Just To Make Sure

…that I have this right.  Below is the evil, awful 15-round magazine as made by Glock:

And then what seems to be acceptable to the gun-haters:

Did I get that right?

I’m pretty sure that it would only take me a couple seconds longer to fire off 16 rounds from two magazines than 15 rounds from one.

Is this really the hill they want to die on?  Two seconds’ difference?  (figuratively speaking, of course)

(Next thing, California is going to ban the carry of more than one magazine on one’s person — ugh, perhaps I should shut up and not give them ideas…)

And of course, those .45 John Moses Browning boolets are going to arrive on target with, shall we say, a tad more authority than that lil’ 9mm Europellet.

I’ll stick to my 1911 and Chip McCormick mags, thank you.


Yeah, nobody saw this one coming:

Illinois’ new “assault weapon” and magazine ban is in effect, and on October 1, that state opened its registry for grandfathered weapons and magazines so that owners who already have legally purchased weapons can register them with the state. Illinois gun owners, of course, rushed to register their weapons and magazines in compliance with the new law.

Just kidding. Almost nobody has registered anything.

As part of the Protect Illinois Communities Act that was enacted earlier this year, the registration portal for firearms owners in Illinois that own certain semi-automatic firearms, accessories and ammunition opened Oct. 1. While the law bans more than 170 semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and handguns, it also bans handgun magazines over 15 rounds and rifle magazines over 10 rounds. Magazines do not have to be registered. 

Illinois State Police published the first round of statistics Tuesday, and of more than 2.4 million Firearm Owner ID card holders, 1,050 individuals have registered a total of 3,202 firearms, .50 caliber ammunition and accessories. 

“You’re at 0.0004%. That’s a rounding error,” gun rights advocate Todd Vandermyde told The Center Square.

To be fair, as Glenn Reynolds would say, that’s about half the number of Connecticut gun owners who rushed to register their AR-15s etc. after a similar law was passed there.

ILGov Fatboi Pritzker must be shitting in his capacious pants.

Wait A Minute

Okay, okay… this is seriously good news:

Renowned firearms manufacturer Smith & Wesson ditched deep blue Massachusetts and moved its headquarters to friendlier pastures in Tennessee.  Although the move was announced in 2021, it was on Saturday that the company officially opened its new 650,000-square feet building in Maryville as part of a $125 million relocation effort.

The company has been in New England since its founding in 1852, but Massachusetts’ strict gun laws are at least partly to blame for their exodus.

Not to mention the Massholes’ steep taxes, which the article notes.

And there was shooty fun and joyousness all round, you betcha:

Yesterday at Smith & Wesson’s new headquarters in Tennessee, Jerry Miculek set the #NRA World Record for hitting six steel plates with a 9 mm revolver at seven yards after a 1.88-second run.

So:  apart from not wanting to stay in the People’s Soviet of Massachusetts, why the move?

S&W CEO Mark Smith cited a welcoming regulatory environment and close collaboration with the Tennessee state government as a crucial piece of the plan to relocate. The company has said the new facility would create hundreds of jobs.

Tennessee has moved to loosen gun restrictions in recent years under Republican leadership. In 2021, the state passed a law to allow most adults 21 and older to carry handguns without a permit that requires first clearing a state-level background check and training.

Yeah, okay fine, but what are we Texans?  Chopped liver?  We have all the good stuff that Tennessee has, also better BBQ.

But let me not quibble.  Anytime a company — any company — comes to its senses and gets out of Communist America, it’s a good thing.

These are just a few of the S&W guns I used to own (before that tragic day crossing the Brazos by canoe), and under the right circumstances, I’d own quite a few more again.

Up Yours, Governor (Part 2)

Adding to the fun and games response to NewMexGov Grisham’s “I’m banning gun carrying because it’s a health issue” initiative comes this most excellent news:

There are now six lawsuits (and counting) challenging New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s public health order suspending Second Amendment carry rights in the Bernalillo County and the city of Albuquerque. While literally no local authorities are willing to enforce her clearly unconstitutional diktat, Grisham is still claiming that the New Mexico State Police will do her dirty work.

The State Police, however, have remained strangely silent on the matter and no one has been cited for any violations.

This afternoon, however, New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez delivered the latest body-blow to the Governor’s authoritarian tendencies by announcing in a letter to Grisham that his office will not be defending her in court.

So this anti-gun asshole bitch will either have to pay the legal defense costs herself, or get some liberal law firm to do it pro bono — or beg for money from the Soros-type socialist billionaires.

Of course, she could always end this quite easily by killing herself rescinding the stupid order (thereby making the issue moot).

We await developments with bated breath.

Not This Shit Again

They never give up on the idiocy, do they?

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) used a Monday post on X to call for a buyback of AR-15s and firearms that Democrats refer to as “assault weapons.”

He also wants a ban in place to keep future AR-15s from being manufactured or sold.

Swalwell posted:
Ban assault weapons. Buy them ALL back. Choose our kids over their killers.
— Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell) August 28, 2023

I find the “Choose our kids over their killers” line especially ironic, coming from a politician whose party supports an “abortion-right-up-to-birth” policy.

He should stick to shagging ChiCom honeytraps.

Loathsome little turd.

Not that I actually own either of the above, of course;  it’s just a point of principle.