Actually, No

I think we all remember this little incident, where a 6’6″ schoolboy thug beat a teacher’s aide unconscious over a Nintendo Switch.  No?  Here’s the story, along with his mother — predictably — begging for clemency because “prison will kill him”.

Here’s the thing, Mommie Dearest:  your precious little baby belongs in prison, because he has demonstrated quite beyond doubt that he is a menace to society.

And frankly, I don’t care that he’s autistic, any more than I would care that voices in his head are telling him that Switch Is God, and therefore beating someone savagely is somehow acceptable.

He belongs in prison.  And if that “kills him”, that is just too bad — because if he’s allowed to run free, who’s to say that he won’t go nuts and beat someone (to death, this time) because they wouldn’t give him Cheerios for breakfast?

Maybe — just maybe — he should be confined to a mental institution instead, except that such institutions are usually staffed with bleeding-heart psychologists wearing wizard hats, who solemnly declare that after a few months’ therapy, little Johnny is Ready To Be Released Into Society.

Whereupon little Johnny murders someone else, because he doesn’t like Mondays.

And then people like myself call for the psychologist to be executed for being an accessory to murder (which they are, in cases such as these) under Hammurabic principles.

So the whole thing spirals out of control, simply because we as a society somehow think that mentally-retarded sociopaths like this Brendan Depa shouldn’t be incarcerated and kept from being a danger to anyone they come into contact with (e.g. a 5’4″ slender teacher’s aide).

Throw him in jail and melt the key.

The fact that modern prisons are dangerous places is a topic for another time, but it’s irrelevant to this discussion.

And some people might disagree with me, but they’d be wrong.

Nothing Wrong

I see this headline, and I just chuckle — snigger, even:

Fury as ‘Hamas-style’ headbands and ‘From the River to the sea’ T-shirts on sale on Etsy and Amazon

In the first place, we have that inconvenient First Amendment thing (although I know this is about Britishland, where the “hate speech” thing is well-rooted — see “Expressing support for Hamas, a proscribed terrorist organisation, is a criminal offence in the UK.”).

And secondly, I have no problem with these little tits wearing said headbands, because it makes things a lot easier, so to speak:

…and my freedom to publish this is protected by that very same inconvenient First Amendment.

Just sayin’.

Scorpions, Frogs

From Britishland a week or so ago, this lament:

Good God, they dishonoured our war dead and the police just stood and watched

Pro-Palestine mob desecrated monument to Britain’s war dead and the police told us they were powerless. That is a lie.

Outside Parliament a large gathering of protesters were both very vocal and waving the now obligatory Palestine flags and lighting flares.

The Police stood by and allowed this.

After the vote the gathering moved off and, in anticipation of them attacking the Cenotaph, police were quickly mobilised in order to protect it.

Realising that they weren’t getting anywhere near to the Cenotaph, the mob moved off to the statue and memorial of the Royal Artillery in Hyde Park corner.

There, unabashed and bafflingly unhindered by our coppers these idiots climbed onto the memorial, setting off flares, and plastering it in the flag of Palestine.

At the same time, in order to facilitate the mobbing of it, they stood on very many Remembrance wreaths damaging them and desecrating them.]

They were allowed to carry on until they got bored and moved off.

The Police did absolutely nothing to stop this and having observed this desecration no arrests were made when the idiots climbed down.

Well, yes.

…and law and order will do nothing.

I would love to see all those British soldiers who died in the Great War come back to life, fix bayonets, charge the fuzzies and not stop the killing until all the bastards are dead.  And if a few of those cowardly cops happen to get a bayonet in the gut as well, so much the better.

Then the heroes can go back to the peace of the grave with, once again, our grateful thanks.

You Had ONE Job

Columnist Rich Nolan sums up the current energy situation perfectly:

The nation’s electric grid experts and operators now work in a constant state of emergency. There’s little if any respite in the change of seasons. Fears of soaring electricity demand overwhelming power supplies during searing summer heat are now matched by an equally unnerving fear millions will be left shivering in darkness during the coldest days of winter.

The question is no longer will there be rolling blackouts or grid emergencies but rather when or where.

This week, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is taking up the issue of grid reliability at a technical conference, pulling together some of the nation’s key stakeholders on the issue. This is an extraordinarily important opportunity to shed light on a catastrophe in the making and the policy decisions driving it.

Warnings over the threat posed by the loss of dispatchable sources of generation – namely fuel-secure coal power – have reached a crescendo over the past few months. And while the experts charged with keeping the heat and lights on have begged for policy relief, they’re getting just the opposite.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulatory agenda is making an alarmingly dangerous situation all but untenable.

I don’t know when our beloved government decided that electricity had somehow become an optional extra in our daily life, but they need to have the proverbial (battery-powered) cattle prod applied to their genitals, and soon.

We should start with the EPA, who need to experience a 90% RIF immediately, and a concomitant 90% reduction in their “regulatory agenda” — slashing the existing regulations, to start with — and daily budget cuts from a hostile Congress.

I know, I know:  the entire fucking Feddle Gummint needs the same, but let’s start small with the EPA (and, okay okay, the ATF as well).

But we need to stop being fearful about our energy needs, toot sweet, and if the existing electricity providers are being hampered, the reasons for said hampering need to be eliminated before we start having Third World problems of rolling blackouts and “load shedding”.

And by “eliminating” I mean this:

Call To Arms

At the Federalist Society, a speech from Bari Weiss which outlines the issue facing us at this time, and reminds us of our collective duty to save civilization.  As she rightly says:

When antisemitism moves from the shameful fringe into the public square, it is not about Jews. It is never about Jews. It is about everyone else. It is about the surrounding society or the culture or the country. It is an early warning system—a sign that the society itself is breaking down. That it is dying.

It is a symptom of a much deeper crisis—one that explains how, in the span of a little over 20 years since Sept 11, educated people now respond to an act of savagery not with a defense of civilization, but with a defense of barbarism.

Read the whole damn thing, because you must.

It’s not just Jews who are at risk.  We are all at risk, every one of us who claims to be civilized.

Mixed Feelings

Here’s a story that gets me all philosophical:

A child psychiatrist in Charlotte, North Carolina, used artificial intelligence (AI) to make child porn, and he is now facing the consequences.

In a press release Wednesday, the United States Attorney’s Office Western District of North Carolina announced 41-year-old David Tatum will spend the next 40 years behind bars, then 30 years of supervised release for the sexual exploitation of a minor and the AI-generated child porn.

I’ll get to the philosophical bit in a moment because emotionally, of course, I want this perverted bastard to be burned at the stake and his ashes scattered far away from any children’s playground, never mind imprisoned forever.


Did not some Supreme Court, in its Supreme Wisdom, decree a while ago that making cartoon-based child pornography did not constitute a crime?  Why yes, yes it did.  (The whole story, country by country, can be found here.)

I myself once looked at 3D-printed sex dolls, with the logical extension thereof as it pertained to creating sex dolls of children (FFS).

So ‘splain this to me Simon:  if it’s okay (perhaps) to create sex dolls of children, why not AI-generated images or even movies?  Remember:  no actual person is being harmed by this activity.

This is but my philosophical musing, of course — see my “burned at the stake” suggestion above.

And boy, have we created an Alps-sized slippery slope with this one.