And About Time

From Reader Brad Of Illinois comes this very welcome news:

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. is proud to announce the (re-)release of the Marlin Model 336 Classic.

“The legendary Model 336 helped to build Marlin Firearms into the iconic American brand that it is today,” said Ruger President and CEO, Chris Killoy. “We have worked for many months on every detail to ensure that Ruger‘s reintroduction of this iconic rifle lives up to its stellar reputation.”

Chambered in .30-30 Win., the Model 336 Classic sports a beautifully finished American black walnut stock and forend. Crisp, clean checkering on both the stock and forend improve the appearance and grip of the rifle. The stock’s black pistol grip cap is inset with a Marlin Horse and Rider medallion, and the forend is attached using a barrel band.

The alloy steel rifle is richly blued, features a standard-sized finger lever, and has a six-round magazine capacity. The 20.25” barrel is cold hammer-forged, which improves longevity and yields ultra-precise rifling for exceptional accuracy. Like the classic 336, this rifle features the gold-colored trigger.

Even better:

Additional models in different calibers and configurations will be released throughout the coming year.

The only reason I’m not going to get one is that I already have a Winchester 94 in .30-30 — but I have long been eyeing a companion rifle to my .357 revolvers, and when Ruger gets round to re-issuing those

News Roundup

Brought to you by:

From the Dept. of Dirty Mimsies:

...just as Hillary Clinton said in 2016.

...I wonder how many other women in the world would swap teams for a billion smackers?  Depressing, innit?

...oh FFS, kill me now.

From the Dept. of Health:

...influenza and head colds were not available for comment.

And in the Education Dept:

...and not just in monetary terms, either.

...forget it, Jake.  It’s Hymietown.

In Furrin News:

...sometimes, even the Italians are worth emulating — and I am loving EyetiePM Meloni a little more each day.

...Dream, meet Reality as BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Porsche workers face layoffsBelgian auto industry would be untouched. doubt, they’ll still be killing each other for centuries over this one. [/Balkans] about a no-brainer.

Back Home: that’s ever going to happenAnd when Garland & Co are led to the killing pits on the Glorious Day, they’ll wail plaintively, “But what did we do to deserve this?”

...which reminds me, I need to get some more ammo en route to the range today.

...or not.  Most likely not.  It’s not Disney, after all.

...ah yes:  Captain Nobody, striving for relevancy as always.

...#1:  upright, at the checkout register at Tiffany’s, holding his Amex Black Card.  Multiple City.


...algorithms strike again.


…and that’s all the news you can bare.

Quote Of The Day

From Ben Shapiro:

“As it turns out, the logic of the Left is now that, if you are a trans person who murders a bunch of Christian school kids, this is the fault of the society that refuse to accept you for who you truly are.”

Don’t get me started…

Cuts Both Ways, Bub

Well, isn’t this special?

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider okayed the use of the band’s music by gun control groups who are organizing a push to ban “assault weapons.” 

“We’re not gonna take it” can also be turned into “You’re not going to take it”, asswipe.

Fucking New Yorkers… even their rock musicians are twerps — in Snider’s case, a poster boy for drag queens.