When Reason And Experience Take Over

I actually liked this article by Naomi Wolf:

“The last thing keeping us free in America, as the lights go off all over Europe- and Australia, and Canada – is, yes, we must face this fact, the Second Amendment.”

And if that’s how it starts, can it get any better?

It does.

I remember back when Connie and I first moved in together, I used to refer to her as my Liberal Rubbish Girlfriend (LRG) because she was pro-abortion, hated guns — I mean, she was from California, what did you expect?

Her first epiphany was about guns.  I used to keep the old Charter Arms Bulldog  next to the bed because .44 Special revolver.  She hated that.

Then I had to go out of town for a couple days and she was alone in the house with two small kids, when one night she heard a noise downstairs.

It turned out to be nothing — maybe a raccoon trying to get inside, perhaps — but after I got back, she made me teach her how to shoot.  All the time she was huddled up under the blankets, frozen with terror, she couldn’t help thinking:  “I am so stupid.  There’s a gun not three feet away from me, and I don’t know how to use it to protect myself and the kids.”

A couple of years later, with a little coaching from me, she’d turned into the conservative firebrand we all knew and loved.  And she loved shooting.

If Naomi didn’t live in a gun-hating state like California, I bet she’d be the same.


  1. Verily the gun that I have at my bedside.

    Big noise, big flash, big hole.

    I taught herself how to shoot it. She doesn’t like the kick. I told her it’s not a plinking gun, that when it mattered you won’t notice the kick.

    The other day, the boy came over for dinner and handed me a box of Hornady .44 critical defense rounds. Said he was at the merchant-o-death and saw they had them, knew how hard .44 special is to find, and picked me up a box. (Sniff, wipes tear) Makes a father proud to see a boy not only become a man, but a “mensch”, to borrow a word from the little hat crowd.

  2. Something, something… red pilled?
    Late to the party, but welcome nonetheless.

  3. Wow, the scales have dropped from a California liberal’s eyes! A ray of sunshine cutes through the gloom. Maybe there’s hope from other Cal-Progs yet. I know, better to wait for genetically engineered pigs with wings, but I ocassionally salt my pragmatism with a little optimism. It keeps my feet on the ground and my head from exploding.

    TechieDude – sounds like you did a fine job of raising your son. You might spot another mensch when you look in a mirror.

  4. I’m really not interesting in the scribblings of a burnt out red diaper baby. She came to our side on this issue? isn’t that nice.


  5. She was thatclose, almost got it right, until she was ok with mandatory training, a permit, and 4, count’em FOUR references. So, no, she hasn’t quite grokked the plan.

    1. She mentions that she is writing in New York State. I assume the four references must be from prominent government officials if you want the permit approved. That may change with the recent court decision, but I don’t expect the state or the city to cooperate willingly.

  6. My Dear Late Wife, all 110 lbs of her, was a tough bird. She took down a mugger in Mexico City with a wrist lock that impressed the local Guardia Nacional. In her last years, whilst waiting for a lung transplant, she was less enthusiastic about hand-to-hand defense, what with being on oxygen, a permanent port cath and a feeding tube. She bought a spray can of whip-ass for the car, but insisted on a more assertive means of defense for the home, so I bought her a S&W 351PD in .22WMR. She test fired a box and agreed it was nightstand acceptable. She never fired it after that, although she had a regular fire drill on her calendar with snap caps and a reloader.

    My Last Wife, alas, has left her fate to a higher power and refuses to learn the basics. The 351PD is still in the nightstand, right next to my higher power, courtesy of John Moses Browning.

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