Quote Of The Day

…this time from Stephen Kruiser:

The dumpster fire of awful that is the J.R. Biden administration never stops burning for a moment, which is obviously bad for the country right now but should help the Republicans steamroll to big victories in next year’s midterm election.
Heavy on the “should”.
Many of us are fond of reminding people that one must never underestimate the ability of the Republican Party to completely screw things up.

Yup, when it comes to political opportunity, nothing sums up the Republican response like this:

As currently constituted, the Republican Party is to conservatism is like the NRA is to fighting gun control:  occasionally helpful, but but more often than not:  not.


…or, as George H.W. Bush used to say:  “Nah gunna do it.”

Once again, we are being implored to stop fighting among ourselves, with words such as:

There is much talk today about the splits in the Republican Party, though similar rifts plague the Democrats. But the sharpest, deepest divide remains between the two parties. Rarely in recent memory has it been so clear. Rarely has there been less of a center. Republicans must focus all their energy on regaining the majority in Congress.

Tell you what:  I’ll stop fighting with the GOPe / “centrist” Republicans when they stop acting as facilitators to the Socialists by “compromising” — i.e. yielding to the Socialists’ demands — when the Socialists seldom if ever make any concessions away from their Marxist agenda.

The Republicans’ most stunning success in recent years has been when conservatives act like, well, conservatives — ask Hillary Clinton — so the real concessions that the GOPe should be making are to us, the so-called “Trumpists*”, and not to the Marxists.

*The very next time a Republican refers derisively to a conservative as a “Trumpist”, I’m gonna give them a ball-kicking (or cunt-punt, depending on circumstances).  Leave the name-calling to the Marxists.

Too Late, She Cried

This is quite priceless:

John Kasich: GOP Will Begin to Die if It Stays a Trump Party

Hate to tell you this, John ol’ buddy, but the GOP as you know it (GOPe) is already dead.  It’s dead because we’re sick of you clueless country-club Establishment Republicans sucking up to the Left, sick of you always compromising with the Left and allowing this country to drift ever leftward towards socialism, and sick of your constant treachery towards the former President.

Here are some of what I call the Trump Principles:

  • laws, judges and a judicial system which are solidly and immovably based on original Constitutional principles, especially:
    — an unswerving support of citizen’s gun rights
    — property rights
    — and freedom of speech
  • secure national borders closed to illegal immigration, and accelerated deportation of those who sneak their way in
  • Americans having jobs before the jobs are outsourced to other countries
  • dismantling the regulatory state
  • refusing to let eco-nonsense be the driving force behind policy and regulation, and
  • an “America First” foreign policy which deals from strength not weakness, which treats Russia, China and hostile Muslim countries with guarded caution and fosters closer ties with the Anglosphere nations

During his lamentably-short time in office, President Donald Trump followed all the above to some degree (when he was allowed to) either by his own actions or through the legislature, despite having been violently opposed by the hostile Left and stabbed in the back by the GOPe and Swamp Establishment on many occasions.

IF the Republican Party of which you speak follows all the above principles faithfully, even against massive and ferocious opposition from the Left, then we can be friends.

Otherwise, rot and fade away into history.  Your time is over.