I Hate Change, But

Many of you have been experiencing hassles logging in to Comments and so on.  I’ve been having it worse, in that my access to WordPress has been severely restricted.  Here, for example, is what I experienced this morning in trying to put up a SINGLE post, in some cases multiple times:

It is without question a server issue.  I need to migrate to a dedicated server, but I can’t afford the monthly charges.

My choices are simple:

  • live with this problem and restrict blogging input
  • hang it up altogether (yes, I am that pissed off)
  • change my blogging software away from WordPress (meaning, re-format the entire Splendid Isolation blog and all posts to fit into a new engine)
  • set up a paywall (ain’t gonna happen)
  • do what Chris Muir does, and have an annual fundraiser to be able to afford a dedicated server each year.

Let me know what you think, assuming you can get to Comments.


  1. Why can’t you simply move to a different host?

    A whois lookup shows that your domain is hosted at Dreamhost. I presume this means you host on WordPress (opensource) at Dreamhost, and not the commercial wordpress.com offering.

    Seems like you could easily transfer over to any number of other hosting platforms that also offer opensource WordPress hosting. (For example, I use bluehost, but there are countless others). I would think that it would be easier to change hosting for better performing hosting than it would be to migrate from WordPress software to a different blog software. (And if you use a different blog software on the same lousy server, you’re likely to be stuck with the same lousy performance.)

    In other words, you seem to be mad at WordPress, when it seems to me that you should be mad at Dreamhost.

  2. I’d contribute to an annual fundraiser, Kim. No problem.

    I’ve heard a couple of other bloggers curse up and down about WordPress in the past. But running other software and re-formatting everything you’ve posted might be a massive PITA and cause multiple RCOB occurrences. You might want to research that.

  3. Just logged in with no problems. Perhaps it’s your machine that has been compromised ….
    I have seen recent stories about new WordPress sites being attacked and hacked during the setup phase (something to do with TLS setup), in other words before they even go live. Clearly WordPress is a favorite target, because of it’s ubiquity.
    To answer your question, I might pay for your content, but would prefer to see you do that via Utreon or Locals or one of those methods unconnected to any kind of paywall on the site itself. See John Heisz or Ian McCollum for how to do that well.

    Sadly, the days of running a hobby site without interference from goblins and without professional help may have passed.

  4. Different host, different name, keep this trainwreck intact for reference.

  5. Looks like it is indeed the Hosting Matters server that’s the issue, and not the software (WordPress).

    Also, I just got a PM from Tech Support II, and he is in the middle of an RCOB, having tried to fix the thing for SIX HOURS last night.

    I suggest we leave that angry tiger alone for a while…

  6. Kim, these kinds of issues happen to every WordPress blog I’m aware of (Mad Genius Club, According to Hoyt, Cat Rotator’s Quarterly, etc.).

    I’m good with a fundraiser, but I’m wondering what the feasibility is of all of these blogs pooling resources to negotiate with Gab hosting, etc.

    There’s a reason for the phrase “WordPress delenda est.”

  7. Id hate to see you go. This blog is one of the last enjoyable things left on the internet.

  8. It sounds like they want to sting you for a lot of money and I’m not sure you need a dedicated server, just a better host. I use Fasthosts UK for my domains (email only, so no websites) and they charge between £5 and £20 a month for 100GB storage and unlimited data. That’s for a bare host – you’d have to install WordPress yourself. But a quick Google indicates similar fees elsewhere for WordPress hosting e.g. Siteground. Note: I have no experience with any website hosting, it’s just Google.

    That’s not a lot of money and I’m sure that your Patreons like myself already cover more than that.

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