Random Totty

Apparently there exists one of those Internet-famous things named Naomi Brockwell, of whom I know nothing because I don’t even dip my toes into those waters, let alone swim in them.  Still, having discovered her, I think she’s worth a look, for obvious reasons:

Apparently, she made John Stossel look like an idiot when she discovered that his smartphone was basically a conduit for scam artists or something.  And now you know as much about her as I do.

Quite toothsome, however.


  1. You’re late to the party.. Been following her for a few years. She’s a libertarian and is quite often featured along side John Stossell.

  2. well, I guess I am going down that rabbit hole on her videos about electronic surveillence and such.

    That cabin in the woods sure does look inviting

  3. Hahahaha. I just saw the same smartphone video this past week. I made a note to check out more of her videos – to check out their content, and her too. Yummy.

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