Reality Check

Prompted by Insty’s article about journalism:

Nobody ever became a journalist in order to become popular. The broad-stroke portrayals in movies and novels taught us, accurately enough, that journalists tend toward the coarse, vulgar, impudent and nosy. For many years, journalists were generally admired for those attributes in the way that the beef butcher is admired for the scars on his hands.

But thanks, in part, to a fall in status, as well as ever-irrational attacks from politicians like Donald Trump, today’s journalists routinely experience ridicule and harassment at public events like rallies and demonstrations. They’re not precisely pariahs in the new environment, but they’re no longer considered heroes in many places. Journalists don’t deserve any special pity, it should be noted. Police officers, teachers and even doctors often suffer more from the slings and arrows of the mob. But for journalists, the fall has been spectacular and seems never-ending.

Oh boo-hoo-hoo.  And:

“Every mainstream media narrative of the last five years has been wrong, if you really think about it, or skewed or morphed into something,” Adam Carolla said. “They’ve been wrong. And not wrong around the edges… there’s always wrong around the edges. They’ve been flat-out fucking wrong about all of it.”

“If you were to talk to some of the people who reported it, they would be confused,” Dr. Pinsky added of journalists who cannot be shamed for their egregious errors.

…so I created this:

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We Knew That

Background:  the Irish government decided to resettle a few hundred “asylum seekers” in this small town, but the locals didn’t want any part of it.

Needless to say, a bunch of antifa types and journalists [lots of overlap] converged on the scene to break up the protest, because antifa is all about mostly peaceful protesting, you know.

“Wait a minute, Kim,” you may say,  “how can you say there’s overlap between antifa thugs and the media?”

Ummm well, there’s this:

A small group of men arrived in the afternoon of Saturday April 6th to the old Crown Paints Factory in Coolock which is being picketed by locals opposing the plantation of up to 1000 asylum seekers there. They arrived to counterprotest and take footage.
According to video and our sources, the men were told to leave as they allegedly posed a risk to the women and children at the protest.
When they wouldn’t move on, they were apprehended by the locals, had their flags seized, and forced to vacate the area.

You say:  “All well and good;  but what’s that got to do with that ‘overlap’ you spoke about?”

Here we go:

Some of the protestors dropped their mobile phones, unlocked, at the scene, along with other belongings such as driver’s licenses and UK identification.
The protestors reviewed the content of the phones to delete any invasive content that had been recorded.
On one phone, which seems to belong to a mainstream journalist, would appear to show a concerning level of cooperation between various media sources, NGO workers, and prominent antifa operatives in both Ireland and the UK.

Wow:  terrorsymps among the media;  who’d a thunk it?

Yeah, I can’t wait for The Glorious Day either.

Gotta Be A Good Thing, Then

Whenever the Left goes all Hair On Fire, that generally means good things are happening.  Take this little bit of news, for example:

After it was announced Monday that local businessman and Sinclair Broadcasting Group executive Chairman David Smith had rescued The Sun with plans to revitalize it to a robust status, the left is apoplectic.

Why? Sinclair, the local news behemoth Smith runs, has been accused for years of tilting right. Based on the hissy fits pitched by the AP, the Baltimore Banner (an online site started after the Alden purchase), CNN, The New York Times, and The Washington Post, it seems like journalists would rather the paper die all together than be run by someone who’s not a leftist.

Well, duh;  if the Left can’t control something, they try to destroy it (see:  Donald Trump).

And if, Lenin forbid, that change may tend towards conservatism, the screaming will ratchet up exponentially.

And so it happened in this case.

CNN reacted the way you’d expect. Oliver Darcy, their deranged liberal media hall monitor, whined in his media newsletter that it’s a “deal that has set off alarm bells” since Smith’s local stations around the country “has previously inserted right-wing editorial segments into its local news broadcasts.”

Writing on Threads and X, NPR media writer and former Sun reporter David Folkenflik huffed that Smith was dismissive of the Sun’s journalism and “deflected questions about his own political activities.”

He also seethed that Smith has been a major funder of GOP candidates; more recently he has funded far-right outfits like Project Veritas and Turning Point USA & financed local ballot initiatives.

Folkenflik made sure to take a swipe at Sinclair stations: “Sinclair…has pulled the news coverage and commentaries on those stations markedly to the right, ultimately becoming quite supportive of Trump.”

Oh noes… I see the End Of Democracy all over this one.  That, or the End Of Civilization As We Know It.

Who knows?  The Sun  may even turn out to be a decent newspaper.

Teacup, Storm In

I see that the silly Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone Magazine  is having his pee-pee whacked for the cardinal sin of saying (supposedly) that Black artists are not as articulate as their White counterparts.

I’m reminded of the priceless Frank Zappa quote (about Rolling Stone  itself), and I’m going by my admittedly-creaky memory:

“Rock journalism can be described as people who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t speak, aimed at people who can’t read.”

I always thought that Rolling Stone  was a silly magazine, aimed at White rock ‘n roll fans, mostly talking about White musicians.  Their lists of the “Greatest [whatever]” were apparently written by people aged 18 who had no idea of any music that had been released any more than two years before they turned 16, if that.

And Wenner himself was nothing more than a rock groupie, his magazine giving him the backstage pass to all the top bands’ acts.  He was an inconsequential player in a silly age, and why anyone would want to read, let alone buy his book will remain a mystery.

Stop The Presses

I’d actually never read the Washington Free Beacon paper before, so imagine my surprise when I saw this breathless headline on their website:

Curious to see why anyone would actually give a flying fuck about this topic, I read on and discovered this amazing feat of investigative journalism into Tom’s latest squeeze.  First, there’s her Twitter/X label:

I’m thinking that’s a clue right there, but let’s not get blinded by evidence like that.  (I mean, should we trust Twitter/X at all?)  What else?  Oh yes, there’s Veronika Rajek’s picture on her Instagram page:

Well, if that isn’t proof that the Joooz control world banking, the diamond and gold business and everything, then what is?

Here’s my actual question:  why would anyone waste valuable time and space “investigating” this situation? 

Listen, Tom Brady Superbowl hero once married to some Brazilian model etc. etc.  But in the grand scheme of things, now that he’s retired from throwball, he’s about as relevant as last week’s rice pudding.  (Sorry Tom, but it’s true.  You matter less than Vivek Ramaswamy, who is reputedly of Indian descent.)

Anyway, for one more example of excellent journalism, there’s this little snark:

Brady recently un-retired from football and then un-married supermodel Gisele Bündchen, whose Germanic name and Brazilian heritage have us wondering what her grandfather was doing during the Battle of the Bulge. Other than winning his eighth Super Bowl, dating a Zionist smokeshow would be the ultimate rebuke to the vegan shiksa who tried to ruin his life. Maybe Veronika will even let him eat a cheeseburger.

What a pointless fucking piece of trash this Washington Free Beacon is, and its staffer, one Tim Rice, needs a swift kick in the balls for putting this piece of utter nonsense in a newspaper.

I won’t be going back.  And nor should anyone else.

Here’s one more pic of Miss Rajek, only without that offensive Jooo symbol around her neck:

I can’t imagine why ol’ Tom would want to bonk her, myself.  [exit, drooling]