Asking For It

Bound to happen:

Authorities will not file criminal charges against former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson after he was recorded on video punching a fellow first-class passenger aboard a plane at San Francisco International Airport last month.

You have to ask yourself about the industrial-strength Stupid in a guy who decides to pick a fight with Mike Tyson.  In close quarters.  With nowhere to run to.  Without at least one gun handy.

Has to be a Biden voter.


  1. In the nothing new category….I love stories of older guys beating the crap out of “tough guys”. Tyson reminds me of Jack Dempsey story from Manhattan before Rudy Guiliani clean up. I caught a good retelling on the interweb but google him … he did this several times …

    “ In 1973, Jack Dempsey, at 78 years old, was leaving his famous Jack Dempsey’s Broadway Restaurant, in Manhattan, to go home, when a mugger hurried into his cab after him. Before he could demand money, Dempsey turned around, socked his left hook across the man’s chin, and knocked him sprawling out of the car, out cold in the gutter. Dempsey closed the door and the cab drove off.”

  2. Similar to Buzz Aldrin a few years ago. He finally had enough of some guy half his age stalking him with the claim the moon landing was fake. Buzz hauled off and clocked him and that was the end of that.

  3. Some folks just demand to receive percussive maintenance. This clown on the airplane picked the wrong person to provoke. More of this needs to happen with Aunt Teefa, BLM, lefties etc.


  4. He’s a felon and likely barred from voting. So definitely a Biden voter.

  5. The fact that the harasser is alive and non-comatose shows remarkable restraint on Tyson’s part.

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