Here’s a nice little tribute piece about the Buck 110 folder.

I’ve always loved Buck knives — pretty much of any type or description — and I sometimes wonder why I don’t own more than one, a Buck 500 Gent (now called the “Duke”), which has been a constant companion for over forty years.

That 110 is calling me — drop point blade, ebony grip plus brass caps… what’s not to like?

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That Maintenance Thing

Loyal Reader Mike S sends me a missive entitled:  “Sharpening Bayonets Takes Time”.  Well, yes;  indeed it would…

By the way, I’m lacking a bayonet for my M1 Carbine, so if anyone has a spare knocking around, drop me a note.

Gunny’s Gear

All things must pass, to quote George Harrison, but I have to admit that I never thought that this would apply to Gunny R. Lee Ermey, R.I.P.

Anyway, his gun stuff and related items are being auctioned off (and thanks to all the Readers who sent me notice that this is happening).

In keeping with the eccentric nature of the man come a few interesting items, e.g.

(The drooling sound you hear in the background comes from Reader Mike Of The Dueling Pistols.)

Anyway, your job for the day is to scrutinize the list of items, and tell me which ONE (and only ONE) you’d like to own.  (Right-click on the pics to get a full description.)  Answers in Comments.

Helping Hands

From his island lair somewhere in the Caribbean, Longtime Friend Knal N. Domp writes (with my response underneath):

I think the preference of the Afghan Muzzies for the AK demonstrates that it’s the choice of insurgents all over the world — mostly because it’s easy to operate, reliable and needs little maintenance.  (Pretty much the same reasons that I like them, incidentally.)

Not that I’m an insurgent, or anything.

Friday Night Movie

You all have one, right?  Right?

Here’s a decent video of the history thereof.

Admission:  I don’t have a full-sized Ka-Bar, just the shorter “USAF Survival” version.

But I think I’ll be looking at one of the full-sized ones, maybe as a “suggested” birthday present from the kids.  Here’s the USMC model:


Anyway, enjoy the movie.