Different Imports

Maybe I’m being just a simple-minded Texan here, but when you see this situation occurring:

Tens of millions of Pakistanis have been forced to flee their homes and more than 1,000 are dead as devastating flooding threatens to drown an area the size of Britain, experts warned. One third of the country faces going under and entire villages have vanished, with dramatic footage capturing hotel collapses, helicopter rescues and narrow escapes among desperate residents. Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said this morning from his home in flood-ravaged province Sindh, south-eastern Pakistan: ‘Around me is just water, water and more water. There’s not much dry land to be found. We’ve suffered a devastating monsoon [with] floods from the sky that have been going on since the end of June. It is a catastrophe on a scale that I have never seen before.’

And add it to this situation:

Astonishing pictures show a medieval village that was submerged by a reservoir a century ago and has now reappeared as a result of falling water levels.
The pictures come as droughts and hosepipe bans were being declared across the UK after weeks after weeks* of no to little rainfall.

…wouldn’t it make more sense for Britishland, at least for a year or two, to pause the importation of Pakistanis and replace it with importation of Pakistan’s water surplus?

*the proper grammar being “week after week” or, if multiple weeks, “month after month”, but let’s not get sidetracked.

Open Borders, Repel Boarders

Oh yeah, about that “open border” foolishness (as espoused by the Biden Maladministration)?  Here’s a nice situation:

On Wednesday, the Richmond Police Department announced the arrests of Guatemalan nationals 52-year-old illegal alien Julio Alvardo Dubon and 38-year-old illegal alien Rolman Balacarcel Ac for allegedly plotting a mass shooting at the city’s July 4th celebration.

Note that these two criminals seem to have had absolutely no problem getting the necessary equipment:

That is when police raided Dubon’s residence to find two rifles, a handgun, and 223 rounds of ammunition.

…so let’s have MORE gun control, of course.

Never mind deportation — both are multiple border-jumpers.  Just fucking shoot them when they try to escape.

Paul Revere, Part Deux: The Calis Are Coming!

Now here’s a cause for alarm:

Musk’s electric car company wasn’t the only Silicon Valley giant to make the move and is unlikely to be the last. Bloomberg reports that Hewlett Packard made the shift after citing the difference in real estate expenses between the Golden and Lone Star states, with Oracle Corp also making the move. If other major companies also make the decision to leave Silicon Valley, it could spell disaster for the area — especially given how income and employee numbers are split. If just Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon, and Cisco left Silicon Valley would lose 20% of its employees and billions of dollars in GDP. High taxes and living costs may soon drive companies and workers away from Silicon Valley, and towards cheaper states with Texas a regular target.

Frankly… no.

I have no desire to have those woke asshole corporations come to my beloved Texas, and change our way of life — already in some danger thanks to their predecessors — into something that more resembles California’s.  And change it they will, make no mistake, because they will come with shitloads of money:  money that will buy them politicians and local government officials, and their wokist, Green attitudes will gain a foothold — or, I should say, a stronger foothold — when in fact few Texans outside Austin want that crap to change their lives.

Here’s a little warning to liberal Californians:  EVERYBODY HATES YOU.  I mean really, really hates you.  Your insufferable liberal smugness and superiority, your ability to drive up affordable local real estate values fueled by the proceeds of your bloated California property prices,  your liberal mindset and your insistence that everywhere you move must change into what you just left behind — all that and more does not endear you to the locals.  So do not act surprised when your appearance is not only not welcomed, but treated with dismay or even outright hostility.

I remember chatting to a guy in small-town Idaho who had moved there to escape all the expat Californians in Colorado (seriously), and was horrified to learn that said insects were now starting to infest his new home town.  When I asked him why they would move there when there was absolutely no real industry to attract them, he just snorted and said, “Retirees.”

I wish you could have seen the expression of loathing on his face and heard the utter hatred in his voice.

It may come as some surprise to Californians, but most people don’t actually care if in their little towns there are no vegan restaurants, cute little gourmet bistros that sell kiddie portions at adult prices, yoga studios, Lululemon outlets and all the unnecessary shit that Californians seem to regard as critical to their precious “lifestyle”.  And by the way:  there aren’t going to be a lot of charging outlets for your precious Priuses and Teslas, so don’t complain about that when it can all be solved by leaving that shit behind and buying a Ford F-150.  In fact, that’s a perfect analogy for the changes that you have to make if you want to be accepted:  ditch the attitude and go native, because nobody cares how you did things in California, even if you feel that it’s so much better and can’t stop telling people that.

And by the way:  if you do move out of California and relocate to America, one of your first actions should be to buy a fucking gun (preferably several) and a truckload of ammo.  And if that course of action causes you to recoil or feel uncomfortable, then you may want to just keep on driving through Arizona, Texas and Tennessee until you get to Massachusetts or New York, where they feel the same way about those icky guns as you do.

Bloody hell, just the thought of Google moving to Plano makes me want to start looking at real estate in east Tennessee or rural Idaho.

I think I’ll go to the range.

Wishful Thinking

Apparently, Border Patrol agents captured 23 “migrants” criminals making their way over the border.  Even worse, these happened to be not ordinary “migrants”, oh no;  these were actually on the so-called terrorist watch list.

What followed was this query:

Fox News reports from a Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request that Border Patrol agents apprehended 23 migrants whose names matched the list. The apprehensions occurred between January 20 and December 27, 2021.

Former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner and Chief of the Border Patrol, Mark Morgan, told Breitbart News that the report from Fox News raises serious questions.

“The real question we need to be asking this administration is, what did you do with the 23 people from the Terrorism Screening Database you took custody of?” Morgan said during an interview. “Their arrest would have triggered further investigation by the FBI and other law enforcement entities.”

“Did you release some or all? he asked. “Did you remove some or all?”

My hope is that they were “removed” by taking them out back and shooting them dead, but I’m almost certainly wrong.  Unfortunately.


I see that the “goodwill” visit of the future King of Britishland to Jamaica has been anything but, as the rather churlish response shows:

Jamaica ‘ready to move towards removing the Queen as head of state and becoming a republic as soon as Kate and William get on the plane’

See, in the days of yore, the monarch would respond by forcibly repatriating all UK-based Jamaican residents to their homeland — along with any progeny.  (Britishland does not have a U.S.-like “citizenship through birth” policy, so they could kick out anyone they want to, pretty much.)

But these are not the days of yore, sadly, so that won’t happen.  Instead, the U.K. will have to brace itself for a flood of Jamaicans arriving in London ahead of their “independence”, as Jamaica slides into the usual Third World pit, and those left behind will discover that freedom from the yoke of British paternalism (born of slavery) will have some extremely nasty consequences.

And I hope they get it, good and hard.


Here’s a handwringing article which should make us all chuckle:

How France embraced the far right

At his rally, Eric Zemmour outlined his plans to create a political party called “Reconquest”, referring to the historic period known as the Reconquista, when Christian forces drove Muslim rulers from the Iberian peninsula.
Mr Zemmour is campaigning on a bizarre zero immigration policy and has frequently come under fire for his anti-Muslim comments.

Am I the only one who thinks that a zero-immigration policy isn’t bizarre?  (And I’m speaking as an immigrant myself.)

All I know is that somewhere in the ether, Charles Martel is smiling.