Political Snigger

First we had that “right-wing” libertarian (?) winning big in [Don’t Cry For Me] Argentina, and now the Dutch too seem to have come to their senses (and not a moment too soon):

In yet another sign of a global political shift, the right-wing populist Party for Freedom in the Netherlands is projected to win a large plurality. According to exit polling, the PVV will pick up at least 35 seats while the current ruling coalition will combine for 37 losses while only winning 41 seats total. That makes Geert Wilders, the founder of the Party for Freedom, the big winner.

Of course, this has the Left screaming hair-on-fire stuff:

The Netherlands will join an increasingly long list of West European countries (CH, FR, IT, SE) where the radical right has overtaken the mainstream right has the main party of the right.

Never mind that their definition of “radical right” would, in U.S. terms, make Wilders’s party more like centrist Democrats (anyone remember them?) Over Here.  (For those unfamiliar with the terminology:  that would be Switzerland, France, Italy and Sweden [!] who have recently moved to the “right”.)

Anyway, getting back to the Dutchies:

“It’s been enough now. The Netherlands can’t take it anymore. We have to think about our own people first now. Borders closed. Zero asylum seekers,” Wilders said in a television debate on the eve of the election.

Sounds kinda like Trump, doesn’t it?  Let’s hope that Wilders, unlike Trump, actually starts to do something about the situation once he’s sworn in.

Expect the lawyers to start sharpening their quills so as to try to stop in the courts any commonsense policy he implements — just like our leftist assholes do Over Here.

Let the mass deportations begin… and once again, not a moment too soon.

Quote Of The Day

From RedState:

Sunday night, Austrian school economist Javier Milei gave a figurative and political curb-stomping to incumbent Argentine President Sergio Massa, beating him by ten percentage points. Not only did Milei win, but he did it in an election in which judges did not arbitrarily change laws and without huge, unexplained tranches of ballots, with 99% marked for the favorite candidate of the political class being discovered after the polls closed.

It kinda sucks when one of the exemplars of the “banana republic” concept does the democracy thing more honestly than that beacon of freedom and democracy, the U.S. of A.

It may not last, of course:  the odds are good that the defeated party will just send in the tanks — I mean, the National Guard.

We’d never do something like that, of course.

Cultural Ignorance

Last night I had to call 911, because I heard gunshots outside my apartment — first there were two shots, evenly spaced, and then three in a row, very fast.  Sounded like a small-caliber pistol, I told the operator.  (This being Texas, she didn’t bother to ask me how I could guess the caliber.)

Anyway, the cops arrived, and then a fire engine.

Not gunshots:  fireworks.

Of course, “fireworks” never occurred to me as a choice because I’m culturally ignorant, and had no idea that it’s Diwali Time, here in Little Hyderabad, Plano (that’s what they call it, because there are so many people from that city living in the area).

That would also explain why so many apartment patios are festooned with light strings — they’re not premature Christmas lights (which is what I mistakenly thought) but Diwali lights, which is apparently a whole ‘nother thing.  So instead of living amidst a large number of Christian folk, I’m surrounded, so to speak, by Diwali devotees.  (Okay, I knew that already.)

Anyway, I felt a bit of a fool for calling 911 just about fireworks, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t get the appropriate memo from the Ministry of Cultural Assimilation.  And honestly?  these were loud bangs, so my confusion is quite understandable.  (I had the 1911 in hand while peering through the curtains and making the 911 call.)

Anyway, the morons who set off the fireworks got their pee-pees whacked both by the Fuzz and the Apartment Lords, as setting off fireworks in these parts is Streng Verboten.  (We have an extensive forest on both sides of the nearby creek, surrounded by empty grass fields that have somehow escaped the attention of property developers, hence the fire risk and prohibition.)

And by the way:  the cops were on the spot in about three minutes:  nothing like “Shots fired” over the old 911 to get the donuts dropped and the engines running.  But of course if there had been gunshots, three minutes is far too long.

This is Kim, your local Cultural Ignoramus, signing off.

Call To Arms

At the Federalist Society, a speech from Bari Weiss which outlines the issue facing us at this time, and reminds us of our collective duty to save civilization.  As she rightly says:

When antisemitism moves from the shameful fringe into the public square, it is not about Jews. It is never about Jews. It is about everyone else. It is about the surrounding society or the culture or the country. It is an early warning system—a sign that the society itself is breaking down. That it is dying.

It is a symptom of a much deeper crisis—one that explains how, in the span of a little over 20 years since Sept 11, educated people now respond to an act of savagery not with a defense of civilization, but with a defense of barbarism.

Read the whole damn thing, because you must.

It’s not just Jews who are at risk.  We are all at risk, every one of us who claims to be civilized.

Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls Etc.

Stephen Moore has an excellent “story of the film so far” about the Net Zero / Green energy / no more cars with engines / unicorn fart-based energy initiative:

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that “clean energy” investment funds are tanking, with some down as much as 70% in recent months. Solar has been one of the worst-performing industry stocks this year.

This collapse is happening right when Exxon and Chevron have engineered a combined $110 billion blockbuster acquisitions to expand oil and gas drilling in the Permian Basin in Texas, one of the biggest oil fields in the world. This year, they both reported their largest profits ever.

They and their investors are looking at the real-world data, not green energy propaganda. In 2023, the world is guzzling oil and gas like never before. Global consumption of fossil fuels was higher in 2022 than at any time in human history, even as the developed countries spend hundreds of billions of dollars trying to stop oil, gas and coal.

As they say:  follow the money.  All the politicians’ wishful thinking won’t change the nature of the world (i.e. reality), as much as they’d like to think it can.

Cenotaph Update

Yesterday we learned that “football hooligans” (a.k.a. loyal and decent Brits) are going to stop the Pal terrorsymps from taking over the Remembrance Day memorial.

Now we have this:

Football hooligans alliance supporters warn fans ‘do not come tooled up’ with weapons as they bid to ‘protect’ the Cenotaph from pro-Palestine protest – and sell out coaches for hundreds to head to London.

My thought is precisely the opposite:  by all means bring weapons, because you have to know that the “peaceful” terrorsymps surely will — and the last thing you need is to face some dangerous asshole down with only your fists when he’s carrying a “sign-holder” (club).

No no:  bring weapons yourselves, but do not brandish them or take them out — ever — unless you’re physically attacked.

Then have at it, and may the best thug win.

No doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this, but I don’t care.  Even in Britishland, one should have the proper (and lawful) means of self-defense, e.g. a pair of sap gloves (as worn by the cops, ergo legal), and some kind of head protection (e.g. one of these).  I had both on my last visit to Britishland, but I just never told anyone about them.

I also recommend carrying a sign (suitably provocative) affixed to a pickax handle.

It’s all about freedom of expression, innit?