Same Medicine

For some reason, Republicans are always loath to bite back at Democrats after the latter bunch of socialists hack away at them.

This is but one reason why they’re known as the Stupid Party.

But as Chris Bedford at The Federalist explains, the time for such forbearance is over.

The only way to fight back is to make the kinds of people who’ve weaponized and undermined the American state suffer for their actions. They’ve arrested their enemies, revived obscure rules as pretexts for partisan attacks, and raided their opponents’ homes, and they won’t be sorry until they’ve felt the same pain.

Yup.  Let’s start with prosecuting Hillary Clinton, who actually did what Trump has been (falsely) accused of doing;  then we can go on to McCabe, Strzok and Brennan, who all lied under oath.

Give me another five minutes, and I can think of at least a dozen others.

I hope that the Republican “leadership” has a list of people they should target — not as retaliation, but because these people committed crimes (always a good reason for going after someone, regardless of motive).

I’m not expecting much, but that doesn’t mean that I and other conservatives are going to accept flabby, ineffectual actions by a future Republican Congress.


  1. Perhaps the time has come, to recognize that “serving.” whether in the ranks or in a seat, is a national obligation. Draft legislators.


  2. One of the key developments in democracy was the ability to safely leave power. You tread on that with the greatest care.

  3. Kim:

    At least here in WY the voters have given the execrable Liz “Benedict Arnold” Cheney the heave-ho, and not by just a small margin.

    Statewide she lost by 66% to 29% (that’s with about 99% of the vote counted). In my county here in the northwest corner it was much worse, about 73% to 24%.

    The ONLY counties in the state in which she actually won were Teton (where the multi-billionaires live) and in southeast Albany county where the trustafarians have been exiled into their communes from Colorado, and even there it was Lizzie with 50% and Hageman with 47%. She took Teton county by 75% due to the massive effort she put into primary vote fraud by getting Dem-wingers to change their registration to “R” just for the primary. It’s not technically illegal, but her e-mails, Twits, and and web information giving detailed step-by-step instruction were just a little too over-the-top for a lot of people to stomach, and I noticed a lot of yard signs disappeared after she did that.

    I think it was the Babylon Bee that noted her performance on the J6 committee was just a long audition for her next gig as the token “conservative” on MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NBC/PBS/NPR, wherever she ends up.

  4. I believe that giving the statists a taste of their own medicine is in large part Trump’s allure. Once he got into office he was far better than many conservatives wanted to admit. Unfortunately the entrenched Republicans resisted Trump for two years and as a consequence they lost the Congress.

    People are waking up to the swamp and despite Trump’s flaws, people are rallying to him. Good!! It’s long overdue for statists to get in return what they dish out. Trump should have directed the DOJ to thoroughly investigate and prosecute the Clintons etc.


  5. The Democrats have set the rules.
    It’s past time the Republicans played the game by those rules.

  6. I always have maintained that Republicans, as junior members of the Uniparty, cannot *really* attack the Democrats. If they did, they would be kicked out of the Uniparty and removed from Washington politics.

    For real world examples, note what happens to any liberal “who leaves the plantation”. They are immediately and unceasingly attacked as being the worst evil person ever, and the liberals do not forget and do not forgive.

    In the Republican Congress members case, as long as they toe the Uniparty line with some token protests, they will still be invited to the cocktail parties, the balls, the opera, etc as members of the controlled opposition. And having provided the token protests, they will then go to the voters, and say, “Give us money, give us votes, or that Eviiiil Democrat will get in.”

    I’ve gotten over being fooled.

    What happened to Liz Cheney is how to deal with them.

    1. Steve,
      You’re far more right than wrong. In my current state the GOP is quite content being the minority party. If they do get a governor elected, the GOP governor just rubber stamps what the racist Democrat death cult passes in the legislature. Sure there a couple of reputable conservatives but they are so few in number that they simply cannot be effective. When the governorship and the legislature is ruled completely by the racist Democrat death cult we get atrocious legislation and sweetheart deals for their contributors, excessive spending and burdensome taxation.


  7. “Yup. Let’s start with prosecuting Hillary Clinton, who actually did what Trump has been (falsely) accused of doing; then we can go on to McCabe, Strzok and Brennan, who all lied under oath.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You kill me, bro. You should write for Bill Burr or somebody. To suggest the Dickless Wonders of the GOP would go sifting thru the medical waste in search of Bruce Jenner’s balls, to stand in for the testes they forfeit long ago as the price of admission… that’s a good one, Kim. It is to laugh!

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