I Hate Change, But

Many of you have been experiencing hassles logging in to Comments and so on.  I’ve been having it worse, in that my access to WordPress has been severely restricted.  Here, for example, is what I experienced this morning in trying to put up a SINGLE post, in some cases multiple times:

It is without question a server issue.  I need to migrate to a dedicated server, but I can’t afford the monthly charges.

My choices are simple:

  • live with this problem and restrict blogging input
  • hang it up altogether (yes, I am that pissed off)
  • change my blogging software away from WordPress (meaning, re-format the entire Splendid Isolation blog and all posts to fit into a new engine)
  • set up a paywall (ain’t gonna happen)
  • do what Chris Muir does, and have an annual fundraiser to be able to afford a dedicated server each year.

Let me know what you think, assuming you can get to Comments.

So Much For That

Seems as though we won’t be able to take occupation (as the rental-speak goes) until next Thursday.

Anybody know of a decent apartment complex in north- or west Plano?

As to how I feel?

New Wife, however, is of this attitude:

I’d go to the range, but all my guns are locked up at a sooper-seekrit location.

Gloves Off

So here’s a cute little thing on Twatter:

What amuses me is that the people who post shit like this are not going to be the ones throwing bricks.

Okay.  So if you’re going to resort to hurling dangerous-if-not-lethal objects at us, then you’ll have no problem with us using dangerous-if-not-lethal bullets against you?

I repeat, for the umpteenth time:  are you Leftist lunatics absolutely sure  you want to start down this road?

Happy Easter

I know, you’re asking yourself:  “Why is this atheist wishing me well over a religious holiday?”  Silly rabbits;  we’re looking at how other people  started the Easter celebrations — which, as our trip takes us to Newcaste-On-Tyne, Britishland, means…

Train Smash Women!!! (and play this as background music for this post)

And who better to kick off the parade of unfortunate choices, regrettable mistakes and foolish behavior which characterize the species, than this creature:

Is she not magnificent?  But let me not pause the entertainment:

And last, but by no means least:

That said, their dates (when they had them) were not exactly prime beef either:

I once referred to Liverpool as Train Smash Central.  If so, they have a serious challenger for the title in Newcastle.