Both Sides

And back we go, into the trenches of modern warfare between men and women.  Apparently, young men have a problem:

Men are lonelier than ever as they struggle to meet the higher dating standards of modern women, according to a psychologist.  American psychologist Greg Matos wrote in a recent Psychology Today article that the current state of young and middle-aged men’s love lives shows they need to ‘address a skills deficit’.

He said: ‘I hear recurring dating themes from women between the ages of 25 and 45: They prefer men who are emotionally available, good communicators, and share similar values’.  Yet, he claimed he’s found that modern men’s biggest problem is communication, which is ‘the lifeblood of healthy, long-term love’.

[S]ociety fails to teach young boys the importance of communication, which has resulted in growing numbers of unintentionally single men.

Well yes, but this is nothing new.  Men have always had a problem communicating with women — although they seem to have no problem communicating with each other, which makes me wonder where the problem actually lies.

As this thesis comes from a psychologist, one could be forgiven for dismissing the whole thing out of hand, but it seems clear that the number of single, lonely young people of both sexes has grown over the past few decades.

There is one immediate finger to be pointed, and that is towards radical feminists, who have painted men (and especially young White men) as proto-aggressors, and nobody can deny that the feminization of the education process has left young men feeling increasing isolated.

Some have reacted admirably, turning the tables and asking women what, exactly, they are bringing to the party.  Others (such as this young man) have come right out and published their own rules of engagement, so to speak.  (In the latter case, he’s done an excellent job of “communicating” with women;  but it’s probably not at all the kind they’re looking for.)

The article (written by a woman, BTW) quotes our psychologist that “Men are lonelier than ever as they struggle to meet the higher dating standards of modern women”… really?  The way I read it, both sides are becoming more selective.  While the poorly-communicating men might be sidelined by more picky women, it’s also clear that the (shall we say) poorer applicants among the women (sluts etc.) are most likely being left alone as well.

And lest we read too much into this, the situation is by no means a new one, nor has the technology changed it much.


Seen at Insty’s:

Okay… assuming that men even want to “step up”:  what are you and your girlfriends going to bring to the party that would encourage us to do so?

Because if all you have is attitude… buh-bye.

Okay, Then

Frankly, upon looking at the women who seem to be all up in arms about this issue, I don’t think they realize the actual value of the goods they’re planning on withholding.

Morality Tale

…and it is a tale:

“You now have the freedom to do whatever you want,” Williams told The Post about her revelation. “If you want to sleep with two men on the same day, you can. If you want to have a tryst in the middle of the day, you’re free. The only person who can judge you is yourself. And if you’re fine with it, screw everyone else.”

Apparently, her lust knew no bounds — she says she bonked eight men in that first year after her divorce.  Hence the “tale” bit.

I hate to break it to her, but eight men in a year is actually quite a low number for a late-40s divorcee, even a fairly plain-looking one like her.  I personally know one woman who bonked about three or four men a month after hers, and she did it for well over three years before finding a guy she wanted to stay with.  (I would have been one of them — I always had the hots for her — but I was living in another state far away at the time, and she told me her story after she’d moved in with The Guy.)

Frankly, I think I think our slut-wannabe New Yorker is telling a tale — the rule of thumb for most women who divulge their “number” nowadays is to take what she says, and double it — triple it if she’s a barhopping party girl.

So… sixteen in a year?  Not bad.  Otherwise, meh.

Working Off Debt

Here’s an interesting little morality tale.

My wife slept with our mechanic to settle a £500 bill we couldn’t afford to pay

We’ve been struggling to make ends meet ever since my wife lost her job last year.  My salary won’t stretch to cover our food, rent and energy bills.  That’s why we’re £2,000 in debt on our credit cards.

So it was the cherry on the cake when we were told our car failed its MOT last week. The mechanic told us his repairs would cost us nearly £500.  To add insult to injury it was obvious he fancied my wife.

Panicking, I asked if we could pay in instalments.  While looking my wife up and down he cheekily suggested if we didn’t have the money he could think of another way we could pay.  He said we could think about it overnight. Walking away, I asked her what she thought.

Her answer shocked me: “You know I’d do anything for us, babe.”

So the next day my wife went to his house while I waited in the car outside — it was the longest 30 minutes of my life.  I consoled myself with the idea that she’d be hating this as much as me, but when she finally emerged she seemed defiant and said: “Now I know I’m contributing just as much as you.”

It broke my heart and I’ve only got myself to blame.  Now she thinks it’s the answer to all our financial problems.  She even suggested I could manage her diary of clients.  I’m worried she even enjoyed having sex with this mechanic.

Well, that’s one way of “taking one for the team”, innit?

I actually feel sorry for the guy, because it seems to me he’s uncaged a tiger — and it’s small wonder, when all the Brit newspapers are full of tarts making X thousand a month for showing off their bodies and doing the dirty on prostitution sites like OnlyFans;  and in truth doing nothing on SugarBabies different from Mrs. Debtfire above.

It’s always gone on, only now it’s out in public.

I just wonder how these people account for the revenue on their tax return… because if they don’t, it’s called “tax evasion”, and the collection agencies (I mean tax offices hem hem) of both the U.K. and the U.S. respectively take quite a dim view of it.