…But True

Note the censorious tone in this one:

A BIZARRE joke which aired on Australia’s Today show has left viewers in fits of laughter.  Hosts Karl Stefanovic and Sarah Abo were left flabbergasted when a young boy told an unscripted joke about vegans jumping from cliffs.

The clip is causing a stir in the US as some Tiktokers remarked it would have never been broadcast on straight-laced American telly. 

And this eeeevil joke?

“A vegan and a vegetarian are jumping off a cliff to see who will hit the bottom first. Who wins?”
“I don’t know, who wins?”

I sniggered.

There’s A Smell In The Air

…and no, it’s not the smell of cooking vegan burgers:

Britons are turning away from meat with a majority backing subsidies for plant-based alternatives, according to the RSPCA.

New figures suggest a revolution in eating habits for a nation that was previously defined by its love of roast beef and a fry-ups, with their bacon, sausages and eggs.

A study sponsored by the animal charity found 58 per cent have taken steps to eliminate or reduce their own meat consumption.

Uh huh.  I bet the study was taken in Islington, among people seen leaving vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and duh!  it’s coming from the RSPCA, hardly an unbiased organization.

That smell?  Ah yes:  it’s non-vegan bullshit.

All this, among actual data showing that vegan (i.e. fake meat) food-producing companies are in financial difficulties if not going out of business altogether, ditto vegan restaurants and so on.

But if you repeat the lie often enough, it becomes the truth.  [cf. climate change, Josef Goebbels]


Just What We Needed

Apparently, Massachusetts is going to allow topless sunbathing om Nantucket Island.

This would occasion no more than a yawn from me, ordinarily, but allow me to point out the kind of people who live on Nantucket (and other islands off the MA coast):

Not that we need any more reasons to never visit Massachusetts, mind you.

(And before anyone gets after me, let me tell you that I’ve been to Nantucket, Block and Martha’s Vineyard in summer — and if anything, the above pics are quite flattering.)


Here’s a fun little intellectual exercise:

Letting meat eaters drown is ethical because of the suffering they cause to animals, an Oxford University academic has controversially argued.

There’s nothing “controversial” about it.  His only supporters are going to be rabid vegans, and other so-called intellectuals, whereas the rest of us would drive him from the village, pelting him with stones and rotten fruit on his way out.  Apart from the chilling indifference, the application of such a judgmental credo in a life-or-death situation is not only awful but contrary to human nature.  (One can only imagine the “HHHAAATTTERRRR!” abuse that would come my way if I were to suggest that letting vegans drown under similar situations would at least lower the shrillness of society’s ambient background noise…)

That said, if I came upon said asshole burning to death in the street, I might actually pause for a moment before pissing on him to extinguish the flames, so maybe I’m not much better than he is.

By the way, here’s another little intellectual exercise for you.  Ignoring his nationality for a moment, do you think this bastard’s philosophy would be found more often in Democrat, or Republican voters?

Food for thought.

That’s Gotta Sting

Forgive me for chuckling. but this story is just too rich:

A vegan restaurant has decided to put meat on the menu after being hit by the cost of living crisis – angering many customers who are ‘saddened’ by the change. The Mango Tree in Taunton, Somerset, closed its doors on Saturday to undergo renovations including an updated menu which will include meat. They are not the only vegan restaurant to struggle in recent years due to a lack of uptake, but those who loved the plant-based values have hit out saying ‘selling meat is worse than closing’.

Yeah, easy to say when it’s not your livelihood.

‘Veganism isn’t a business venture. It’s an ethical philosophy that does the best for the animals, the planet, and public health.’

The owners, however, have the proper perspective:

The restaurant, however, insisted they were left with ‘no choice’ and said: ‘The only other option was to close permanently.  Ethics extend to the jobs and welfare of our wonderful team, to whom we owe a great deal, and another chance.’

Exactly.  Good for them, and a pox on the fanatics.

Lifestyle Choice

And there ya go:

A vegan woman convicted of murder in the malnutrition death of her young son was sentenced on Monday to life in prison.

Sheila O’Leary, 39, whose family followed a strict vegan diet, was convicted in June on six charges – first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, child abuse and two counts of child neglect – in the death of Ezra O’Leary.

Her final statement:  “At least Ezra died healthy.”  </sarc>

If there were any justice, this callous bitch would be starved to death in prison.  And by the way, she looks exactly like you think she would.