Other Priorities

I spoke of Victoria Coren a little while back, and now it’s time to call on her brother Giles, albeit for different reasons:

Giles Coren exploded with rage on social media this morning as he revealed thieves pinched his £65,000 eco-Jaguar for the second time in just three months.
The TV presenter, 51, turned detective back in April after his beloved car was stolen but police told him they didn’t have the ‘manpower to investigate’.

Of course they don’t.  Perhaps it’s because if you go on Twatter and call a footballer a nigger, the response will be dramatic, and immediate.  But to continue:

In an incredible thread, [Coren] posted pictures of his journey in tracking down the Jaguar I-Pace, which he eventually found in Highgate, north London, telling followers he ‘got his electric kitty cat back’.

Didn’t help much.  After spending a small fortune to re-key his car and change all its “anti-theft” doodads, the car was stolen again, leaving Coren in an incandescent rage.

In a furious tweet, Mr Coren wrote: ‘They’ve stolen my fucking car AGAIN!!!! Cost me three grand to reset the keys and put in a new tracking system after last time and what good does it do? FUCK ALL.
‘If you see a black Jaguar iPace reg ending JVN could you tell me? I’ll give you a million pounds.’

Giles, ol’ buddy:  if you’re going to drop a million bucks, you should rather move out of London, to a more law-abiding place like say, Reading.

I’ll give him the last word, though:

The food critic began: ‘Last night the cunts stole my new Jaguar I-Pace. So Fuck them, fuck the environment and fuck any sort of giving a shit about cars.
‘I’m buying a six year old diesel fucking Skoda and everyone can just fuck off.’

Note to the Greens:  when you’ve lost the food critics… after all, this electric car thing will soon lose its allure for other reasons.

Kill Them With Fire

Like most Africans (real ones born in Africa, not the phony Jesse Jackson kind), I have a fear and loathing of snakes.  I’ve heard all the calls that they keep the rodent population down and all that, and if the slithery little bastards kept on doing just that, I’d be fine with them.

But they don’t, do they?

It is said to feel like two sharp nails being hammered into your skin – and we can reveal that deadly snake bites are rising dramatically in a trend that is worrying experts.
An Austrian man was the latest victim when he “felt a pinch in the genital area” while sitting on his toilet at home in Graz on Monday, according to a local police report.

Wait:  Austrian?  At first I read “Australian” (which would be nothing out of the ordinary) but was stopped by “Graz” (which isn’t in Australia).  Sheesh, if the fucking things are in Austria, they could be anywhere.  And they are.

Read the rest of the article, and I hope your breakfast has settled, because otherwise you’ll be heading off to the can to puke.

Just check before you do, though:

Brrrr… I fucking hate them.

Whenever there’s a chance that I’m about to walk anywhere remotely bush-y, I carry my little NAA Mini-Revolver, and it’s loaded with .22 Mag shotshells.

I once saw a video of a snake being shot with one of these, and it was excellent:  in a split second, it went from being all hissy and strikey to totally limp — whereupon I bought about 500 rounds of the stuff.

Be careful out there.

Stomach, Sick To

This article, and the pathology it describes, fills me with all the negatives:  disgust, horror, loathing, hatred and the burning desire to lay about these people with a barbed-wire-wrapped cricket bat.

Which is surprising, because for the last twenty years or so, American girls have been raised from birth to be premium dating fodder, primed from the first whiff of puberty to be Available for Sex on Saturday Night. So why are they being ghosted in droves? Abandoned and left to die alone, clutching their pets and Warren for President signs?
You’d think these girls would be experts at snagging a mate. Years of sex ed, birth control pills, and permission to date early and often with no judgement from the grownups should have guaranteed they’d have suitors dangling from their every finger, lines outside the door, dates every night, so many engagement rings shoved under their noses they’d be blinded by the shimmering sight of all those diamonds nestled against black velvet.
What happened?

Read the whole article, but only if you have a strong stomach.

An entire generation — maybe even two — will have been corrupted almost beyond redemption.

Back To The Future

So it seems like our public buildings are no longer going to look like this:

…but rather, like this:

all because of this:

Biden Purges Non-Partisan US Commission On Fine Arts In Unprecedented Move Against Popular Classical Architecture

The commission is an independent federal agency established by Congress that advises Congress and the White House on public (civic) architecture on federal lands and in the District of Columbia. Established in 1910, its seven members are chosen from “disciplines including art, architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design,” and are appointed by the president to serve four-year terms. No commission member has ever been asked to tender their resignation before their term was up.
The Trump administration stressed classical architecture, though traditionally the issue has been non-partisan and has included such champions as former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and former Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan.
While classical architecture remains the hands-down favorite of the American public, its opponents are powerful in academia, elite architecture circles, and, it seems, in the Biden White House. Biden revoked former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Beautiful Again” executive order early in his administration, with supporters claiming classical architecture is somehow connected to fascism.

Yup, those pesky Greeks, with their Corinthian columns and friezes, were all about fascism.

Even though the word “democracy” (an Ancient Greek institution) stems from the Greek word demos, meaning “crowd”.

I’m Back

Jeez… I leave the Internet and the world alone for just a few days, and look what you guys have done — or rather, not done.

1. President Braindead is still alive, as are Wannabe-President Williebanger and the Witch of Endor Speaker of the House.  Did I not leave explicit instructions?

2.  That ginger prat Harry is still mouthing off about how shit a life he had until he married Legspread Caringslut.  All this because he’s protected by that “bonkers” First Amendment.  Had he mouthed off in similar fashion back in Britishland, he would by now have met an unfortunate “traffic accident” in some dank European tunnel just like his Mom did — and she was only bonking a rich Egyptian playboy, FFS.

3.  Only now has the Federal Bureau of Incompetence declared that the Berniebro’s attempted assassination of Republican Congressman Steve Scalise et al. was an act of “domestic terrorism”?  Next thing, all that BLM looting is going to be upgraded from “let the children play” to “aggravated shoplifting”.  I mean, where will it all end?

4.  All of a sudden, ex-Pres Trump is found to be correct in that the Wuhan flu did in fact escape from a lab in ahem, WuhanfuckingChina.  Are we going to hear all sorts of apologies and such from the media, to CDC and other assorted assholes?  Don’t hold your breath.

5.  Crime, especially violent crime, continues to soar in all the major Democrat/Socialist-run U.S. cities because their so-called “leaders” are soft on criminals and have defunded, overworked  and otherwise demoralized their police forces.  Only academics, journalists and said leaders are surprised by this;  but the people who voted these clowns into office will continue to do so.  Sic semper stupidii.

6.  As with Item 1., Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan are still alive.  Really, people.

7.  Facebook is still in existence?  Don’t you guys listen to anything I say?

Seems like certain people need a severe scolding — and I’m just the guy to do it.

Rip Hyphen Off

So Combat Controller and I went to the Fort Worth Gun Show over the weekend, and ugh.

I was looking for the stolen replacement Boomershoot rifle, and he was looking to sell a couple guns — more on that in another post.

I also needed a little ammo because that story to come later.

Ammo at gun shows has become the world’s largest ripoff.  What’s happening — and I had this confirmed by a secondary source later — is that ordinary guys are snapping up all the cheaper ammo from retail outlets like Academy, then turning it around, marking it up to nosebleed levels, and getting a table at a gun show to sell it at retail-plusplusplus prices to people who don’t buy their ammo online or who don’t know the difference.  (25 cents per round for CCI Blazer .22 LR, and don’t even ask about hunting- or self-defense ammo:  okay, the cheapest .308 Win I saw was running at $1.75 per round.)

All this in addition to the Biden/Harris-Panic gun- and ammo buying that’s going on anyway.  I estimated, by the way, that if you had the money, you could probably have put together from parts about a thousand AR-15s from what was on sale at this one show.  (And you’d need a PILE of money:  Palmetto State AR-15 lowers which cost $59 a while back were being sold for $379 by the asshole ripoff artists merchants.)  One guy boasted to CC that he’d made $40,000 in cash sales before lunch — and by the way, I saw a WHOLE bunch of “Cash Only” signs, at almost every other table.   Even if you want to sell a gun, the merchants will try to lowball you, then mark it up at least 50% and put it right back on their table.  There are no bargains to be found at gun shows anymore;  you may as well buy retail from your local Merchant Of Death.

Bottom line:  Stay away from gun shows.