Quote Of The Day

From where else?

“Judge Abena Darkeh told us, ‘Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York.’ “

One assumes that none of the other Amendments in the Bill of Rights exists there either. (They probably don’t.)

Ordinarily, I’d have suggested:


…and as she’s a Darkeh, I don’t want to be accused of a hate crime (although “hate” is actually inadequate to describe how I feel about this foul bitch).

So instead, may I suggest:

Just tryin’ to be sensitive, here.

Dept. Of Righteous Shootings

From Houston comes this fine story:

Police said the driver went to the address to deliver a pizza and was confronted by two men demanding money at gunpoint. According to HPD, he pulled out his own gun and shot, killing one of the men. The second man reportedly ran away.

Here’s a good part:

The driver then waited for police officers to respond to the scene.

Always be sure to get your story in to the fuzz first, before the surviving scumbag can start raving about “being attacked while we wuz jus’ walkin’ around” or similar bullshit.

Of course, the driver’s going to get fired because “corporate policy” (more bullshit — I’d give him a bonus), but at least he’s still alive.

Unlike one of the choirboys (“Guess The Race”), who was probably “just about to turn his life around and was even enrolled at Malcolm X trade school”  or some similar nonsense (even more bullshit).

What He Said, And More Besides

Actor James Woods is a well-known conservative, despite his profession and location, and in this case he’s right on the money, as usual:

Specifically, here, is the fact that Democrats make it almost impossible for small companies to survive, weighing them down with not only horribly-burdensome but hostile regulations (as above) like minimum wage dictates.

Then, when the inevitable happens and the small companies go out of business or sell out to larger ones, the socialists like Warren moan about the concentration of trade and the need for “more competition”.  (“Price gouging” as referenced by Warren here is meaningless and a red herring.)

May we remind ourselves of food rationing, endless lines formed to get what little food there was, and fixed pricing which led to the ford shortages in the first place?  Where was this so prevalent… wait, it’s all coming back to me…

Ah yes, in the Soviet Union, where the State owned all means of production and likewise the entire food chain.

And Warren, lest we forget, is an outright Stalinist whose remedy for the current situation here would involve State control of pricing (and of course of production and the entire food chain), just to make the market more “efficient”.

Do people like this ever experience cognitive dissonance between what they think and say, while constantly seeing evidence that completely repudiates their worldview?

Clearly not, and Woods has the absolute truth of it.

When You’ve Lost The Dutch

Dutch people, as a rule, are famously tolerant and generally speaking, a decent lot (except when occupied by Nazi Germany).

So when the Dutchies use bulldozers and batons to clear out a terrorsymp encampment, you have to know that your cause may be in trouble.

And if the above two links didn’t elicit at least a grim smile from you, we can’t be friends.

My suggestion for riot control, as always, is a little stronger than bulldozers and batons:

Rising Tide To Sink All Infidel Boats

From the inimitable Laurence Fox:

Why yes, Laurence, yes they have.  And every time people like you stand for election to roll back or prevent the above, they are roundly defeated in the polls.

Clearly, the Islamification of Britain is something most Britons want.

Now go and make your evening prayers, facing towards Mecca of course, and tell your houri  sister to cover up her body.

…or be stoned to death.

Reality Check

Prompted by Insty’s article about journalism:

Nobody ever became a journalist in order to become popular. The broad-stroke portrayals in movies and novels taught us, accurately enough, that journalists tend toward the coarse, vulgar, impudent and nosy. For many years, journalists were generally admired for those attributes in the way that the beef butcher is admired for the scars on his hands.

But thanks, in part, to a fall in status, as well as ever-irrational attacks from politicians like Donald Trump, today’s journalists routinely experience ridicule and harassment at public events like rallies and demonstrations. They’re not precisely pariahs in the new environment, but they’re no longer considered heroes in many places. Journalists don’t deserve any special pity, it should be noted. Police officers, teachers and even doctors often suffer more from the slings and arrows of the mob. But for journalists, the fall has been spectacular and seems never-ending.

Oh boo-hoo-hoo.  And:

“Every mainstream media narrative of the last five years has been wrong, if you really think about it, or skewed or morphed into something,” Adam Carolla said. “They’ve been wrong. And not wrong around the edges… there’s always wrong around the edges. They’ve been flat-out fucking wrong about all of it.”

“If you were to talk to some of the people who reported it, they would be confused,” Dr. Pinsky added of journalists who cannot be shamed for their egregious errors.

…so I created this:

Feel free to copy and share.