Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls Etc.

Stephen Moore has an excellent “story of the film so far” about the Net Zero / Green energy / no more cars with engines / unicorn fart-based energy initiative:

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that “clean energy” investment funds are tanking, with some down as much as 70% in recent months. Solar has been one of the worst-performing industry stocks this year.

This collapse is happening right when Exxon and Chevron have engineered a combined $110 billion blockbuster acquisitions to expand oil and gas drilling in the Permian Basin in Texas, one of the biggest oil fields in the world. This year, they both reported their largest profits ever.

They and their investors are looking at the real-world data, not green energy propaganda. In 2023, the world is guzzling oil and gas like never before. Global consumption of fossil fuels was higher in 2022 than at any time in human history, even as the developed countries spend hundreds of billions of dollars trying to stop oil, gas and coal.

As they say:  follow the money.  All the politicians’ wishful thinking won’t change the nature of the world (i.e. reality), as much as they’d like to think it can.

Cenotaph Update

Yesterday we learned that “football hooligans” (a.k.a. loyal and decent Brits) are going to stop the Pal terrorsymps from taking over the Remembrance Day memorial.

Now we have this:

Football hooligans alliance supporters warn fans ‘do not come tooled up’ with weapons as they bid to ‘protect’ the Cenotaph from pro-Palestine protest – and sell out coaches for hundreds to head to London.

My thought is precisely the opposite:  by all means bring weapons, because you have to know that the “peaceful” terrorsymps surely will — and the last thing you need is to face some dangerous asshole down with only your fists when he’s carrying a “sign-holder” (club).

No no:  bring weapons yourselves, but do not brandish them or take them out — ever — unless you’re physically attacked.

Then have at it, and may the best thug win.

No doubt someone’s going to have a problem with this, but I don’t care.  Even in Britishland, one should have the proper (and lawful) means of self-defense, e.g. a pair of sap gloves (as worn by the cops, ergo legal), and some kind of head protection (e.g. one of these).  I had both on my last visit to Britishland, but I just never told anyone about them.

I also recommend carrying a sign (suitably provocative) affixed to a pickax handle.

It’s all about freedom of expression, innit?


Now I’m not saying I approve of this guy’s solution to an obstruction in the road.

But I do understand it.  I don’t know where ideologues get this idea that they can mess with people’s lives and livelihoods just because The Cause Is Just.  I recall watching these self-righteous tits pulling a similar stunt in Britishland — and stopping an ambulance from carrying an injured person to hospital.

Clearly, to them The Cause is more important than a human life.  So if someone decides that their ability to go about their business without being obstructed, heckled and in some cases attacked is more important than a human life (as Our Hero did in the above article), then the “protesters” have little to protest about when that circumstance includes their lives.

I see that our hot-headed gunman has been arrested and is facing trial.  I bet he had a really good reason to whack a couple of the Smellies I mean Passionate Protesters.  And if he did, and gets released without being charged, no doubt the streets will be filled with hordes of the Perpetually Indignant protesting that.

What a fucking circus (Latin for “round”) we have here.

I think I’ll spend a little time at the range today.  Just because.

Popcorn Time

Ooooh, I like the sound of this, oh yes I do:

Football hooligans are planning to ‘team up’ and ‘protect’ the Cenotaph from pro-Palestine protestors… with police fearing more than a thousand will come to London where a rally against war in Gaza is set to take place.

For those Murkins who are unaware what this is all about:  unlike party-latecomers U.S. of A. to the fun and games of the WWI trenches, the Brits and French had been ritually slaughtered for several years in the trenches of northeastern France.

The First World War, in other words, had a far greater impact on British society (and it still does) than Over Here.

The Cenotaph in London is the great monument to the fallen of that war, and it is probably the single most unifying day in Britishland, where the entire nation falls silent at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, and wreaths are placed at the foot of the monument by kings, queens, princes and princesses.  It is, in short, important.

So the Great Unwashed — in this case the fools who are protesting the current unpleasantness — announced that they were going to hijack the ceremony to make their little strident protests.

Whereupon the working class of Britain — then and now the most patriotic of the British citizenry — have apparently decided that this shall not stand.  (Note that they’re called “football hooligans” by the Loathsome Jackals Of The Press, instead of “people who have a sense of honor” who, it should be said, have had enough of all this bullshit.)

Incidentally — and this predates the Balfour Declaration — had Britain not invaded Judea (the area now mistakenly called “Palestine”) back in that selfsame World War, the area might still be a satrapy of Turkey.

But enough history.  What I want to see is the lads from the Millwall, West Ham, Crystal Palace and other such fan clubs stop beating each other up (the normal Match Day pastime) and converge on the Cenotaph en masse.  Then they can start beating the shit out of the terrorsymp protesters, without the cops doing anything but nod approvingly and, if there were any justice in the world, corral the terrorsymps and prevent them from escaping the festivities.

That won’t happen, of course, more’s the pity.  But I hope just a few hundred terrorsymps get fucked up so badly that they have to wait in the interminable NHS waiting lines to have their broken bones, skulls etc. patched up.

I’ll be Over Here, raising a pint of Fuller’s London Pride in the lads’ honor, oh yes I will.  I’m even going to tune in to the ghastly BBC World TV channel in the hopes that a few BBC journos (who are almost without exception terrorsymps themselves) get their heads broken as well as they try to put their pathetic spin on the event.

That would call for magnums of champagne, never mind pints of ale.

Dogs of war, baby, dogs of war.  I want to see them unleashed, with extreme malice.

If I were in London right now, I might even put on a Millwall supporter’s shirt and catch the Tube over, just to see what I could do to help.  I haven’t been in a decent street fight since I battled apartheid cops in the streets of Johannesburg, and it’s about time.

Just To Make Sure

…that I have this right.  Below is the evil, awful 15-round magazine as made by Glock:

And then what seems to be acceptable to the gun-haters:

Did I get that right?

I’m pretty sure that it would only take me a couple seconds longer to fire off 16 rounds from two magazines than 15 rounds from one.

Is this really the hill they want to die on?  Two seconds’ difference?  (figuratively speaking, of course)

(Next thing, California is going to ban the carry of more than one magazine on one’s person — ugh, perhaps I should shut up and not give them ideas…)

And of course, those .45 John Moses Browning boolets are going to arrive on target with, shall we say, a tad more authority than that lil’ 9mm Europellet.

I’ll stick to my 1911 and Chip McCormick mags, thank you.

“Quick, Martha…”

“…hand me mah smellin’ salts!”  From KrautPres / Reichkanzler Olaf Scholz comes this little bombshell:

We must finally deport on a large scale those who have no right to stay in Germany.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but you have to admit, it’s a first from any post-Mutti Merkel politician.

And in the same article, from Swissland:

Switzerland moved rightwards in an election on Sunday, giving the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) more seats in parliament as concerns about rising immigration outweighed those about the environment, final results showed on Monday.

Wait… the Green Nude Eel is starting to lose favor with, of all people, the Swiss?  And “concerns about immigration”?  Anyone would think that Swiss cities like Zurich have seen a massive increase in violent crime, mostly committed by “immigrants” of the Afro-Arab persuasion.

Oh, wait… they have.