Monday Funnies

Oh yay… the first Monday of 2021.  Elsewhere will be a short description of the little bits of bastardy directed at Yours Truly before the last midnight chimes of 2020, but for now, let us just contemplate the four years stretching before us.

Yeah, I know:  overstretch to compare the forthcoming Democrat-Socialist presidential term to the Nazi occupation of France in 1940-1944.  Let’s see how that turns out.

So to lighten the mood somewhat:


And now, let’s hear it from the other side, the hippies and peaceniks:

One last flashback:

Now let’s get on with 2021… [sigh]

Monday Funnies

Happy Monday, y’all:

The only good thing about this Monday is that it’s the start of a four-day week. So let’s have a few fast giggles:

…I fucking wish.


And as for this tart:

Still, if you going to look like anyone… I mean, she could have looked like that Bruce/Kaitlin Jenner man/woman. [no Jenner pic because Mondays are bad enough]