No Times Three

Here’s a pic of some ancient (49-year-old) model prancing barefoot through the streets of London, clutching a bottle of wine.  (One of those “candid” i.e. posed paparazzi events.)

I have to admit that she’s not too bad for an older broad — apparently she was a model, or still is (see more pics at the link).  However, that’s not what I want to talk about here, but the “barefoot in the streets of London” thing.

1)  Considering the chances of spearing or slashing one’s foot on a discarded beer bottle in the Brit capital, I wouldn’t prance barefoot through the streets of London for a bet.

2)  Given that London’s streets are cleaned about as often as are the streets of Johannesburg, the chances of catching some flesh-eating disease from said injury are higher than the average rock musician in the 1970s.

2)  Even assuming that our streets are cleaner than London’s (which they are), if one were to try doing the same thing here in Plano, there is a distinct chance of the blazing-hot surface searing one’s foot in a manner similar to this:

(pic from Knuckledragger’s place)

It makes me wince just to think of it.

Stopgap Women

Okay, I took enough guff from y’all about my Sunday post of Toyah Willcox (sheesh, she’s almost my age, cut the old lady some slack, willya?) so here are a few random hotties floating around my hard drive.

If one of those doesn’t satisfy you, you need help.

Perils Of Age

The other day I was skimming Teh Intarwebz, idly looking at smut pics of pretty women, and saw this creature:

I had (and still have) no idea who she is, but my lecherous gaze was somewhat tempered by my feeling of guilt for ogling a teenage girl.  (Of course, it turns out that she’s actually 30, so my guilt was misplaced.)

Which brings me to my point.

As we get older — I’m fairly sure I’m not alone in this — everyone not looking like the late Prince Philip looks about twelve years old, and I often wonder when we started promoting adolescents to positions of power and authority.

I’m not even talking about celebrity women, who with the aid of surgery can look decades younger than their actual age.  I’m talking about everyday people we see on television, who are supposedly in charge of some important function, but who seem to still need adolescent acne cream.

Then again, who cares?  As long as we can ogle the likes of Carol Vorderman, Annabella Sciorra or Jennifer Grey (all aged 60):


…I don’t really care that foreign policy is being run by someone who looks like Doogie Howser, or that Steve Urkel somehow became President of the United States.

News Roundup

All the news, hand-picked to further a narrative.

starting with your house, I presume?  And another part of the same story:

and yet somehow, we still don’t know the name of the cop who shot Ashli Babbit at the Capitol in January.

starting in your neighborhood and city, of course?

he’s going to feel the full effect of British Law:  a severe scolding and his PlayStation confiscated (for at least a week).

ummm no;  “infrastructure” is roads, bridges, electricity, water, and in a stretch, Internet access.  You dirty fucking Commie.

had mine, no problems. But wait a minute:

so if he was forced by Government to be vaccinated, would they be killing him?


of course he’s going to ascribe success to a repressive social policy rather than medicine, in much the same way as gun confiscation eliminates obesity.  But then there’s this:

which means that if the hapless Boris imposes yet another lockdown

…♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ If I can make it there / I’ll make my kid go bare ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪…

and you need to click on the link to get the punchline.  And speaking of punch lines:

only in a pussified society would this be considered bad advice.

except that urine negates chlorine’s benefits, another study will find.

but they already are:  Susie Has Two Mommies, Fisting For Fifth Graders, What’s Wrong With Wanting A Wah-Wah Instead Of A Pee-Pee, etc. etc. etc.



Finally, the thing you’ve all been waiting for:  some completely gratuitous pics of a beautiful woman.  Here’s 60s hottie Wanda Ventham.

Look familiar?

She’s Brit actor Bandersnatch Cummerbund’s Mum.

Raving Beauty

Whereas Sabine Schmitz was taken from us at age 51, Jessica Walter — one of my favorite character actresses of all time — held out till 80.

Here we go:

In later years, she just aged like the finest wine:

And now [sigh]  I’ll just have to take Malory Archer off Ye Olde Buckette Lyst:

R.I.P. Jessica.  You were always one of the best, and one of my favorites.