Modus Operandi, or S.O.P.

From Steve Kruiser:

Attorney General Merrick Garland spent some time Capitol Hill on Tuesday, sparring with Republicans who, once again, were expressing their extreme displeasure with the way he does business but not really doing anything about it.

Yeah well, “expressing extreme displeasure but not really doing anything about it”  are the actual lyrics from the Battle Hymn Of The Republic[an Party].

Put another way:  the Democrat Socialists are driving the country towards the precipice, while the Republicans are timidly asking them to please apply the brakes now and again, but not too hard.

Useless bunch of eunuchs.

S.O.P. — Standard Operating Procedure.  Or Stupid Old Party.  Take your pick.

No Power?

One of the many things I detest about X/Twatter is that the response is posted above the initial Twat, so it requires eyeball gymnastics / Hebraic reading discipline to figure out what the hell everyone is talking about.

Here’s one stream, which I’ve edited so as to make it readable for people of reasonable intelligence:

…which brings me to my main point:

Adam Kinzinger is a total fuckhead.

And Ron DeSantis isn’t.

But you all knew that.

Permanent Stance: Bent Over

Here’s some (un)surprising news:

Republicans Are About to Get Caught With Their Pants Down in Virginia’s Elections

Ummm I hate to break it to you, but the Stupid Party’s pants are in a perpetual state of “down”, which is why the Socialists find it so easy to bend them over the desk, time after time.

Still, the details are awful, but in fact pretty predictable:

Virginia is one of the few states that holds its state-wide elections on off years, and the balance of its General Assembly there hangs in the balance. Gov. Glenn Youngkin has been working non-stop to secure a majority, both to deliver tangible conservative wins and to redefine the narrative surrounding more recent GOP losses.

Unfortunately, according to a new report, the Republican National Committee doesn’t seem to be interested in helping with that cause.

…because that might hinder the Stupid Party’s efforts to help the Socialists, you see.

And if you smell “Romney” all over this one, you would be correct.

The Republican Party is the NRA of conservatism.

Welcome News

From Utah / Washington D.C.:

Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president in 2012 against then-president Barack Obama, said Wednesday that he will not seek a second term in the U.S. Senate, citing his old age and a demand for younger leadership.

Of course, the Bee nails it:

The Democratic Party was left scrambling for a replacement today, as long-time faithful Senator Mitt Romney of Utah announced he would not be seeking re-election.

“This is a huge blow for the Democratic Party,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “Romney has been one of our most reliable senators. He will be sorely missed.”

And the best part:

According to sources in the Romney camp, the Senator plans to retire to the plains of Namibia to spend more time with his fellow rhinoceros family.

Question Asked

Asks some guy:

How Do You Know When It’s Time To Flee A Deep-Blue Hellhole?

Oh, I dunno.  Let me take a stab at it.  Here are what I would call good reasons, not in order but as they occur to me.  When:

  • the state’s legislature and governor’s office is pretty much controlled by the Left (from which, it should be said, all the rest of the catastrophe flows)
  • high taxes, and increasingly more-frequent tax increases and new taxes
  • permissive attitudes on the part of elected officials (such as district attorneys) towards criminal behavior
  • restrictive gun laws pertaining to ownership, possession and use
  • a state education system which fails to educate children, but which is intent on sexualizing them
  • a stifling bureaucracy that operates seemingly without check or censure as it oppresses the public
  • there’s a homeless problem which is apparently encouraged by local regulation and law
  • government is in thrall to whatever current fad is popular, e.g. climate change, LGBTOSTFU or drug decriminalization
  • cities are falling apart in terms of infrastructure (e.g. public transport and roads/bridges)
  • there’s an inability or unwillingness of government to address difficult social problems
  • still more that I can’t think of at the moment, but I’m sure that others can.

Ironically, the original article was written by a guy living in Australia, where leaving one state for another is pretty much akin to choosing to die from slow-acting poison or from cancer.  In U.S. terms, that’s like someone leaving California to live in Massachusetts.

Same Medicine

For some reason, Republicans are always loath to bite back at Democrats after the latter bunch of socialists hack away at them.

This is but one reason why they’re known as the Stupid Party.

But as Chris Bedford at The Federalist explains, the time for such forbearance is over.

The only way to fight back is to make the kinds of people who’ve weaponized and undermined the American state suffer for their actions. They’ve arrested their enemies, revived obscure rules as pretexts for partisan attacks, and raided their opponents’ homes, and they won’t be sorry until they’ve felt the same pain.

Yup.  Let’s start with prosecuting Hillary Clinton, who actually did what Trump has been (falsely) accused of doing;  then we can go on to McCabe, Strzok and Brennan, who all lied under oath.

Give me another five minutes, and I can think of at least a dozen others.

I hope that the Republican “leadership” has a list of people they should target — not as retaliation, but because these people committed crimes (always a good reason for going after someone, regardless of motive).

I’m not expecting much, but that doesn’t mean that I and other conservatives are going to accept flabby, ineffectual actions by a future Republican Congress.