Si, Ragazzi!

Finally, a bit of good news:

Fiat has confirmed it has stopped producing cars in one particular colour – not due to a lack of demand from customers but because it doesn’t represent the brand’s ‘New Dolce Vita’ values, the Italian firm said.

And that offensive color?

As of today, the company will no longer sell grey cars.

Oh, be still my beating heart.  And why not grey?

Fiat said the decision has been made to ‘enhance the importance of colours in life, embodying the Italian way of living’.

Let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone associates the color grey with Italy or Italians.

If grey can be associated with any nation, it has to be Britishland, mostly because of their gloomy weather but also because of their instinct for self-effacement and distaste for anything that reeks of “flashy”.

And right on cue:

But the move could significantly backfire when it comes to demand for new Fiats in Britain, with grey being the nation’s most popular car colour for half a decade.

Ugh.  Enough of the gloomy greys, say I, and let’s get back to some… Italian colors.


Yeah, that’s more like it.

Progress Perhaps

We think that we’ve gotten most of the dumpster fire under control. Although I may be arranging a drone strike or seven.

How the hell this site ended up with 86,000 registered users is beyond me… So those will be getting a bit of a purge. If you haven’t commented and your account is older than about 6 months, expect it to be caught in the gassing.

That is all.

I Hate Change, But

Many of you have been experiencing hassles logging in to Comments and so on.  I’ve been having it worse, in that my access to WordPress has been severely restricted.  Here, for example, is what I experienced this morning in trying to put up a SINGLE post, in some cases multiple times:

It is without question a server issue.  I need to migrate to a dedicated server, but I can’t afford the monthly charges.

My choices are simple:

  • live with this problem and restrict blogging input
  • hang it up altogether (yes, I am that pissed off)
  • change my blogging software away from WordPress (meaning, re-format the entire Splendid Isolation blog and all posts to fit into a new engine)
  • set up a paywall (ain’t gonna happen)
  • do what Chris Muir does, and have an annual fundraiser to be able to afford a dedicated server each year.

Let me know what you think, assuming you can get to Comments.