Nothing Wrong

Quite a rumpus has ensued following this man’s gentle reminder that private property is, in fact, private:

A homeowner has divided opinion by coming up with a unique method to stop people taking a shortcut across his front lawn.
CCTV footage posted on TikTok shows several people getting soaked by an automatic sprinkler if they get too close to the man’s house.

At the heart of all of this is the extended form of socialism which gives people the “right” to disregard someone else’s property rights just because it’s a “shortcut” (i.e. they being too lazy to walk an extra few yards along the sidewalk).

And if a mild soaking seems outrageous, consider anti-personnel mines, which ia what I might have considered in his situation.

Well Deserved

I have always loved Michael Caine’s acting work — whether his debut starring performance in Zulu, followed by Alfie, Educating Rita, Get Carter, and of course the exquisite Second Hand Lions, among countless others.

In fact, Caine has been one of the hardest-working actors of his, or any, generation — his first appearance on screen was in 1946 — so if Sir Michael has decided to pack it in at the ripe old age of 88, then good for him, say I.

What I always liked about Michael Caine was that he never forgot his roots — growing up in absolute poverty in London’s East End, he remained rooted in reality and unlike so many others, he never let the Hollywood bug get its claws into him.

I think I have more than a few of his movies in my DVD collection — ah, I see Zulu, Harry Brown, Pulp and Little Voice., not to mention appearances in A Bridge Too Far and Battle of Britain... choices, choices, choices.


Over There across the Pond, some people are getting all pissed off because a 300-year-old “shock jock” — apparently the Brit equivalent of Howard Stern [who?] — had the temerity to refer to TV Chef Gordon Ramsey’s plump young daughter, as she was competing in the ghastly “Dancing With Someone Or Other” Brit TV show, as “a chubby little thing”.  Here she is in the show, for reference:

Needless to say, all Steve Allen’s LGBTOSTFU co-workers are in a tizzy and want the man fired.

And as if that weren’t enough, some other fatties [not part of the show]  are testing the suspension system of the bandwagon by jumping on it, most notably this land whale:

…who invited Allen to “kiss her big juicy arse“.  (He won’t, of course, because he’d disappear in those vast wastelands quicker than Scott of the Antarctic.)

And all for telling the unvarnished truth.