through my teens).  I doubt whether too many Black African-Americans can claim the same about native African languages — hell, they can barely speak English, let alone, say, Masai or Ovambo.  I can also relate many tribal tales and customs (alas, not as many as I used to) that are essentially African in nature.  My African cultural heritage, therefore, is stronger than almost all African-Americans of color.

But when I use the above as justification for calling myself an African-American, I’m told that none of them matter, because I have a white skin.

Racism, anyone?

Another Little Gift From Africa

As though pet pythons weren’t enough for Florida to deal with, there’s another immigrant arrival:

Giant African snails were found in the city of Port Richey, just north of Tampa. The town will be quarantined for two years, prohibiting residents from moving plants and soil outside of the quarantine zone. The snail is also damaging to the environment, feasting on more than 500 different plants, and has a taste for concrete, which is detrimental to infrastructure.

How giant?  This giant:


The invasive shelled gastropods, which are native to Africa, are carrying the parasite lungworm that leads to meningitis in humans.

Even better:

The snail is also damaging to the environment, feasting on more than 500 different plants, and has a taste for concrete, which is detrimental to infrastructure.

Africa wins again.  Australia may have bird-eating spiders, but Africa’s snails eat buildings.

Predictable Outcome

It’s amazing how often the word “unexpectedly” appears in the public discourse when it comes to government policy, e.g. “we provided free housing for poor people, but we still have a homeless problem”.

So this probably comes as unexpected news to those of the socialist persuasion, but to the rest of us, it’s as predictable as the dawn:

The prime minister of Sri Lanka, Ranil Wickremesinghe, declared in remarks to the nation’s parliament on Wednesday that its economy had “completely collapsed.”

The socialist country is facing the worst economic crisis in its modern history, prompting acute shortages of food, medicine, gasoline, natural gas, and other core goods since March. Lavish spending under the Rajapaksa dynasty’s rule coupled with socialist mismanagement of the economy, a “green” policy that banned chemical fertilizers and made the country reliant on food imports, and trade deals in which Sri Lanka took out predatory loans from China all contributed to the nation’s rapid decline.

Almost sounds like 2022 Murka, dunnit?  But most importantly:  is Sri Lanka running short of Tampax?

Honestly though, when you have no natural resources, and your primary exports are tea and Sri Lankans, you probably need to be a little more careful in how you run things.

Of course, Sri Lanka is no longer “Ceylon” (part of the terrible British Empire), so there’s that.