Cuts Both Ways, Bub

Well, isn’t this special?

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider okayed the use of the band’s music by gun control groups who are organizing a push to ban “assault weapons.” 

“We’re not gonna take it” can also be turned into “You’re not going to take it”, asswipe.

Fucking New Yorkers… even their rock musicians are twerps — in Snider’s case, a poster boy for drag queens.


  1. Have you ever seen Dee Snyder and Matthew Broderick’s “wife” in the same place? me neither.

    Dee Snyder and the rest of the creatures threatening our rights can go fuck off to Fuckoffistan. We’ll even throw in some pogo sticks for their journey.


  2. Thank God I don’t listen to what most celebrities and musicians say and believe. Many musicians are forcing us to suffer from the effects of their years of substance abuse. Hollyweird has no moral compass at all. They condone Harvey Weinstein’s casting couch for decades. Even Matt Lauer an alleged journalist was a pervert at his propaganda outlet. These people are nothing more than clowns paid to entertain us. When they cease to do that, extend the Gong Show hook and remove them. Hollar “next!” for the next clown to entertain us. There are plenty in that line who will do the job without their self righteous blathering.


  3. As I recall it, Snyder’s music was the Rock equivalent to the POLICE ACADEMY movies (which the music videos resembled): mildly amusing, fairly predictable, repetitive junk.

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