Millions And Millions

There’s been a lot of harrumphing about Elon Musk setting up a “Super PAC” (political action committee) to channel tons of moolah into the Trump reelection campaign (here’s one take).

Of course, the Communists aren’t going to take this lying down, oh no.  Expect to see a lot of “Musk is evil” opinions emanating from the Left, and “a few people influencing and endangering our democraceh” wailing.  (Standard Left procedure:  if you can’t overcome the ideas, demonize the characters.)

Of course, when the Left does the PAC thing, it’s all well and good.  Zuckerberg spending millions to enable (possible fraudulent) voting drives?  No biggie.  Soros funding campaigns of other Commies in key state positions?  Why not?

But let a few conservative rich guys do the same for their candidate?  Oh no, that has to be stopped.

Fuck ’em, and the hypocritical horse they rode in on.

Yeah, Whatever

It appears that the brand-new Brit Foreign Secretary doesn’t have too high an opinion of our next President:

Britain’s newly installed top diplomat [David Lammy] has refused to back down from his past comments branding Donald Trump as a “neo-Nazi-sympathising sociopath”.

Considering that he’s part of the Labour (a.k.a. Socialist) Party, that’s unsurprising.

What will be surprising (to him) is how Trump responds to this kind of non-diplomatic speech.

Because Trump is an Anglophile, he’s unlikely to expel the Brit Ambassador and freeze out the Labour Government — which is what I would do in similar circumstances — and to be frank, he’s heard worse from our own local Socialists.

Anyway, the real power in Britishland is not in the Labour government, but amongst the financiers in the City.

Kinda like the bond traders in Manhattan, really.

But understanding reality has never been a strong suit on the Left.  Just wait and see, for example, what happens when they re-nationalize Britain’s railways.
(Can you spell “C-A-T-A-S-T-R-O-P-H-I-C  F-A-I-L-U-R-E”, children?)

And the Izzies, of course, know exactly what side their bread is buttered on:

“Israelis and the prime minister remember very, very well the incredible support which President Trump, while he was in office, gave to this country,” said Israeli government spokesman David Mencer.

After the foreign policy failures of FJBiden’s administration, I suspect that more than a few countries feel the same way as Israel, and not like Britain.


That word describes so much about FJBiden, but this one is especially so:

President Joe Biden spoke to the NAACP and called for Congress to “outlaw” AR-15s and similar rifles in the wake of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump. Biden began by saying, “If you’re going to speak about violence, you’re going to speak about guns.”

He said, “An AR-15 was used in shooting Donald Trump, this was the ‘assault weapon’ that killed so many others, including children. It’s time to outlaw them. I did it once and I will do it again.”

…followed by all the old lies about infant mortality, which we’ve heard before ad nauseam.

You know, when it comes to a lone asshole with a gun and an agenda, an unscoped AR-15 poodleshooter in the hands of a callow 20-year-old loser might actually be less dangerous than, say a scoped Savage 110, chambered in .308 Win in the hands of an experienced hunter (of any age).

No doubt the Communists would be all about banning “sniper rifles”, then.

Feckless bastards, and that goes especially for FJBiden who, if his brain was operating at any level higher than warm rice pudding (a big “if”) might be taken seriously on this issue.

As it is, just file his feeble rantings about assault rifles with all the other sludge emanating from his wide-open cakehole, and ignore.

When The Hatred Surges

Not talking about our local Commies and their HitlerTrump bullshit here.  Nope, we have to go Over There to see a bunch of gummint types having their asses handed to them by the voters, for once.

The Labour government’s decision to scrap its blanket 20mph speed limits in Wales just a year after they were introduced has sparked hope for the rest of the UK. 

Wales’ Transport Secretary Ken Skates admitted the policy was so unpopular even his own family had signed the petition against it.

This despite all the assurances that a 20mph (!!!!) speed limit would do so much to combat Global Cooling Climate Warming Change©.  Of course it wouldn’t (and won’t), just as our own imposition of a 55mph highway speed limit did nothing of the sort either.

I suppose retraction is better than a public hanging, after all — although that may be a contentious issue all by itself, especially among Stout Bulldogs of my acquaintance Over There.  (The Englishman, for one, is especially fond of the “heads on pikes” approach to curbing government excess.)

Now we’ll see if the Welsh example spreads to other Brit municipalities of similar stupidity.  But I wouldn’t count on it.

How Conveeenient

Well now this is an interesting development:

President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, the White House said as he was on the campaign trail out West.

Guess all those WuFlu inoculations he’s been taking didn’t work out too well, huh?

However, this news should be taken along with this little admission:

Biden actually said out loud what could make him drop out of the presidential race.

In a BET interview that was taped on Tuesday but wasn’t released until today, Biden said, “If I had some medical condition that emerged, if somebody, if doctors came to me and said, you got this problem and that problem…” (he kinda trailed off), that would be enough to get him to quit.

…in other words, putting his reelection campaign in the hands of the doctors… and then very conveniently catching an illness that would render him unable to stay in the race.

FJBiden isn’t smart enough to have gamed this scenario, but I can think of at least a dozen senior Democrats who could have.  (Not Hillary;  she’s not smart enough, and anyway, had she been in charge FJB would have slipped on a bar of soap or accidentally hanged himself in his White House bedroom long before now.)

Which doesn’t answer the question as to how, exactly, the Communists would replace him?  He could end his campaign and still remain President while his replacement tried to stave off the inevitable shambles in November.

Worst of all, an “illness” (me, skeptical? not at all) would turn FJB into some kind of victim and a sympathetic figure — whereas in fact this venal old bastard deserves anything but sympathy.

That VP Choice

In yesterday’s New Roundup, I noted this:

…which upon reflection was flippant, and rather harsh.

In fact, I think (as I write this) that it was a really interesting choice.

Here’s the thing:  what Trump needs as a Vice-President is not a typical politician — he had that with Pence last time round, and what a waste of time he turned out to be.  Rather, the next VP — and for all intents and purposes his political heir — needs to be someone who will continue Trump’s agenda and cement his legacy.

Trump is an Olde Phartte, after all, and while I fervently hope that he outlives his next term, there’s nothing wrong with having a much younger man to succeed him.

“But… a novelist?”  I know, I know, but J.D. isn’t just that:  in addition to having come up through poverty, he’s also USMC, a Yale law grad (before Yale became the cesspit it is today), and a U.S. Senator.

And actually, I like the fact that he’s also a writer, because what that shows is imagination… and after what we’ve been through for the past eight years, imagination is precisely what this country, and just as importantly what the Stupid Party sorely needs.

And let me remind you:  when the Czech Republic emerged from the foul shackles of East-Bloc Communism, their first president was Václav Havel — a playwright — and by almost any measure he was extremely successful in guiding his country out of the mire during his dozen-odd years as president.

I might be proved wrong in all this, but I don’t think I will be.  What I am sure of is that J.D. Vance is a tough guy as well as a writer, and that toughness and imagination is going to stand him in good stead as he stands up to the horrible ghouls of the Left.

And kudos to Donald Trump for thinking in that direction.  Get ‘er done, guys.