And Speaking Of Forbidden Pleasures

…we have this new development:

Forget traditional porn, Gen Z are doing things differently nowadays, including listening to porn, rather than watching it. The trend of audio porn started during lockdown and has now been embraced by young women, providing a full body experience that allows their imaginations to ‘run wild’ while tuning into physical pleasure.

Of course it’s mostly women.  Men are simple, visual creatures requiring only something like this to get going:

Women, on the other hand, are somewhat more complex:

So this new audio thing is probably one of the control knobs in the middle.

No, I don’t understand them either.

As The Saying Goes

Latest news is that a cultural icon is getting off (so to speak):

Former porn star Ron Jeremy, who was indicted on more than 30 counts of sexual assault, is set to be declared unfit for trial on Tuesday, because he is suffering from “severe dementia.”

I guess that the late Marilyn Chambers wasn’t lying when she said she fucked his brains out.

He has looked better — although even in his prime he still looked like the sleaziest man in the world.

Questionable Achievement

In an article so stupid that one would heave the laptop into the pool to escape it, a couple of statements nevertheless managed to stick like burrs onto an idle brain cell.

A successful porn star has shared her expert knowledge – and that includes how men can improve during sex.
Angela White – who has been dubbed “the Meryl Streep of porn” – has 932million views on Pornhub and countless subscribers on OnlyFans.
The 37-year-old is without a doubt one of Australia’s most successful exports, having 95 awards thanks to her performances.

The rest of the article is completely pointless and forgettable, but the last statement was the burr, leading to the tangential thought:  what else has Australia memorably exported from its island shores to the rest of the planet?

I’m trying to think of many, or any, Oz exports outside the sporting world (in which area the Strylians admittedly excel).  So leaving aside Rod Laver, Greg Norman, Donald Bradman, Margaret Court, Shane Warne, Graham Thorpe and their ilk, what’s left?

Actors Paul Hogan, Nicole Kidman, the Brothers Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman etc. and a few directors (Peter Weir comes to mind)… novelists Patrick White, James Clavell, Thomas Keneally, Colleen McCullough, Neville Shute…

…and that’s pretty much it.   (No doubt my Strylian Readers will step up in Comments to chide me, and that’s a Good Thing.)

When it comes to stuff (as opposed to people), the gruel is thin indeed.  Of Foster’s Lager and Vegemite we will not speak, and I can’t think of any more Oz exports that come to mind.  (There is a list of Oz inventions which is quite astonishing, but a great many of them were developed elsewhere e.g. the U.K. and the U.S.)

As for the above-mentioned Angela White we will say even less, except that if she is indeed “one of Australia’s most successful exports”, the Land Down Under needs to up its game.

Or we need to revise our definition of “successful exports”.

Here’s noted Oz export Isla Fisher:

…who is known principally for her appalling taste in husbands.

One-Way Entitlement

Ah yes, the old excuse:

Gabrielle Union On Why She Felt ‘Entitled’ To Cheat On Her First Husband: ‘I Was Paying All The Bills’

Now let’s play “Just Imagine” for a moment, and think of the response if a man used that as an excuse to bonk a woman not his wife.

Knives out?  Calls for cancellation?  Yet another example of “Male Domination”?

I have no idea who this harpy is, but no doubt she’s well entrenched in the feministical hierarchy, judging by her arrogance.

And just in passing:  with an attitude like that, small wonder he was screwing other women.

Passing Thought

So there’s this pleasant little train of thought:

Without knowing anything at all about this harpy, I’ll bet she lives in a.) NYFC, b.) Los Angeles or c.) San Franfuckingcisco — or wherever HuffPo has its HQ.

As for 2.) above, the only way she and her buddies are ever going to kill all men (they probably have a gun:harpy count of 1:jillion) is if they voluntarily get infected with AIDS — and even then, no man except liberal ponytailed girlyboys will want to poke them.  Here’s our Emily — a representative sample, methinks:

Doomed to failure, like so many liberal wet dreams.