Other Fine Guns

Comment by Reader Velocette about our little TDSA excursion:

“That Winchester High Wall is the class act of the lot, unless you were enjoying an 1873 Colt or a P 35 Hi Power”

Not quite an 1873 Colt, but we did have a 1980 Colt Python 6″ (.357 Mag), not mine, alas for I own one not:

…and yes, a Browning High Power:

…and sundry 1911 variants, of course:


…as well as several .22 pistols and revolvers, and a few other .357 Mag/.38 Spec revolvers.

Also on hand, a Winchester 1894 lever rifle (.30-30):

…a Taurus (Winchester copy) Model 63 ( .22 LR):

…the aforementioned Browning High Wall (.45-70 Gov):

…and lastly, my M1 Carbine (which Doc Russia managed to break;  Mr. FM’s comment:  “It survived WWII and Korea, but not one range session with Doc”):

There were other guns, most of them high-tech / gadget-loaded 9mm and .223 EVIL BLACK RIFLES WITH SILENCERRRRRRRS, but of them we will not speak.

I can’t believe that we blew through so much ammo, but considering that firing commenced at about 10:30am and the guns finally fell silent at 3:30pm, perhaps it’s not all that surprising.

In conclusion, I cannot say enough good things about TDSA and its owner Len Baxley.  If you haven’t ever been there, you should.  Mr. FM has been there twice (two separate trips Over Here), and says it’s the most fun he’s ever had, on both occasions.  If you want to try the place out, let me know and I’ll give you advice on what to take and not take so you can have a great time.

Celebrations And Such

I will be spending most of today at the range with Doc Russia and some Guests To Be Named Later, so tomorrow’s postings may be few — but will probably contain an extensive range report covering a multitude of guns.

I know you guys hate that kind of stuff, but there ya go.

The background to all this is that Doc is getting married on Saturday and during the week, various family and friends will be converging on this area of North Texas from all over the place, and it is therefore incumbent on Doc and me to entertain them with activities of interest:  shopping for the lady folk, and gun time for the men.  (Unlike most people in government, we have absolutely no problem in identifying women and what pleases them.)  That doesn’t mean that the men will not be shopping (e.g. for shooting gear / guns), and various of the ladies may well want to join us at one of the several shooting events planned for the upcoming week.  We don’t care, as long as everyone has a good time.

And on that topic, Doc’s bachelor party is to take place on Thursday night, so the following day may also reveal a paucity of bloggy material, depending on the number of post-debauchery hobgoblins who will take up residence in my skull in the hours that follow.

It’s going to be a tough week.  Bear with me, please.

Unforeseen Hardship

I have sometimes, I think, referred to my “adopted” daughter — the quotes because she isn’t legally adopted, but I treat her as my second daughter for all sorts of reasons:  difficult parents, occasional bad health and so on.

It all started when she went on our last great overseas adventure, the “Great Catholic Trip” wherein we visited several of Europe’s great cathedrals, basically as an excuse to go to Vienna (Stephansdom), Rome (Vatican) and Paris (Notre Dame v.1).  Here are a couple of pictures of the family in those cities — Lily is the short redhead:

Heidelberg (our start-off city)




Since then (over a dozen years ago), Lily has been as close as a daughter can be without actually being one.  She found the guy of her dreams (a mechanical engineer, gawd help us), and they set about building their lives together:  working hard, building careers, saving money, buying a little house and so on.

Let me say that in the past three months, all that has come crashing down, leaving her and David in a deep pit.

Read all about it here, and please help her if you can.  Her needs are modest, but critical.

I would regard it as a personal favor from my Loyal Readers.

The Hell Of Being A Blogger

From Diogenes’ Middle Finger:

Concerning my absence from DMF:  Monday morning your Beloved Blog Editrix was unexpectedly kidnapped, my personal digital devices confiscated, and secreted off by the Love of My Life to be held (tightly) hostage for two days & nights in a Bed and Breakfast in Jefferson Texas. Then early Wednesday I was awakened and whisked off against my will to Dallas to participate in an decadent Christmas shopping spree, fine dining and a late night on the town. But this was not the end, as to come was being strong-armed & intimidated into picking out new car as my Christmas present AND THEN total humiliation having to drive it all the way home myself!!
But know this one thing my friends, I am a strong person. I will recover from this with time.

If I were a Cynical Old Phartte, I’d suspect that the love of her life done fucked up really badly, but as I’m not, I’m just glad for her.

(may or may not be a pic of said blogger)