Cuts Both Ways, Bub

Well, isn’t this special?

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider okayed the use of the band’s music by gun control groups who are organizing a push to ban “assault weapons.” 

“We’re not gonna take it” can also be turned into “You’re not going to take it”, asswipe.

Fucking New Yorkers… even their rock musicians are twerps — in Snider’s case, a poster boy for drag queens.

One Way Or Another

Nothing makes me chuckle quite like this kind of idiocy:

Christopher Woolf Mapelli Mozzi was born in 2016 and is the son of Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi and American architect, Dara Huang. He was recently pictured with his father and step-mother, Princess Beatrice, at the Christmas Day service in Sandringham.

While very little is known about Wolfie, his mother recently expressed her gratitude for her son being educated in the UK, rather than in the US.

Writing on social media, the Florida-born architect said: “I’m glad my son doesn’t go to school in the USA. I can sleep at night knowing he won’t die at his desk tomorrow morning.”

She’s referring to the jillions of American kids killed each year in classroom shootings. [eyecross]

Leaving aside that untruth, here’s something that isn’t untrue:


Truth is that our precious princeling is FAR more likely to be stabbed to death in the UK than he is to be shot in the US — unless he happened to live in South Chicago, that is.

Oh, That’s Okay Then

I am truly heartened that no less luminary than Nicholas Fuckface Kristof of the NYFT  has promised, cross his little Commie heart, that Gun Confiscators Inc. has no intention of messing with my sporting activities.

Thus we should reassure gun owners that we’re not going to come after their deer rifles or bird guns. That makes it politically easier to build a consensus on steps to keep dangerous people from lethal weapons like 9-millimeter handguns.

Ummm no, sorry.  And let’s not be sidetracked by the “dangerous people” trope, because only he (or the “authorities”) will get to define what constitutes “dangerous”.  If he means “criminals”, well, that’s already illegal (for all the good it does in stopping criminals from getting hold of guns).

No, let’s be in no doubt that his (and no doubt the Gummint’s) definition of “dangerous” will, with absolute certainty, include people like me, with our “dangerous” views on Second Amendment rights.

Not that I care — at least in the 9-millimeter sense — because I prefer the manly .45 ACP and .357 Mag calibers over the Europellet anyway but even in jest, let’s not give him and his kind the benefit of the doubt on this, because we know they’re all fucking liars, and they consider any cartridge objectionable.

Kristof, if you think that your transparent little platitude is going to win over the “only hunters” group (a.k.a. the “Fudds”, as we call them), you could not possibly be more wrong, and your efforts to confiscate / ban guns of any description will never be “politically easier”.

So fuck off and die, because we’re not ever going to compromise on the gun issue — 20,000+ existing gun laws means that we’ve already (over-) compromised — and your job from here on is going to be progressively [sic]  more difficult, actually impossible.

That’s our promise to you.

Missed A Couple

The bad 170, according to Fatboi Pritzker’s Illannoy.

This is just going to drive up the prices of Garands, M1 Carbines, ordinary SKS rifle, and so on.

That said:  it’s not gonna stop there.

The list of about 170 different semi-automatic guns now banned in Illinois could change with state police granted the authority to update the list “as needed.”

Possession of guns legally purchased before Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the measure Tuesday are grandfathered in, but owners must eventually register each weapon’s serial number. Illinois State Police are to develop the registry with gun owners required to comply by Jan. 1, 2024. Violations could be a Class 2 felony.


Heads, Meet Brick Wall

You have to hand it to the Gun Control Party*:  they never seem to realize that the liquid running into their eyes is blood from continuously beating their fool heads against the wall of conservative, Second Amendment-loving Texas.

Courtesy of the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), here’s their latest laundry list of wishful thinking:

  • House Bill 22, House Bill 106, House Bill 284, House Bill 324 & House Bill 662 requiring the REPORTING OF LAWFUL SALES of certain firearms and magazines to state and/or local law enforcement. [nope]
  • House Bill 76 & Senate Bill 172 CRIMINALIZING the failure of a victim of gun theft to report having his or her firearms stolen. [unenforceable, according to the State Police]
  • House Bill 88 & House Bill 447 further TAXING the sale of firearms and/or ammunition and firearms accessories. [higher taxes? in Texas? lol]
  • House Bill 110, House Bill 146, House Bill 308 & Senate Bill 360 BANNING private firearms transfers at gun shows. [was that a unicorn I just saw?]
  • House Bill 123, House Bill 136 & Senate Bill 144 so-called “red flag” GUN CONFISCATION legislation requiring firearms surrender without due process. [no due process… yeah, maybe they could get away with that in Illinois]
  • House Bill 129, House Bill 565, House Bill 761, House Bill 781, House Bill 925, House Bill 996, House Bill 1072, Senate Bill 32 & Senate Bill 145 RAISING THE AGE for firearms sales, restricting firearms transfers to, or purchases by, young adults. [lowering the age would have more chance of passing]
  • House Bill 155, House Bill 236, Senate Bill 170 & Senate Bill 370 BANNING private firearms transfers between certain family members and friends, requiring FFLs to process these transactions that would include federal paperwork for government approval at an undetermined fee. [yeah, we just love getting the feds’ noses stuck in our bidness in Texas]
  • House Bill 817, House Bill 925 & Senate Bill 32 BANNING the manufacture, sale, purchase or possession of commonly-owned semi-automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns. [there aren’t enough body bags to enforce this little wet dream]
  • House Bill 197 & House Bill 632 BANNING the sale or transfer and possession of standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. [see the point above]
  • House Bill 179, House Bill 216 & House Bill 244 RESTRICTING long gun open carry, with limited exceptions. [you mean, over and above the restrictions we already have, and that most Texans hate like poison and mostly ignore?]
  • House Bill 298 establishes a 3-day WAITING PERIOD for firearms sales. [uh huh — I know we’ve got a lot of Californians come here recently, but we still ain’t California yet]
  • House Bill 887 CRIMINALIZING the practice of home-building firearms. [sorry, I need to go get another hanky]
  • House Bill 925 requiring enforcement of a whole host of newly-established firearms restrictions through PRIVATE CIVIL ACTIONS. [once again, this isn’t California or New fucking York]
  • House Bill 1092 REPEALING Texas’ firearms industry non-discrimination act from the 2021 session. [considering the margin by which the latter was passed in 2021, that ain’t gonna happen either]
  • Senate Bill 205 REPEALING Texas’ campus carry law. [because of all the dozens of mass shootings on Texas campuses over the past few years, maybe?]
  • Senate Bill 253 STREAMLINING signage requirements for posting areas off-limits to gun owners, making it easier for property owners to ban carrying on-premises. [actually, that we have any such signs at all is something I and others intend to take up with our legislators]

Every single one of these has been copied and pasted, so to speak, from years gone past;  all have gone down in flames or else been “tabled” without making it out of committee.

And lest we forget, the Texas Legislature is only in session for six months every two years.  Amongst other things, they have to build, debate and pass a two-year budget — which the U.S. Congress can’t do in a full year — and ours have better things to do than debate this foolishness in the short time available to them.

*Actually, what I’d like to hand to them is their own severed heads on a pike, but we can discuss that some other time.