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And with that taste in our mouth, here’s the news:

possibly because he’s not an actor?

hence the constant need to augment our ammo supplies.

I wanna hear the teacher’s side first, because some little shits deserve a good headbanging if the teacher has to resort to physically tossing them out the classroom.

their gig, their dress code.

clearly, not everyone wants to #BelieveAllWomen.

and also their combine harvesters, planters and tractors.  This can only end well.

and right on cue, here’s the bad side of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

clearly, a strike most people will support.

Dept. Of Irony:

no doubt, his appeal will be granted because Britain.

from the woman who gives stupid people a bad name.  Dumb bitch.

we kinda did.

And you are going to be SO grateful for the lack of linkages in the next couple examples of INSIGNIFICA:


just add money.  Guaranteed.


And finally, something to make you smile (with link):

And that, as they say, is that.

Where The States Stand

…on the abortion issue, that is.

I have to say, I think South Carolina’s is the most commonsense:

In 2021, Republican Gov. Henry McMaster signed a bill prohibiting most abortions from being performed after a fetal heartbeat is detected, with exceptions for medical emergencies, fetal anomalies, rape, and incest.

The Socialists are all about “let the people speak” until the people actually say something they disagree with, in which case it’s Jackboot Time and compulsion then becomes the order of the day.

Personally, I hate the idea of abortion — most especially when it’s used as contraception — but at the same time I don’t really have a problem with abortifacients like RU-486 (the “morning after” pill) provided that it is used the morning after and not five months into the pregnancy as some silly women have tried, with disastrous consequences.

Also, I’m uncomfortable with government charging people with murder for having an abortion, because that seems to be a swing of the pendulum too far.

Of course, as always, the wealthier women will always be able to procure an abortion simply by traveling to where they’re available, whereas the poorer women won’t.  On the other hand, if the fear of pregnancy does evoke even a little bit of personal responsibility — as opposed to the hook-up culture and utter licentiousness of our oh-so modern society — then making abortion difficult to obtain may have even a little social benefit.  In the meantime [Dr. Kim sez] :

If there was a single aspect of the human condition that I could solve, unplanned / unwanted pregnancy would be it.

On the lighter side:

Running Like Rats

After the Supremes finally decided that the Constitution (and its Second Amendment) is, after all, the supreme law of the land, the Scumbag States are scurrying around, trying to find loopholes.

New York and a half a dozen other states with similar laws now must decide their next steps. As with New York, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island all have legislatures controlled by Democrats who could propose measures to ensure that guns will not be allowed in certain places.

Of course, “blood will run in the streets”, “violence will increase” (like it hasn’t already, even with those earlier laws in place), and my favorite:  “The epidemic of gun violence sweeping our nation demonstrates daily the folly of introducing more guns into this boiling cauldron.”  All the usual scare tactics, and all the usual disregard of actual facts — that carry laws haven’t caused any such thing.

Still glad to be living in a state which isn’t afraid of its citizens being armed.

Afterthought:  by the way, the article states that the Supreme Court’s decision was “an expansion of gun rights”, which is a total lie.  What the decision did was reaffirm gun rights, rights which should never have been infringed in the first place.

Monday Funnies

So let’s dive into the waters of comedy for some relief…

And speaking of which, here are some ladies that I bet a lot of men would like to fertilize:

…although to be fair, Carol Vorderman is well past the fertilizing stage.  Her factory floor has long since turned into a pleasure palace, as my friend Patterson used to say.

So finish your breakfast cocktail and get outta here.

Classic Beauty: Patricia Morison

She was a world-class mezzo-soprano singer who starred in fourteen hundred (1,400) performances of Cole Porter’s Kiss Me, Kate  Broadway musical, starting with its very first opening;  she was beautiful, with a deep, velvety speaking voice, and 5’10” tall.

So Hollywood had no idea what to do with Patricia Morison, and cast her mostly in B movies, usually playing the female villain.  Harking back to the previous paragraph, she was once replaced on set by Veronica Lake, because Lake was a full foot shorter than her, and the male lead was the dwarfish Alan Ladd (let’s hear it for the casting director!).  Playing noveliste  George Sand in 1960’s Song Without End, her voice was overdubbed with another actress’s voice because her own voice was judged “too deep” by the studio.  Couldn’t win for losing.

But enough of all that.  Here she is.

You can’t see it in the above pics, but Morison also had startling blue eyes, a fabulous figure and 39″-long hair.

And as a perennial baddie, you just know she had to have a gun about her:

Patricia Morison died in 2018, aged 103.