Double Win

Here’s a win-win situation: 

The Fresno Teachers Association (FTA) is demanding that the Fresno Unified School district set aside parking for homeless families, as a part of their larger list of demands – such as free laundry services – as the union prepares to go on strike.

Yes;  nothing says “We Care About The Children!” more than putting a squatters’ camp right on school property.

Fortunately, the school district is showing just a little common sense:

The district has previously stated that it does not plan to bow to the union’s demand, with the district’s chief communications officer saying that, “We do not plan to open our parking lots,” since “education, not housing,” is the school district’s area of expertise.

The union has other demands:  money for “security”, an end to Global Warming, banning tooth decay and some other equally-important stuff, but nemmind.

Here’s the win:  the longer this bunch of malcontent Marxists can stay out of the classroom, the better-off the kids will be.

And here’s the other win:  the longer the school district plays hardball, the sooner the striking schoolteachers will have to join the ranks of the homeless they seem to care so much about.

Of course, there’s another way to deal with these striking teachers:

…but no doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this.

Return Of The Asshole

Just when I thought that ex-BritPM Tony “Oily Little Shit” Blair had disappeared from public view, he steps forward with yet another Nanny-State idea:

Tony Blair has urged ministers to tax junk food so it is too expensive for the poor in a bit to tackle obesity. The former Labour prime minister urged an interventionist policy on public health, with an expansion of the sugar tax, new levies on foods high in fat and salt, and advertising bans.

He said ministers needed to help ‘create the circumstances’ in which poorer families choose healthy food, and likened the situation to the fight against smoking when he was in No10 — which included a ban on publicly lighting up indoors.

…which did fuck-all except drive people outdoors to get their nicotine fix.  It certainly didn’t stop poorer people from buying cigarettes.  There’s no reason to suspect that his jihad against “junk” food will perform any differently.

I also love the “create the circumstances” line — a classic piece of unctuous Blairite pablum which covers the intrusive governmental bossiness of what he’s suggesting.  “We know better than you what you should do.”  (cf. Hillary Clinton.)  And speaking of this bitch…

This, by the way, is the real problem with electing leaders when they’re young:  they carry on with their bullshit after leaving office (e.g. the Clintons, the Obamas and even Jimmy fucking Carter).  As much as I detest the late Harry S(hitbrain) Truman, when he left the Oval Office he retired to Bumfuck MO and we never heard from him again.

Would that his political descendants would follow his example.

Preaching To The Choir

Of course the Left wants to muzzle people who disagree with their agenda:

The College of Psychologists of Ontario, which has embraced radical gender theory in recent years, has threatened to remove Peterson’s clinical psychology license over his social media activity if he did not go through a so-called “specified continuing education or remedial program.” 

…and unsurprisingly, the Canucki courts (another bunch of Stalinists) has sided with these assholes:

On Wednesday, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered Peterson to pay $25,000 to the College of Psychologists and upheld the order that he go through a social media education program. 

Also unsurprisingly, Jordan Peterson has told them to fuck off, in his polite manner.

Here’s my thought on the matter.  If there’s some wealthy conservative tycoon out there who wants to put his money where it will do a lot of good, he should announce the endowment of a Department of Modern Psychology at, say, Hillsdale College, to be headed by Dr. Jordan Peterson.

Why Hillsdale?

Regular Readers of this website know my philosophy about education.  It is based on the principles of Albert Jay Nock, which can be summarized as follows:  “Educate only those who are receptive to being educated, instead of trying to educate everybody.”

Kids who attend Hillsdale College are likely to be conservative (or at least their parents are), and Peterson’s teachings are more likely to be appreciated and reinforced by their receptive audience.

From a practical perspective, this would take Peterson away from the toxic College of Psychologists of Ontario and still-more toxic Canadian environment, put him in a position which encourages his thinking and analysis, and would create a platform for his message.  Also, Peterson would be forever immune to censure and “re-education” (a.k.a. psychological bullying).

In the long run, this would be far more effective than contributing to Chris Christie’s doomed presidential election bid.

Just a thought.