Quote Of The Day

From some horse’s ass in Congress (I know, doesn’t narrow it down much):

“The Donald Trump and MAGA plan for the border: Alligator moats, bombing northern Mexico, shooting migrants in the legs, and electrifying the fence and putting spikes on them.”

Actually, that was MY plan, except he left out the minefields and it was Nile crocodiles, not alligators.

But if Trump wants to take credit for my plan, that’s okay.

Suppose They Ordered A War…

…and nobody showed up?  That’s the old Vietnam-era trope.  Here’s the modern-day equivalent:


Fox News reports that a high ranking CBP official told the network that their relationship with the Guard is “strong”.

“While this issue plays out in the courts, the relationship between Border Patrol, Texas DPS [Department of Public Safety], & TMD [Texas Military Dept.] remains strong,” the official said, adding “Our focus is and will always be the mission of protecting this country and its people.”

“On the ground, we continue to work alongside these valuable partners in that endeavor,” the official continued, adding “Bottom line: Border Patrol has no plans to remove infrastructure (c-wire) placed by Texas along the border.”

“Our posture remains the same. If we need to access an area for emergency response, we will do so. When that happens, we will coordinate with Texas DPS & TMD,” the official further declared.

You see, long after the current Administration has passed into the “Bad News” section of the history books, the Border Patrol will still have to work with the Texas guys.  Let’s just hope they stick to their ummm statements.

So, ask that question again…?

Cultural Ignorance

Last night I had to call 911, because I heard gunshots outside my apartment — first there were two shots, evenly spaced, and then three in a row, very fast.  Sounded like a small-caliber pistol, I told the operator.  (This being Texas, she didn’t bother to ask me how I could guess the caliber.)

Anyway, the cops arrived, and then a fire engine.

Not gunshots:  fireworks.

Of course, “fireworks” never occurred to me as a choice because I’m culturally ignorant, and had no idea that it’s Diwali Time, here in Little Hyderabad, Plano (that’s what they call it, because there are so many people from that city living in the area).

That would also explain why so many apartment patios are festooned with light strings — they’re not premature Christmas lights (which is what I mistakenly thought) but Diwali lights, which is apparently a whole ‘nother thing.  So instead of living amidst a large number of Christian folk, I’m surrounded, so to speak, by Diwali devotees.  (Okay, I knew that already.)

Anyway, I felt a bit of a fool for calling 911 just about fireworks, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get the appropriate memo from the Ministry of Cultural Assimilation.  And honestly?  these were loud bangs, so my confusion is quite understandable.  (I had the 1911 in hand while peering through the curtains and making the 911 call.)

Anyway, the morons who set off the fireworks got their pee-pees whacked both by the Fuzz and the Apartment Lords, as setting off fireworks in these parts is Streng Verboten.  (We have an extensive forest on both sides of the nearby creek, surrounded by empty grass fields that have somehow escaped the attention of property developers, hence the fire risk and prohibition.)

And by the way:  the cops were on the spot in about three minutes:  nothing like “Shots fired” over the old 911 to get the donuts dropped and the engines running.  But of course if there had been gunshots, three minutes is far too long.

This is Kim, your local Cultural Ignoramus, signing off.

“Quick, Martha…”

“…hand me mah smellin’ salts!”  From KrautPres / Reichkanzler Olaf Scholz comes this little bombshell:

We must finally deport on a large scale those who have no right to stay in Germany.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but you have to admit, it’s a first from any post-Mutti Merkel politician.

And in the same article, from Swissland:

Switzerland moved rightwards in an election on Sunday, giving the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) more seats in parliament as concerns about rising immigration outweighed those about the environment, final results showed on Monday.

Wait… the Green Nude Eel is starting to lose favor with, of all people, the Swiss?  And “concerns about immigration”?  Anyone would think that Swiss cities like Zurich have seen a massive increase in violent crime, mostly committed by “immigrants” of the Afro-Arab persuasion.

Oh, wait… they have.

Alternative Targets

We all saw how the foul Biden “Administration” tried to deport a (White, Christian) couple back to Germany for the supposed “crime” of homeschooling their children.

If they’re all fired-up about deporting people, how about this crowd?

As warnings of possible Islamic terrorist attacks within the U.S. intensify, a resurfaced clip shows hundreds of American children from the heart of Texas chanting references to Iran’s supreme leader and pledging allegiance to him, while praising martyrdom.

Note that I’m simply suggesting that we should deport this entire bunch of kiddie terrorsymps (and their parents, who are surely to blame for this nonsense) over to Iran, as opposed to granting them their wish for martyrdom.

For their own good, of course;  surely they’d be much happier under the benevolent rule of Khameini back in Shi’a-land, rather than having to endure the hardship of life in Texas?

In the meantime, we could revoke the citizenship of any and all of those who became such, either by naturalization or by birth.

Odds of any of this happening:  zero.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the range for a little shooting practice, just in case any of those little assholes or their parents are tempted to bring their shit up to north Texas.