Expensive Bag

Followed this link from Insty for a survival first-aid kit, but on scrutinizing the contents thereof, my conclusion is that I’d be paying $70 just for a bag — because I already have all the other stuff, and more so withal.

That said:  none of it is in one place, but scattered around the house;  so Job #1 is to round it all up and put it into a bag, and I’m sure I have a spare one of those lying around somewhere, too.


I was going to talk at some length about the “supply-chain crisis” with respect to the grocery business, but Sundance did it for me.

And for what it’s worth, his diagnosis and analysis are absolutely 100% correct.  As long as there are no hiccups in any aspect of the supply chain, “just-in-time” supply is the Finance Department’s wet dream.  But note the term, “any aspect“.

A driver shortage, a spare parts shortage, a labor shortage, a packaging shortage or a fuel shortage, and the whole Jenga structure falls over.  If all of those happen at about the same time, the Jenga structure disappears completely and would take months if not years to be restored.

As we are going to see very soon.  Stock up now, folks, while you still can.  And for once, I’m not talking about ammo.

Snow Laughing Matter

My Readers being a sensible lot, I probably shouldn’t need to post a warning about a seasonal SHTF situation like this one:

I’m going to ignore the funny bits — e.g. the hapless Kamela Harris tweeting that “America is on the move again” — to focus on the important stuff.

When I lived in Chicago and was faced with a drive of any distance away from home, I made sure that I had the following:

  • full tank of gas, and a 5-gallon can in reserve
  • two blankets — a regular woolen type and one of those Mylar things
  • water (kept inside the car, not in the trunk where it could freeze)
  • emergency food (a large jar of peanut butter, crackers, chocolate and a package of jerky, as well as some hard candy for a quick sugar boost)
  • shovel (one of those military entrenching tools, see below)
  • 10-lb bag of cat litter
  • as well as the usual emergency things one should keep in the car anyway, e.g. flashlight, blaze orange vest, insulated work gloves, road flares and so on.

Nineteen hours, as above, is a long time to be stranded in freezing weather without any kind of sustenance, and it’s just pure luck that the above episode didn’t claim any lives.

Feel free to add anything you think I’ve missed.

(German mil-surp — I actually have two of them.  I prefer them to the U.S. all-steel version, because the wooden handle works better in cold weather.)

Black Friday Suggestions

A little while back, Larry Correia done a rant, excellent as always, ending with the wonderful payoff line:

But these stupid motherfuckers are not going to quit pushing until a critical mass of Americans just says fuck it and go full on Rwandan machete party.

Unlikely.  The only reason the Rwandans went all slashy was because they had no Second Amendment at their disposal.  We, however…

Anyway, Larry’s point was not about machetes, per se, but predictably the comments that followed were all about machetes, good ones, brand names, where to get them, etc.

Kinda like the tangent my Readers would follow, bless ’em.

Of course, in that SHTF eventuality I wouldn’t depend on a machete (panga, as they’re known in Africa), because of the invention of brass cartridges and their excellent launching platforms as created by John Moses Browning, Mikhail Kalashnikov and other such fine folks.

Anyway, I believe I have the “slash” part of the party quite adequately covered by my Fox 685 “Trekking” blade:

…but believe me, it’s way down the list of tool options for the Great Society Realignment of 202x.

Room With A View

For those who want to get away from it all, there’s always this place:

I can just see the listing description:

Adorable cottage with unbeatable Alpine view needs only a little TLC to make a perfect retreat from the bustle of city life.  No-maintenance garden and limitless recreational activities await its next loving owner.  Property adjoins national park, so no neighbors will spoil your view or solitude.  Only the screams of the many falling climbers  soaring eagles disturb the silence, and winter snows turn the area into a picture-postcard life.  Main road  path only steps away.  One of a kind value!

Uh huh.