5 Worst Things About The Impeachment Trial

Ranked in order of heinousness:

  • No pole dancing allowed in the Senate chamber
  • When the Senate tosses this shit out on its ass, the screaming from hair-on-fire Leftists will be so loud and shrill that dogs will have to wear hearing protection
  • Schiff and Nadler won’t be publicly hanged in the Rotunda when Trump is cleared
  • Nor will Nancy Pelosi
  • The Democrat Socialist Electoral Clown Show will once again dominate the news cycle

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Hoofbeats? Yup, Definitely

“It is called a manicure after all!”

Actually, “manicure” has nothing to do with men.  It derives from the Latin word manus (hand).  But if only ignorance were the biggest of my complaints.

Great Jupiter’s Ravished Anus.

“I like having a new way to express myself,” Cusick tells The Post. “My wife gets her nails done regularly, and after I started painting my nails at home, she suggested I come along with her. I see celebrities doing it all the time.”
Cusick opted for black nails with a skull design that he found on Instagram under the hashtag #guynails, which has more than 1,400 posts. Next month, he plans to go back to get “something book-themed” for a publishing party.
“I’m already a bit obsessed,” Cusick says. “I’ve always been comfortable with fashion that’s not stereotypically masculine. This just feels like a natural extension of that.”

I feel queasy just having read the article.