Bygone Broads 4

Here we go with another “pairing” of a bedroom-poster-worthy car and a woman of similar value.  This time, it’s the De Tomaso Pantera:

And Morgan Fairchild:


And yes, she got older and plumper (but in all the right places, if I may say so):

I have no words, either way.

Bygone Broads 3

Seems like the combination of bedroom-poster-worthy cars and women is becoming a fan favorite over on this back porch of mine, so here we go with another “pairing”.  This time, it’s the Sunbeam Tiger / AC Cobra 427 and Ann-Margret.

And another lil’ red thing:

And a little while later:

Lemme tell y’all:  it was pure hell trying to decide which A-M pics to feature here.  There may have to be a Part 2 at some point…

Bygone Broads 2

Last year, I posted the first of this series, in which I lamented the disappearance of beautiful cars and lovely women from teenage boys’ bedroom walls.  That post featured a couple Ferraris and Lucy Pinder.

Here’s another such coupling [sic].  First, two cars of the Corvette persuasion:

…and second, one of the pinups who might have appeared on the opposite wall:

As the old saying went:  “Farrah Fawcett:  creating pup-tents in teenage boys’ beds since the 1970s.”

And as an older woman:

Random Tottie

And then there was Cindy Morgan.

“Who she, Kim?”

This Cindy Morgan, from Caddyshack :

“Oh yeah.”

And she grew up, as they say, rather well:

Apparently, she was in some movie named Tron :

…but I never saw it because genre.  To continue:


Of course, she’s no spring chicken now — she’s my age — but she has matured, in the nicest possible way:

Quite lovely, then and now.

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

…or thereabouts, when I thought that Uma Thurman was quite possibly the sexiest woman alive.  Here she is at her quirkiest, sexy best, talking to Conan O’Brien.

Like many beautiful movie actresses, I don’t think that the still camera does her justice, because her whole appearance is lively, her face animated and let’s not even talk about that body.  Even then, though, she’s exquisite:

Even her offbeat pics are sexy:

And was there ever a sexier assassin?

…or gangster’s girlfriend?

Did I say “twenty years ago”?  Nah, she’s still tops.