Minor Leagues

As Loyal Readers know, when it comes to auto racing I’m a devotee of Formula 1, with only the occasional branch line into Le Mans and WEC.

Therefore I have been unaware of the kind of driver in the “lesser” racing formats, and have therefore missed a couple of good ones.

First up, let’s look at Lindsey Brewer:

Then we have Toni Breidinger:


Finally, the “old lady” (b. 1989) of this genre, Shannon McIntosh:


I need to stop being so closed-minded about this racing thing, and broaden my horizons a little, so to speak.

The Other Side Of The Straits

We leave our savaging of Strylians, and shift focus to their cousins in Kiwiland.

Man 1:  Did you hear who won the Miss New Zealand competition?
Man 2:  No, who won?
Man 1:  Nobody!

I can think of only one Kiwi chick who ever caused a stirring in my stretch jeans, and that was Gina Bellman, from the TNT show Leverage:

Exotic, sexy, mysterious.  Like.

Oh, and:

Battle !!!!!

This one caught my attention, oh you betcha:

I’m thinking naked, in the mud pit:

Claudia Winkleman

Fiona Bruce

Gabby Logan

Jo Whiley

Karin Giannone

Kate Silverton  — recently voted “Most Kissable Mouth in Great Britain”*

Katie Derham

Natasha Kaplinsky

Stacey Dooley

Susanna Reid

…oh wait;  apparently, the girls will have to fight for their jobs with screen tests.  Well, that’s a mood-killer.

Never mind.

*recently voted “Most Kissable Mouth in Great Britain” — by me.  Because it is.