Quote Of The Day

From Andrew Ashworth:

“Last night I had dinner with my boss and his wife. It was a complete disaster. The wife asked me: ‘How many potatoes would you like?’ and I said: ‘I’ll just have one, thanks’. She said: ‘It’s all right, you don’t have to be polite,’ and I said: ‘OK then, I’ll just have one, you stupid cow’.”

Okay, it’s really just an old joke but it made me chortle.

Quote Of The Day

From Kurt Schlichter:

There’s a term for when there’s at least one gun for every single citizen. That term is “a good start.”

But we own nowhere near enough guns. In fact, the bare minimum number of firearms for an individual is three: a solid handgun, a solid shotgun, and a modern combat rifle.

Hear, hear.

Noticeably missing from his (and my) list is something that shoots rimfire cartridges because, as any fule kno, a .22 (rifle or pistol) is a household appliance and not a firearm.  Ditto rimfire cartridges, which are not “bullets” but a household commodity like flour, sugar or salt.

Anyway, by Kurt’s estimation, there should be over a billion more serious guns extant in civilian hands — and that doesn’t mean ten million heavily-armed assholes (like me) who need a crane to move their guns safe(s) from one house to another.

It means, in essence, a rifle behind every blade of grass or (if I may be so bold) a Nation of Riflemen.

Preach the gospel, O my Readers.  Encourage those poor unenlightened souls into the Way Of The Gun.

And just in case anyone has doubts about what we’re really talking about here, this is as good an explanation as any.

And my shameful admission:  I still do not own a solid shotgun;  in fact, I don’t own a shotgun at all.  I need to sell or trade one of my (ahem) few rifles or handguns… trouble is, I’m down to the bare essentials in that regard.  What to do, what to do?

Quote Of The Day

From CanuckiPM Justin Castreau:

“We have seen around the world a rise of populist right-wing forces in just about every democracy that we’ve seen. And it is of concern to see political parties choosing to instrumentalize anger, fear, division, anxiety.”

Sucks when it happens to you, dunnit?  You fucking Commie asshole.