Just What We Needed

Apparently, Massachusetts is going to allow topless sunbathing om Nantucket Island.

This would occasion no more than a yawn from me, ordinarily, but allow me to point out the kind of people who live on Nantucket (and other islands off the MA coast):

Not that we need any more reasons to never visit Massachusetts, mind you.

(And before anyone gets after me, let me tell you that I’ve been to Nantucket, Block and Martha’s Vineyard in summer — and if anything, the above pics are quite flattering.)


  1. Grew up there.
    Nothing wrong inside the I495 ( I used to say 128) belt that a low yield thermonuclear device can’t fix.

    If you like rocky tree lined coasts you can find them aplenty in Maine and Cow Hampshire sans loony Boston Liberals.

    Okay, I concede I’d regret the loss of all the Greek Roast Beef joints on the North Shore, but being Assachusetts they’ll probably get around to banning those because unroasted beef causes climate global hoaxing.

  2. I’m from Massachusetts. Sadly. It’s a state full of all kinds of fucked up wierdos.

    LGBT BBQ BLT ABC 123 Plus freak shows

    We (when I say we I mean the moron liberals), just elected the first “openly gay” governor. A lesbian. What an accomplishment.

    The topless thing? This is gonna be all the disgusting pigs you don’t want to see doing this.

    Only in the movies do lipstick lesbians exist. In real life it’s 99.9 percent bull dikes that are ugly as shit.

    And if a straight female is topless, I’m gonna bet money it’s gonna be the floppiest set of tits you’ve ever seen. We are talking hanging to the knees.

    This state passes bullshit laws like this.


    What’s next? Full nude? If that happens, get ready to see some full on shrubbery style bush (as liberals don’t usually shave) and / or roast beef curtains and busted ravioli.

    Ass of two shits

    Isn’t it great my tax money supports this bullshit?

  3. There are many reasons I choose to live in the desert. Add any of those pictures to the list. Try that full nude crap here and here’s what you get: the sound of bacon frying, the smell of ham baking in the oven, and the sight of grease stains on the pavement where something melted.

    There is not enough eye bleach in the world to deal with pictures 2, 3, and 4.

  4. good for them!!! dermatologists and cancer docs will make a fortune from these imbeciles.

    Massachusetts was a great place for a while but it’s an asylum now. I can’t believe that people like Sam Adams, John Adams, John Hancock, John Parker, Sam Whittemore, etc once lived there.

    Cow Hampshire is getting over run by economic refugees from Taxachusetts who are turning NH into another Massachusetts type tax mecca.


  5. OMG! Medic! Medic! Eye bleach – stat!
    Who the heck thought it would be a good idea for the environment to let out the naked cows?

  6. I’m not exactly svelte at the moment (about 60 lbs not svelte) and #3 and #4 make me feel pretty and slender.

    And I’d still never force anyone to view my “fluff”, since I have some respect for others as well as self-respect.

  7. There once was a lad from Natucket
    Who really did not want to fuck it.
    So he moved to LA,
    Came out as Gay,
    And never touched a tit.

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