Appropriating Property

Of late, New Wife and I have been watching the “24 Hours in A&E” TV show on Amazon in the evening.  Of course, it being a Brit show, it comes off as a PR blowjob for the NHS, because the doctors are all wonderful, the facilities are excellent, the care immediate and so on.

Of course, the episodes are carefully located in the two best hospitals in the U.K. (London’s King’s College in the early seasons, and St. George’s in the subsequent ones), where all the above is true.  Were the show to be filmed in any of the other regional NHS hospitals, the show would include things like hours-long waits for a simple CT scan, 12-hour (or longer) waits for treatment of “non-life-threatening” ailments, inadequate ambulance service, incompetent / uncaring staff and all the other horrible stuff that are so much a part of the NHS, and which is reported upon almost daily in their newspapers.

But all that’s just background.

A couple of nights ago, one patient featured was a Spanish guy who had come off his bike and fractured his ankle.  Part of the background was an interview with his “partner”, an Italian woman with whom he had shared his life for many years.

They were, in simple terms, anarchists who had taken part in violent street demonstrations all over Europe and the UK, and when not doing so, were professional squatters, who took over unoccupied houses and lived in them, all excused with the simple excuse:  “There were homeless people, and there were unused houses;  so we just redressed the balance.”

Being anarchists, of course, the concept of “private property” had no meaning to them, and so these fucking freeloaders could live rent-free and indulge themselves in their pointless “world-changing” little games of street theater.

New Wife had to shush me because I became increasingly angry as the tale unfolded, and started yelling invective at the TV, as any sane person would.

The final straw came when we learned that this Eurotrash pair had since become parents of two children, and the family was now living in a rented house as ordinary citizens.

Of course, what I wanted to happen was for them to go out for an afternoon visit to the park with their kids, and return to find that their house had been taken over by squatters.  But I was denied that karma, unfortunately.

All this came to mind when I read this little piece, sent to me by a Reader:

Squatting, whereby strangers move into the properties of American homeowners and refuse to leave, has quickly become part of the zeitgeist as a series of news-making stories have shocked the nation.

Squatters can gain certain legal rights under specific conditions, such as continuous occupation for a defined period, typically ranging from 5 to 20 years, depending on the state. In some states where laws make it difficult for police to intervene, including New York, homeowners and landlords are left with few options to reclaim their property. Many victims are forced to submit to costly and lengthy civil processes. 

Of course, the main reason behind the latter silliness is that squatting is being treated by government as a civil process rather than as a criminal one.  Considering that the primary (some would say it should be the only) function of government is to guarantee and enforce property rights, this abandonment of the criminal for the civil is disgusting per se, but we can talk about that some other time.

In the meantime:

Real estate mogul Shawn Meaike is concerned how hard-working, well-intentioned Americans will handle squatting issues as they grow more and more desperate.

“People are going to start taking matters into their own hands. That’s what we do when there is lawlessness,” Meaike told Fox News Digital. 

“Something really bad is going to happen,” he said. “Am I saying this right thing to do? No, I’m not.”

Well, I am saying that it is the right thing to do.

Because when government fails to do its duty, then citizens have every right to take the law back into its own hands, in this case, to protect their private property from the theft thereof by others.

Let me be even more specific.

If I were to come back to my own house to find it being unlawfully occupied by some scrotes and they refused to vacate the property immediately, there would be gunfire, and a lot of it.

And the cops?  They could come and collect the bodies and my statement of having been in fear for my life, having been threatened by the late criminals.

This anarchy bullshit?  It needs to come to an end, and if the State is unable or unwilling to fulfill its primary duty, then they have to understand that people will “start taking matters into their own hands”.

“They bought a property. They believe in the American dream. They wanted to get ahead. And the American dream became the American nightmare because somebody took what was theirs and the law was on the criminal’s side. It’s a scary place to be,” Meaike said.

He suspects that victims are already starting to get desperate as police offers in liberal-run states aren’t able to help..

All the handwringing and sympathy for these criminals, and misplaced respect for the law as it’s being perverted by government doesn’t mean shit.  We are, or used to be, a nation of laws;  and foremost among these were laws that define and protect both the concept and the substance of private property.  If the State (or state, such as California or New York) has abrogated its duty, they need to accept the consequences thereof.

And by the way:  the “rights” of the squatters?  They don’t have any.  They’re fucking thieves and criminals, no matter what the law thinks.  It’s the property owners who have rights, by law — and those rights include government protecting their property from misappropriation.

End of story.

And About Time

One of the most pernicious insults to the concept of property rights is that so-called “squatters” (trespassers) are accorded “rights” to occupy a vacant building, simply because… well, I can’t actually think of any reason why this should be tolerated.

Which makes FuturePOTUS Ron DeSantis’s action even more praiseworthy:

DeSantis signed into law a unanimously-passed bill designed to combat so-called “squatters’ rights” and which puts the power back into the hands of law-abiding property owners and local law enforcement.

Compare and contrast this with the attitude of Commie states like California, New York and, for that matter, Britishland, where not only are squatters tolerated, but the actual property owners can get into deep legal doo-doo if they attempt to forcibly evict these trespassers — or worse:

Two squatters are being sought over the gruesome murder of a 52-year-old woman whose body was found stuffed in a duffel bag inside her late mother’s upscale Manhattan apartment last week, police said Thursday.

The victim, Nadia Vitel, was savagely beaten by the two perps when she discovered them holed up inside the 19th-floor apartment on East 31st Street last week.

Update:  two “teenagers” have been arrested after they fled NYFC for Pennsylvania.

Fucking animals.  And no prizes for guessing that various scumbag New York lawyers will be getting into fistfights over who can defend them in court.

Fighting Back

I see this becoming a trend, and not just in Britishland:

This is the moment have-a-go-heroes swooped on thieves allegedly loading up their cars with stolen groceries.

Video shows three men throwing shopping into their cars in a Tesco’s car park in Waltham Abbey, Essex, yesterday. The trio are seen hastily shoving groceries into a black Volkswagen polo from a shopping trolley before jumping into the car.

But before they drive away a group of men storm the vehicle and start demanding the alleged thieves get out of the car. They open the doors and begin to pull the alleged shoplifters out of the car as they attempt to fight back.

Shocked witnesses are heard saying “call the police” as a Tesco security worker arrives and attempts to open the boot.

The men manage to get the alleged thieves out of the car — and a struggle to restrain the men ensues. One of then alleged thieves attempts to headbutt one of the men and ends up falling to the ground.

Eventually the rozzers put in an appearance, and in a shocking move, arrest the thieves and not the men who intervened (this is the UK, after all).

And as I never tire of saying:  We do not “take the law into our own hands” when we do stuff like this, for the simple reason that the law never left our hands;  we simply deputize its enforcement to agents of the State.

But when those agents are not on the scene or unwilling to do their duty, it is our civic duty to intervene.

Frankly, if I’d been involved and some punk tried to head-butt me, he’d end up in fucking hospital.  Believe it.

Let Them Die

You know what I’m getting sick of?  All these Press reports of some new illegal (or even legal) street drug which fucks up the (ab)user horribly.

It started with PCP (a horse tranquilizer), continued with crack cocaine, and now we have the flesh-eating drug (xylazine*) and “monkey dust” (to name but some), all of which have dire consequences for the user — which would be fine by me, except that people who take this shit don’t kill themselves with the first dose, alas, but instead go berserk and screw up other people’s innocent lives, like this prime specimen did.

I’m not interested in seeing newspaper pictures of people in Seattle or San Francisco or Manchester or London lying in the streets, bodies contorted by the effects of this new plague-drug as their systems slip into dementia or decay.

Not fucking interested.  Let them all die, because it’s clear that they want to.  Just throw more and more of their drugs of choice at them, and let them carry on.  No hospital services, no medical care of any kind other than the drugs.

Yeah, it’s Krool & Hartless, and people are going to start wailing and moaning.  But at some point, decent citizens have to say “Enough is enough” and refuse to enable this human waste matter to pollute our streets and neighborhoods.

Let them go.

* Xylazine adds multiple layers of complexity to an already treacherous drug crisis. Xylazine is a depressant. It slows a person’s breathing and heart rate, and lowers their blood pressure. An overdose can put them into a coma-like state, leaving them frozen and vulnerable for hours on the street.
Xylazine has an especially devastating side effect: gruesome wounds that don’t heal. The exact reason for this still isn’t understood, but scientists suspect xylazine could be affecting blood circulation in a way that affects skin repair. That means that for someone using xylazine, something as small as a pimple or a needle puncture could turn into large sores of dying flesh, in some cases eating through to the bone.

Remember:  nobody’s forcing this shit into people’s bodies — they’re doing it all by themselves.  Fuck ’em.