Fighting Back

I see this becoming a trend, and not just in Britishland:

This is the moment have-a-go-heroes swooped on thieves allegedly loading up their cars with stolen groceries.

Video shows three men throwing shopping into their cars in a Tesco’s car park in Waltham Abbey, Essex, yesterday. The trio are seen hastily shoving groceries into a black Volkswagen polo from a shopping trolley before jumping into the car.

But before they drive away a group of men storm the vehicle and start demanding the alleged thieves get out of the car. They open the doors and begin to pull the alleged shoplifters out of the car as they attempt to fight back.

Shocked witnesses are heard saying “call the police” as a Tesco security worker arrives and attempts to open the boot.

The men manage to get the alleged thieves out of the car — and a struggle to restrain the men ensues. One of then alleged thieves attempts to headbutt one of the men and ends up falling to the ground.

Eventually the rozzers put in an appearance, and in a shocking move, arrest the thieves and not the men who intervened (this is the UK, after all).

And as I never tire of saying:  We do not “take the law into our own hands” when we do stuff like this, for the simple reason that the law never left our hands;  we simply deputize its enforcement to agents of the State.

But when those agents are not on the scene or unwilling to do their duty, it is our civic duty to intervene.

Frankly, if I’d been involved and some punk tried to head-butt me, he’d end up in fucking hospital.  Believe it.


  1. Crime is increasing in America too. Thanks to a few things, like the shitty economy (thanks Joe and the Hoe), the fact that DA’s aren’t prosecuting all criminals and add in the brazen attitude of many criminals, more crime is the result.

    Compounding this increased crime is the invasion of illegals immigrants all over the country, in both Red and Blue states, and the dumbass useless politicians in the Blue states roll out the red carpet for the illegals at the taxpayers expense.

    (Illegals are being given, at taxpayer expense) Free hotels, free transportation, free food, free medical care and free education for their crotch fruit kids). This is also a form of robbery and theft.

    Even many of the liberals are sounding off against the illegals flooding the nation.

    At some point, Americans are going to get sick of being robbed and will fight back against the criminal scum en masse.

    I can’t wait for the day when the majority of Americans stand up, tell the thieving bastards to remove their dicks from our asses and put the shit heads on notice.

  2. CoffeeMan they are not illegals they are in the process of becoming Democrat voters.

    Kim the last guy who head-butted me went to hospital with a cracked cranium while I rubbed my forehead and said “Whut?” There are times when being thick-skulled is an advantage.

    1. “CoffeeMan they are not illegals they are in the process of becoming Democrat voters.”

      I agree that is the goal.

      In Massachusetts, when you are issued a Drivers License OR a State ID (Both come from the DMV – Dept of Motor Vehicles) you are automatically registered to vote.

      Officials in Massachusetts were asked what happens when an ALIEN in Mass is issued a drivers license or ID (YES Mass is giving aliens in Mass drivers licenses, that is a topic for another time), admit there is no way to differentiate between an alien and a citizen in terms of who gets auto registered to vote.

      I think his is the way Joe and the Hoe, or whatever Schill the dems put in place in 2024 as their candidate, to obtain 81 million OR MORE votes…

  3. Never forget the long term historical fact that eyeballz and thumbz do not fit in the socket at the same time. Eyeballz always lose.

    Go BIG or stay at home.

  4. Around here (PA) there’s been a sharp increase in grocery retail theft. Due to depressed wages and increased prices, mostly. And it’s definitely focused on grocery stores and Walmart, rather than higher end non-essentials type stores. And the thefts tend to be very a very open, load up and just walk out type, or self checkout underring stuff.

    A large part of me genuinely believes this isn’t just an economic or social issue, but one that arises from the switch to self checkout, which radically reduces staffing in stores and having to pass through a point of sale to exit the store. The grocery stores which haven’t gone to a self checkout model don’t seem to be having the same issues as those that have.

    Given your experience in the grocery world, Kim, does this seem accurate or am I imagining it? When grocery stores switch to a model with lower staffing and self checkout do these companies assume a higher rate of theft?

    1. Self Checkout is the Self Abuse line.

      I purposely go through a checkout line with a human being, even if I have to wait longer.

      – Many stories of honest people forgetting to scan an item or an item doesn’t scan due to malfunction and in one case a woman who did scan properly and Walmart called the cops, and the cops gave info to the DA and the DA prosecuted. And these are NOT hardened criminals.

      – Fuck showing a receipt! Once I pay for an item, it is MINE! I do NOT have to prove I paid for something to some schlub at the door at a big box store. I walk right on by when I am asked for a receipt. If the store wants to call the cops and trespass me, fuck them, my money is green I’ll shop elsewhere.

      Also, is the store showing me a receipt that they paid for the inventory in their store in full with their suppliers? I want to be sure I am not receiving stolen goods.

      There are some crimes that happen due to people being desperate. Generally these people steal food to keep from being hungry. It is not right, but it is somewhat understandable. (These are not the idiots who during power outages after Katrina were stealing soaking wet electronics). Thank Joe and the Hoe and the dems for that.

      For all of the other crime, actual crime, from criminals, you see that happening all over the country right now due to the shitty economy, however, it is hitting the blue states and cities the hardest. Fuck them, couldn’t happen to a better group of shitheads. You get what you vote for, and these cock suckers deserve to “bathe in their filth” as the saying goes.

  5. ‘Tis Brits returning to a God of the Copybook Headings that Rudyard didn’t list.
    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil Is that good men do nothing” is a truth taught by Edmund Burke, a Brit.

  6. [as I probably wrote a dozen times on these hallowed pages…]
    In discussions outside the cafe and livestock auction, a lot of folks are frustrated.
    Everybody — including the Protected Class — understand the only thing protecting the Protected Class is ‘laws’.
    Without ‘laws’, the Protected Class goes floppy in the first half-hour.

    1. “…the only thing protecting the Protected Class is ‘laws’. Without ‘laws’, the Protected Class goes floppy in the first half-hour. ”
      So true. Here’s an exchange on that subject between Sir Thomas More and his son-in-law that’s stuck in my mind for 50+ years:

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