Secret Advanced Technology?

I got triggered by this (link):

A couple months back I needed a cooler trunk for a road trip — not a soft-sided freezer bag, but the kind of thing one takes on camping, hunting or fishing trips.  I haven’t had to buy one of these things in yonks, so I was completely out of touch with the whole thing, but I thought I’d just get a Coleman because I sort of know the brand and I’ve had good experiences with it in the past.  Also, I needed something in the 50-60-quart size.

So off I went to Academy because they’re located next door to my next stop, the Kroger which in turn is next door to my sooper-seekrit mailbox place.  (Efficient, that’s me.)

No Coleman.  Okay, no sweat;  here’s Igloo:

…not bad, but a little pricey, and I want a trunk, not a box.

Here’s Magellan, which is Academy’s sorta-house brand, made (as they all are) in China:

…wait, WTF?  $200 for a smaller cooler?  Any more Igloos?

FFS, two hundred and fifty dollars for a fucking cooler with wheels?  Does it come with independent suspension and power steering?

But it got worse, oh yes it did.  Try this proud Yeti number:


Okay, I said I’m out of touch with this category, but has there been some massive gain in static refrigeration technology that I haven’t heard about?  “Roadie”?  Does it come with someone to drag the thing around?

Had I wandered into REI, Whole Foods or a Ferrari dealership by mistake?

What premium-priced hell is this, where people pay this kind of money for what is, after all, a throwaway product that lasts a couple of years before the seals rot and you have to get another one?

Somebody ‘splain this to me, please.  I’m clearly just ignorant.

By the way:  I ended up getting two styrofoam coolers from 7-Eleven for $15 apiece, just put up with the styro-squeaking for the trip, then tossed them when I got home.  Job done.

Well That Explains It

Had a little email exchange with Reader Brad_in_IL, after he pointed  me to this article and asked me if I remembered any or all of the items and products (follow link to see what he was talking about).

I replied that I remembered all of them, and had in fact used all of them, to which he responded:  “Okay .. you’ll have to explain how/why you used that hair dryer !! “

And my response:

When I was a pro musician, I used to have highlights put in my hair. Monthly trip to Armando’s, one hour in the dryer.  It was the 70s, FFS.

We did a lot of stupid shit like that back then.

Train Smash Event

…annnnnd they’re off!

Yes, it’s time for the Train Smash Championship Stakes, at Aintree’s Grand National.  Sadly, though, the pics seem to have been taken before the pubs opened…


While some appeared to have not got the memo about only wearing weird and wonderful outfits…

Rather disappointing, in fact.  Maybe things will go pear-shaped later.

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Captain Obvious Comes To Town

From John Lott’s guys:

Murders occur overwhelmingly in dense urban areas, many with tough anti-gun restrictions, and far less in suburban and rural areas where firearm ownership is more common, according to a national study of killings.
“This research shows that murders in the U.S. are highly concentrated in tiny areas in the U.S. and that they are becoming even more concentrated in recent years,” said the report from John R. Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center.

You don’t say.  Next thing you’ll be hearing is that the socio-demographics of these concentrated areas are poor, overwhelmingly Black, and that the guns used to commit the murders have been stolen.

Nah, couldn’t be.  Ask any big-city mayor.

The key to all of this is climate change / racism / white supremacy / thuggish police / all the above.

Except that we all know the truth.


I was going to write a jokey post about the “10 Worst Things That Happened To Us In 2022” or something, when I realized that there was no way I was going to keep it to only ten — cf. Insty: “You’re going to need a bigger blog” — and quite honestly, I can’t find anything funny about any of them.

Nevertheless, I’ll turn it into a joke, because if I get serious, I’m going to head for a tall building in D.C. with a scoped rifle and a case of ammo.  You all know what I mean.

So here’s some of the ridiculous shit that happened this past year (no links):


the way I feel about Washington DC right now, I have mixed feelings about this.


although it may make the folks at the bank a trifle nervous when you go in to make a deposit.


even worse is that he complained that “she just lay there”.


silly Catholics, mistaking “Holy fuck!” for an activity, rather than an expression.

vagina museum?



key word:  “Scotland”Still would like to have been there, though:  sounds like a decent party.

which might explain Dennis Rodman, amongst others.

I think we’ve all had orgasms like that at least once before.

Method Acting at its finest.



the competition to see how many tampons someone can fit into their mouth will begin in 3…2…1…

more likely it’ll end breakfast through mass vomiting at the table.


throw in the West Coast with another two, and you’ve got a dealBonus if you trigger the Big One.


I got nothing;  absolutely nothing.

only the French could surrender after telling the truth.

COPS have released the mugshots of more than 30 alleged Patriot Front members who were arrested at a Pride event
now let’s play “Spot The FBI Provocateurs”.  I figure about eight, but I’m probably undercounting.

1, 3, 4, 8, 11, 17, 27 and 30.

just add money.  Guaranteed results.


sheesh, I didn’t even know that Blacks went on cruises.

yep, and OFF! is now a weapon of mass destruction.  JHC.


sure, like I’m the only one here thinking about getting some of that “cultural appropriation”.

and you’re not full of shit;  you’re excrementally crammed, you Commie bitch.


nom nom nom BBQ !  (translated from the original Bear).

leading to the inevitable:  “YOU HAD ONE JOB.”

hey, Numb-Nuts:  “Kill It With Fire!” is what’s known as “hyperbole”.

big deal; pretty much everyone at the FBI could be busted for that.

oh please:  Ukraine is more desirable than New York or California.


more to the point, we don’t need any of you assholes.  As you may soon find out.

but hanging and the firing squad are too Krool & Hartless.


of course it isn’t.  Only Whites can be guilty of hate speech.

was she trying to stop the cops from arresting her boyfriend for murder?  Yes.  Did she deserve to get punched in the face?  Also yes.


she should have bought a lottery ticket instead of hosting a double-header.

Russians not being known for their ability to swim whilst tied to an anvil.

ignore Mommy’s screams, Jimmy — she really likes it when I put it in there.

...reading to be followed soon by practical instruction, no doubt.  Fucking groomers, shoot them all.


...whatever he says, it had better be good considering all the fine poontang I’ve given him and all the life decisions I’ve entrusted him with over the years.

...and if you didn’t chortle at that headline, we can’t be friends.

I think I first saw this headline in 1968.

...or to put it another way: we’re gonna go down bonking.

...but paying for it might.

...what were they supposed to do with it?  Give it a state funeral?

...but remember: the injured have access to free healthcare.

...duh she’s not supporting Andrew, she’s reminding everyone that she knows who all the players are.


...are you fucking joking?

.lemme tell ya, that placenta stuff is a cast-iron bitch to get off upholstery.


...gotta say that this has not been my experience;  although twenty does seem to be overreaching a little.

...a little too late to help John McEnroe, but oh well.

...I’m not a military expert, but I’m pretty sure that barbed wire is not much of a defense against missiles. I the only one wishing that this headline was literally true?

And finally, December:

...yeah, how dare she interfere in her own child’s education? [/teachers’ union] had me at “French surrender”. fuck strangers for money, on camera:  what’s to misconceive?

...hey, if Russia was my next-door neighbor, I’d probably do the same.

...and if you know what a “vibrating horned penis ring” is, go and stand in the corner I had to look it up, and good grief, that’s nasty.

...I’m not sure anyone could write a more African scenario than this.

...should have welcomed him with a fucking bayonet.

...and neither are the (vast) silent majority of car owners.

And that, as they say, is the news for 2022.  Quite frankly, I’m surprised we made it all the way through.

So to cheer everyone up, here are a few recent pics of Kelly Brook:

…and one from her not-so-distant past:

Good, wholesome stuff to look at, unlike the news headlines of today.


Yeah, this kinda makes sense:

Children should get lessons in school on how to build strong relationships to counteract ‘Disneyfied’ portrayals of love

Ask any child their favorite film, and there is quite a high chance they will name a Disney movie, like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or ‘Aladdin’.

However, experts believe that these films are giving them the wrong idea about what a healthy relationship looks like.

In ‘Aladdin’, the hero whisks Princess Jasmine away from restrictive palace life, while ‘Cinderella’, ‘Snow White’, and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ all involve a young girl being saved by a ‘handsome prince’.

Yeah, in real life, Jasmine’s father’s security police would hunt down the couple, shoot the insolent little pup and take the now-deflowered houri  back to her father’s palace where she’ll be whipped for her adultery and beheaded for bringing shame to the family name.

Let’s not even talk about the “handsome savior prince” scenario.

Me, I think that Disney shouldn’t stop at “happily ever after”, but use their characters for some real-life advice, e.g.

Dealing With Nosy Room-Mates


Workplace Sexual Harassment


Everyday Grooming Tips


Building A Relationship With Your Step-Family


Finding That Perfect Sugar Daddy


Seeing as we’re living in modern times, and given that it’s Woke Disney:

Inter-Species Relationships


Sharing The Great Outdoors


Things To Do While Waiting For Your Prince To Come


When Your Prince Finally Comes


There ya go.  Coming soon [sic]  to a screen near you.