Bill Bryson (yes, him again) suggests that everyone should be able to have ten things (people, concepts, activities, whatever) that they can hate, without apology or explanation.

Longtime Readers will know that I would have difficulty keeping the list to ten — as Insty would say, I really need a bigger blog to contain all the things that truly make my trigger finger itch — but if I can create universal categories of hatred, I might be able to give it a try.  Let’s see how this goes, and in no specific order, my ten hates are:

  1. Anyone affiliated with the Democrat Party since 1880
  2. The music recording industry
  3. Modern architecture (brutalism, Bauhaus etc.), its creators and practitioners (Le Corbusier, Van der Rohe, Jahn, Pei etc.)
  4. All music composed and released since 2005 — performers, producers, composers, whatever
  5. Automotive design since 1990
  6. Google — everything about it
  7. Journalists, almost without exception
  8. Anarchism and anarchists
  9. Large corporations (referred to as Global MegaCorp on these pages)
  10. Wokism.

Note that I have excluded mere irritants like astrology, veganism, libertarianism, cyclists, the 9mm Europellet and similar nonsense from the above list, because they are largely the result of stupidity rather than actual evil.

As for the list itself, however, I put it to you that if by some kind of magic all ten of those things were to disappear tomorrow, the world would be a far better place to live in.

Feel free to add your own hates, in Comments.  Remember:  no explanation or justification is necessary.

So, Here We Are

Once again, as with that tool Obama’s election, we’re looking down the barrel of a full-bore Socialist government:  Presidency, Senate and House, all controlled by the Left.

We’re fucked.

You know, when Trump was elected, the Left screamed about how eeeevil he was and how he was going to send homosexualists into ghettos, how abortion was going to be made illegal, how People Of Other Nationalities / Races were going to be eliminated, etc. etc. etc. ad  fucking nauseam.

And none of it came to pass.

However, we know exactly what happens when the Left comes to power because we’ve had a dry run already with Urkel’s presidency:  nationalized health care, gun control, higher taxes, regulatory excess and a slumping economy.

And that will come to pass — just as it did from 2009 to 2016.

We’re going to get all that again, only worse because the Marxists have become increasingly more important in the Democrat Party, and if anyone can fuck up a country, it’s Marxists:  East Germany, the Soviet Union, North Vietnam, Venezuela, pre-Pinochet Chile… the list goes on and on.

The only difference this time is that while Urkel was a slam-dunk for two terms, Biden/Harris won’t be.  Unless the Marxists load the ballot boxes again.

Basically, we have to endure two full years of shit, and maybe — just maybe — the mid-term elections will shift the House back to Republican control and we can fight a holding action.  Unless the Marxists load the ballot boxes again.

And that’s assuming we can find somewhere a decent successor to the Trump philosophy — and I have to say, I’m not filled with optimism that we can.  If we do, however, then we have a slight chance of reversing the shit-show of the next four years.

Unless the Marxists load the ballot boxes again.

Tragic Waste

It’s bad enough when the Chinkvirus causes a city to close its pubs a whole ten days before Christmas (thanks, Wuhan and the CCP!), but then there’s this:

Tomorrow’s closures will force pubs to pour five million pints down the drain. 

Laugh if you will, but that right there can be blamed on the Chinkvirus — well, also on the poxy BritGov who are acting like terrified kindergartners — but it’s all a bit much, really.

I need to call TrueBrit’s hubby to commiserate.  Not to mention this horrible news:


Making Celebrities Out Of Scum

Here’s (yet another) reason why I believe in the death penalty:

I always have arguments about this issue with people (e.g. Reader Quentin) who state that the problem with the death penalty is that occasionally (actually, hardly ever) the wrong people are executed for a crime they didn’t commit.


On the other hand, you have situations like the above Yorkshire Ripper’s imprisonment, which basically turned into some kind of grotesque holiday camp which, I think we all agree, is appalling for everyone except the fucking murdering bastard.

So can I make a wee suggestion, here?  If we aren’t going to execute assholes like this (and I still support that), can we at least make sure that their lives behind bars are a living hell?  I’m thinking of solitary confinement as practiced in Pelican Bay:  no visitors, no entertainment like TV, one hour’s exercise per day (also in isolation), the most basic of diets (water, bread, maybe some fruit).

In other words, there has to be a great deal of punishment involved for someone found guilty of killing over a dozen people, rather than turning him into some kind of folk hero and celebrity.  And I find it appalling that the State has to spend a great deal of money just to keep some unworthy scumbag alive.  If the government is going to throw money around like that, then fuck it:  calculate how much money it will take to keep him alive, shoot him in the back of the neck, and give that money to the victims’ families.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s much better than the above travesty.

Quote Of The Day

From Stephen Green:

“The only states that couldn’t seem to count their ballots on time, the only states where the allegedly dead rise to vote, the only states where turnout in places apparently exceeded the number of registered voters, the only states reported by whistleblowers for ignoring their own laws on accepting mail-in ballots, the only states that keep finding substantial numbers of new ballots, the only states with reports of substantial numbers of destroyed or lost ballots, the only states where we see reports of thousands upon thousands of ballots that are marked only for Joe Biden and no other candidates in any other race…
…all of these things are happening only in states where the outcome was ever in doubt.”

Strange, isn’t it?  Also, a reminder to read this, and put it into context.

3 Inexplicable Things About Modern U.S. Elections

As observed in November 2020:

  • At least half of the population seems to be okay with living under a socialist government.
  • It doesn’t matter if you hold huge rallies for thousands of exuberant followers;  unless their pickup trucks are also loaded with thousands of fraudulent ballots, you’re still going to lose.
  • Some conservatives still vote for the Libertarian Party, proving that the Left doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid ivory-tower idealists with an impractical, doomed-to-fail  ideology.

Feel free to add the things you’ve learned, in Comments.