Gunny’s Gear

All things must pass, to quote George Harrison, but I have to admit that I never thought that this would apply to Gunny R. Lee Ermey, R.I.P.

Anyway, his gun stuff and related items are being auctioned off (and thanks to all the Readers who sent me notice that this is happening).

In keeping with the eccentric nature of the man come a few interesting items, e.g.

(The drooling sound you hear in the background comes from Reader Mike Of The Dueling Pistols.)

Anyway, your job for the day is to scrutinize the list of items, and tell me which ONE (and only ONE) you’d like to own.  (Right-click on the pics to get a full description.)  Answers in Comments.


  1. Apparently this is the 2nd auction of the remnants of Gunny’s estate. The first one had a few 1911s listed.

    I’ll confess to being a heathen and not having any particular favorite, but seeing listing of take down rifles in “dangerous game” caliber sounds interesting.

  2. I’d have to say the three Colt revolvers, Python, SAA and Dragoon (although it looks more like a Navy or Army to me).

    Mark D

  3. The Bernardelli 20 ga. double.

    It doesn’t fit the R Lee Ermey “brand” as such, but it looks like a sweet upland game gun to shoot over my setter.

  4. When I saw the first item (the Garand) I figured I’d found my choice. I scrolled down anyway, but, yeah, I’d take the M1D.

  5. For me it was a close race between the Garand and the Army Special .38 revolver. But I have to say I would pick the Garand. I just love shooting those guns.

  6. 1. U.S.M.C. Non-Commissioned Officer’s Sword & Scabbard
    2. 1850 Civil War Staff and Field Officers’ Sword with Appraisal
    3. Gladius Style Damascus Blade Sword
    4. Any of the Katanas.

  7. The only thing that speaks to me is the M1 Garand. The rest of the stuff I’m just not into.

  8. The Ego Spain Double Rifle. 375H&H double rifle just sounds nifty. Probably never use it “for real”, but, to get attention at the rifle range, sure.

  9. The Remington Model 14.
    My father in law had one . He was a USMCR SGTMAG and my dumb ass brother in law sold it at a bar when Ed died.

    It would remind me of two great Marines

  10. Met him a few times. Great to talk to, great sense of humor. He was interested in all sorts of things.

    The Simpsons Autographed Scripts.

  11. For me it would have to be the Remington 241 Speedmaster. My dad had one and it was the first squirrel rifle I ever used. I could knock them out of the tree if all I could see was a eye and an ear. Could not have been more that 20 yards maximum, but you hit them there and they would spasm out of the tree.

  12. Can’t choose, any of the side by side hammer shotguns, preference maybe for the Remington.
    I’d take any of the Katanas as well.
    Pistolas not allowed here.

  13. Sorry, Kim. No drooling. It gets the guns rusty. Not to mention that I already own several cased pair myself. 🙂

      1. Oh, I’ll always take gifts. But my current Want List is topped by a case of original flintlock duellers.

  14. I believe since no one else has called it, I’ll have the 1903. I’ve always read they are great rifles. The scope selection implies he shot that one more than the BAR.

  15. Nothing in the auctions that triggers my gun lust, but I note a side-by-side shotgun from the Eclipse Gun Co. on the auction for the 18th, my father had the same model shotgun. I cleaned it up, re-blued it, and used it to blow up grapefruits from the grapefruit tree we had in our yard (lived in an old orange grove in Florida). I’d shoot them while they were still on the tree; a BB would make the grapefruit squirt, while a 12-gauge birdshot would explode it.

  16. Not sure why, as there are so many interesting items, but the Remington 1895 would be my choice.

  17. Model 1850 staff and field officer sword. Because I retired from the Army as a Major (field grade) and a staff officer.

    I actually have a replica of the same model, just in foot officer (i.e., less fancy) trim. Works well for opening champagne bottles.

  18. The M-1 D model. I had a Service Grade CMP and sold it to pay the hospital bills when my daughter was born – no maternal insurance. That was back in ’88.

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