Let Them Die

You know what I’m getting sick of?  All these Press reports of some new illegal (or even legal) street drug which fucks up the (ab)user horribly.

It started with PCP (a horse tranquilizer), continued with crack cocaine, and now we have the flesh-eating drug (xylazine*) and “monkey dust” (to name but some), all of which have dire consequences for the user — which would be fine by me, except that people who take this shit don’t kill themselves with the first dose, alas, but instead go berserk and screw up other people’s innocent lives, like this prime specimen did.

I’m not interested in seeing newspaper pictures of people in Seattle or San Francisco or Manchester or London lying in the streets, bodies contorted by the effects of this new plague-drug as their systems slip into dementia or decay.

Not fucking interested.  Let them all die, because it’s clear that they want to.  Just throw more and more of their drugs of choice at them, and let them carry on.  No hospital services, no medical care of any kind other than the drugs.

Yeah, it’s Krool & Hartless, and people are going to start wailing and moaning.  But at some point, decent citizens have to say “Enough is enough” and refuse to enable this human waste matter to pollute our streets and neighborhoods.

Let them go.

* Xylazine adds multiple layers of complexity to an already treacherous drug crisis. Xylazine is a depressant. It slows a person’s breathing and heart rate, and lowers their blood pressure. An overdose can put them into a coma-like state, leaving them frozen and vulnerable for hours on the street.
Xylazine has an especially devastating side effect: gruesome wounds that don’t heal. The exact reason for this still isn’t understood, but scientists suspect xylazine could be affecting blood circulation in a way that affects skin repair. That means that for someone using xylazine, something as small as a pimple or a needle puncture could turn into large sores of dying flesh, in some cases eating through to the bone.

Remember:  nobody’s forcing this shit into people’s bodies — they’re doing it all by themselves.  Fuck ’em.