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There’s this (no link because paywall):

Ummm, at the risk of offending some people — and I have no truck with pro-abortion loonies harassing judges and bombing pro-life organizations, believe me — it seems that I do need to remind everyone that the anti-abortion groups have had their own nutcases in the past:  murdering abortion doctors, blockading and bombing abortion clinics and so on.

This is not a tu quoque  argument, by the way.  If someone tries to terrorize a judge for his opinion or ruling, or bombs a building, that by definition is terrorism.

Both sides stand accused.

And the “activist” media are assholes (and not just in this instance, either).

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  1. Yes, both sides stand accused. However, only one side is doing anything about it.

    On the right, the person who shoots the abortionist or burns an abortion clinic is denounced in the strongest possible terms by politicians, pastors, and other thought leaders on the right. They are cast out from among us with the hopes that they will endure justice “to the fullest extent of the law”. They get no support outside of their fellow extremists. No intellectual cover or understanding from the pundit class on the right apart from their fellow travelers. The extreme right holds no real power and are not part of the mainstream.

    The same cannot be said about the extreme left.

    On the left crickets. Summer of 2020 when multiple cities burn for months and a section of Seattle is cut off from the rest of the city and it is called “mostly peaceful” and the organizations instigating the violence are given platform to neither renounce violence nor renounce those who use it. Furgeson, MO burns for weeks and the President of the United States gives the terrorists on the left his deafening silence. The cackling hens on The View call for anyone to the right of Karl Marx to be tossed into reeducation camps to the wild applause of their room temperature IQ audience. An elected member of Congress engages in blatant anti-Semitic rhetoric and the Speaker of the House cannot even muster up a censure vote. No one denounces the violence. No one condemns the extreme left. There is simply no concept on the left of “too far”. On the left, the extremist is allowed to melt back into the crowd. The closest thing to condemnation of the left’s increasingly violent actions and nonsensical rhetoric come from two of their comedians: Bill Maher and Dave Chappelle. The rest seem to delight in giving their more violent extremists intellectual cover or simply remaining silent. Worse, those who stand opposed to the violence of the left are hounded and smeared (e.g. Covington Catholic students, Kyle Rittenhouse).

    So while I will agree that both sides stand accused, but I cannot agree that both sides are doing something about their extremists. This imbalance will lead to greater violence on the left. I fear that no matter how this USSC case plays out, things are going to get very ugly.

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