Quote Of The Day

Regarding my post about the reinstatement of Comic Con and the pics of costumed chippies, Reader WVHillbilly commented:

“Usually you have women who are six sizes too large to wear a skintight costume parading around like overstuffed sausages..”

You mean like these?

Point taken.  However, there are some who use their curves to good advantage:

Nothing too wrong with that.

Quote Of The Day

From Steve Sailer:

“Wokeism is simply the ideological rationalization of white dispossession.”

Quite right.  Also the preceding sentence in the article:

“White-run countries in Europe, North America, and the Antipodes are the best places in the world, so the rest of the world wants to take them away from whites.”

Let’s expand the thought a little:

Western culture is by far the greatest and most beneficial social system ever to be created for mankind, so let’s destroy it so we can all be equally miserable and impoverished.

Feel free to try to prove me (or Sailer) wrong.

Quote Of The Day

From Insty’s post on the Swamp’s “insurrection” fable:

“The narrative being fed to us is that the FBI had an insider of a far-right group feeding information to the FBI, but given the repeated lies fed to us by the FBI and federal officials it seems more likely the FBI had people undercover inciting a protest group to riot.”

Just like, for example, the Feds’ creation of a crisis when their agents pretty much compelled Randy Weaver to manufacture an illegal firearm, then besieged his cabin at Ruby Ridge.

That was local, the other more global, but the essential methodologies are identical.

Don’t even ask me to go there.

Quote Of The Day

Via The Lid comes this one:

It is incredible what political simpletons Jews are. They shut their eyes to one of the most elementary rules of life that you must not “meet halfway” those who do not want to meet you.
— Ze’ev Jabotinsky

The same admonition could be applied equally to Republicans.

Quote Of The Day

From Jim Treacher:

“By the time I learn enough about a breaking news story to realize I don’t care, it turns out to be bullshit anyway.”

Nowadays, I seldom bother even to learn about a “breaking” news story.  I prefer to look in on it a week later, to save myself the irritation.

Note:   Treacher’s words have been uncensored, because on this website, you can say what you say without fear thereof.

Quote Of The Day

From Insty, writing in the NYPost:

“Generally speaking, a nation where the civilian leadership fears its citizens and has lost the nation’s confidence, and where the senior military leadership has lost the confidence of those down the chain of command, is a nation in trouble.”

In our case right now, I’d say “specifically speaking”, because that’s where we are.