3 Inexplicable Things About Brexit

The latest in this series:

  • Why it’s taken so long for the Brits to tell Germans, Frogs and other assorted Dago countries just to fuck off.
  • Why, after Brexit, the Brits will continue to use the European-spawned metric system instead of the fine Imperial one they themselves created.
  • Why there’s such a to-do about fishing territories.  Considering that the entire EU has a navy of a size comparable to Rhode Island’s, and even though the Royal Navy certainly isn’t what it used to be, I would have thought that the British negotiating position re: fishing would be:  “If you chaps fish where we don’t want you to fish, we’ll blow your ships out of the water.”

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3 Inexplicable Things About Modern U.S. Elections

As observed in November 2020:

  • At least half of the population seems to be okay with living under a socialist government.
  • It doesn’t matter if you hold huge rallies for thousands of exuberant followers;  unless their pickup trucks are also loaded with thousands of fraudulent ballots, you’re still going to lose.
  • Some conservatives still vote for the Libertarian Party, proving that the Left doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid ivory-tower idealists with an impractical, doomed-to-fail  ideology.

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3 Inexplicable Things

Welcome to a new feature on this here blog, which will look at why strange things happen (or don’t happen) in various categories.  Today:

3 Inexplicable Things About Figure Skating

1.  Even though Jayne Torvill was kinda plain-looking and had a dorky hairstyle, most men would still have bonked her if given the chance.


2.  Gay men participate in the activity.

3.  This move hasn’t ever resulted in any sexual harassment cases:

(As my friend Patterson once put it:  “Grab her box and you’re a piggish bastard.  Strap on some skates first and all of a sudden it’s ART.”)

More inexplicable things to follow, as I see them.

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