Hidden Gem

I am, as Regular Readers are aware, a huge fan of gloomy Scandi detective shows.  My latest binge was The Killing (on Prime), which I devoured, all twenty hours of it, over a couple days last week.

*Disclaimer:  I know that Denmark isn’t regarded as a Scandi country.  As far as I’m concerned, any country on the western shores of the Baltic which has damp, freezing, miserable weather, gets dark at about 4pm, and features actors speaking a language which sounds like a chicken with its throat half-cut, is a Scandi country.  Also, if the heroine detective — they’re all heroine detectives;  all the men are idiots, clowns or bad guys — is halfway between plain and ugly, and the plot is dense and contains about five different story lines, then it’s a Scandi detective movie.

As was The Killing, in absolutely every respect.

However, in this show I saw something out of the ordinary:  a woman with quite a large part, who was not halfway between plain and ugly.  Let me introduce you all to Marie Askehave:

In the TV show, she has coal-black hair which shows off those startling blue eyes to perfection:

Also, she’s one of those women who doesn’t do well in still photos — in a movie medium, though, she’s captivating.

The show’s good, too.

Lest anyone thinks I’m going overboard about plain-to-ugly Scandi female detectives, here’s The Killing‘s lead, Sofie Gråbøl:

…and that’s a studio pic — she looks far worse in the show.

Under My Radar

TV things I have never watched, and are unlikely ever to watch:

  • MMA (of either sex)
  • Deadpool
  • Fast & Furious
  • Haywire
  • The Mandalorian

…and I’ve also never bothered to read Maxim magazine.

It is unsurprising, therefore, that I had no idea who Gina Carano was until I discovered her existence on one of my many branch line forays into the bowels of the Internet (shuddup, I’m trying to write lyrical stuff here in describing a totally boring activity).

But discover her I did, and I have to say that if your type is earthy, stocky Mediterranean types with an excellent superstructure (e.g. Salma Hayek), then this Carano creature is right up your whatsit, so to speak:

And anyone tossed out of the loathsome Disney Corp for daring to voice unpopular opinions is welcome at this website at any time.

All Alone

Who is the loneliest person at any red carpet affair?

That would be Oz actress Elisabeth Debicki, because at 6’3″ tall, she towers over the average Hollyweird squirt actor (Tom Cruise, coff coff ) and she loves them Louboutin 5″ heels, making her even more of a social outcast.  Here she is, recumbent:



…in characteristic red carpet mode:

…and standing next to Hugh Laurie, who is 6’2″ tall and clearly not concerned about his masculinity:

In fact, were she not Australian, I’d say that this was definitely a tower worth climbing.

Happy Birthday

I see that Carmen Electra just had a birthday, and I have to admit that she’s not bad for a 50-year-old broad:

However, no amount of sexiness, hotness or other such descriptors can overcome the heritage of once having been Mrs. Dennis Rodman:

Hard pass.

The Usual Grump

…about clothing, and the appropriate wearing thereof.  First, the plaudits.

I have always had an old-man crush on Anya Taylor-Joy, the chick from that chess movie, and her latest appearance did nothing to end that for me:


Best legs I’ve seen in quite a while, so why shouldn’t she show them off?

Her boyfriend, despite looking a little like a taller Frodo Baggins, was at least appropriately attired:

The same stylish and appropriate attire did not extend to some of the rest of the male(?) attendees.  The Skarsgård boy (Anya’s co-star in the movie) wore a tee shirt:

…while the editor of British Vogue  looked like a morning Tube commuter:

…and the whole thing went rapidly downhill from there:


This post has been brewing for a while, because a couple weeks ago at some other movie premiere / red carpet thing, we were treated to this horrifying nonsense:


Seriously?  At a formal evening event?

Compare the above with the 1940 Academy Awards banquet:

‘Nuff said.