Nazzo Fast, Guido

There’s this (no link because paywall):

Ummm, at the risk of offending some people — and I have no truck with pro-abortion loonies harassing judges and bombing pro-life organizations, believe me — it seems that I do need to remind everyone that the anti-abortion groups have had their own nutcases in the past:  murdering abortion doctors, blockading and bombing abortion clinics and so on.

This is not a tu quoque  argument, by the way.  If someone tries to terrorize a judge for his opinion or ruling, or bombs a building, that by definition is terrorism.

Both sides stand accused.

And the “activist” media are assholes (and not just in this instance, either).

Decepticon Morgan

Oh dear.  It appears that Piers “Scum” Morgan has been caught with his filthy little fingers clutching the editor’s scissors:

Audio provided by former President Donald Trump’s team to Breitbart News of the end of Trump’s interview with Piers Morgan proves that Morgan and his team deceptively edited the interview to make it appear as though it was a contentious ending when it was not.

Now why would Our Piers do that?  Of course, there’s money involved:

A 30-second promotional clip that Morgan released on Wednesday afternoon seemed to show Trump flying off the handle and walking out mid-interview as a righteous Morgan asked him tough questions about his views on the 2020 election. But the full story seems to indicate that Morgan’s team deceptively edited the clips together to make it as nasty as possible for Trump—and to drive up the ratings for Morgan’s new show.

As Britain’s Greatest Living Englishman put it:

I’m actually jealous.


Some fuckwit decided that this would be a nice window display for Easter:

Let me tell you:  I’m not a Christian, and even I’m pissed off at this.  Had I been in North London and seen this, I would have:

  • gone to Primark and bought a cheap, throwaway hoodie jacket
  • found a brick or large rock somewhere
  • waited till dark
  • you can guess the rest.

I await the time when this asshole puts up a display of the Prophet Mohammed fucking a young girl, just in time for the first day of Ramadan.

For the sake of “equity”, of course.

Stop It, You’re Killing Me

…and if you live in upscale areas in Los Angeles, that might be “literally“:

Crime has risen dramatically in Los Angeles, as well as in many other major cities, since the start of the pandemic and last summer’s protests against police violence resulted in the slashing of many law enforcement budgets. News stories document rising fear across LA and crime has become the major issue in both the upcoming mayor’s election and a possible recall of the district attorney. It may not be surprising that issues of race and class are driving this concern, though they have a new twist.

Wealthy and predominantly white neighborhoods have experienced the sharpest upticks in a wide array of crimes.

It shows that the richer and whiter the area, the greater the increase in both raw crime totals and percentages of total city crime. This includes a wide range of felonies, from robbery, burglary, shoplifting and car theft to aggravated assault and rape.

California voters have moved the needle on crime in recent years. Proposition 47 decriminalized a number of theft and drug charges, making them misdemeanors, as it did several “non-violent” felonies. Voters also approved Proposition 57, which allows for early release of non-violent offenders.

Imagine that:  you vote to decriminalize all sorts of crime, and those types of crime increase and the goblins goes to where da money izz (/Willie Sutton).  Read the article for the breakdowns.

Who could have seen that coming?

Well, nobody except the 70-odd million people who voted for Trump last time around.

And stop giggling like little girls, you lot;  it’s unbecoming.

Simple Solution

In the wake of the non-event of one Black dude bitchslapping another Black dude for making fun of his wife on a live TV show that nobody was watching, we get this wail:

Today, every comedian in the U.S. is on Facebook making nervous jokes about the likelihood of Will Smith copycats walking on stage and walloping a comic over a joke that hurt their little feelings.

So?  Fight back.  Perform while wearing sap gloves or a knuckleduster.  Make a baseball bat part of your routine.

Pepper spray, stun guns, will all work, but no real guns — that might be seen as a bit extreme, and probably with some justification.

Now, I have to say that if fistfights on stage are going to be a regular feature of Oscar Nights, I might even be tempted to watch the foul event, especially if Robert De Niro gets his ass kicked or Mark Ruffalo gets a few teeth knocked out.

Or, if that’s too violent, why not “MUD WRESTLING !!!  Featuring Christina Hendricks and
Salma Hayek !!!”


I’d watch that, you betcha.


Via Insty, I see the following headline:

Sorry Joe, It’s Not ‘Putin’s Price Hike’ on Gas — It’s Yours

…and immediately a Red Curtain Of Blood rolls down over my eyes.

I know that PJMedia has from the start been a polite alternative news source (one reason why I wasn’t invited to join them, and probably never will be), but I can’t stand it any longer.  Let me parse the headline, by way of explanation.

1) “Joe” is not the correct appellation to use for this brain-dead, dishonest, incompetent liar who faked his way into high office.  “Joe” is a nice name:  “regular Joe”, “Joe The Plumber”, even “cup of joe”.  No, this bastard’s name is “Biden”, and that’s the politest name I can think of calling him.

2) “Sorry, but” is also misplaced.  That’s the term you use to correct a wayward child:  “Sorry Martha, but you can’t go out to play until you’ve finished field-dressing that hippie”, for example.  Biden is not a wayward child, however;  he’s a malevolent anti-American Communist (and did I mention “brain-dead”?).

So the correct headline, in the above instance, should have read:

Biden, You Lying Asshole:  the gas price hike is a direct result of your wrongheaded energy policy, and has nothing to do with Russia

…and even that’s too polite.  (Feel free to imagine how I would really like to say it.)