News Roundup

Oy… the news has been particularly awful over the past few days.  Except for this snippet:

which is newsworthy only because of its unexpectedness.

But the rest has been the customary shit show.

not to brag, but my Butterball is already in the freezer, on the advice of some old contacts in the supermarket business. Do ye all likewise.

the really awful thing is that Mummy Dearest hadn’t taught him how to spell his name before he started school.

From the Heart Of Stone Department:

and on his way to court, even, thus saving us all the cost of the formality trial.

what was the middle bit, again?

From the annals of WTF SEX?

it should be noted that the boys’ parents also need a good talking-to.

I would suggest that the old goat be tied to a chair so that he can be beaten to death by the townspeople, but someone is no doubt going to have a problem with this.

It’s All A Load Of Old Bollocks
until the next study comes out.

and he was so upset, he won the race.

and my Five Worst such books were once regarded as too over-the-top.



and if my own wife felt the same way, she’d be bonking every guy in the street, because:


  1. Re: Mum’s fury – at my 1st radio gig we did a weekly public service program where I’d interview someone from the school district. One week it was the parent of a kid who’d benefited from the district’s literacy initiative. Little Johnny had improved quite a bit but it was still a struggle. I related an experience of my own. As a yewt I had a devil of time learning to read. My parental units manufactured some flash cards with simple words on them, arrayed in simple combinations & phrases on the kitchen table each morning. I’d be required to get thru them before breakfast. They’d help me sound it out but I had to do the work. It took a week or two, and then it was water downhill.

    I suggested to Johnny’s mom she give it a whirl. She was aghast. “I’m not a teacher! That’s what I send him to SCHOOL for!” Mom of the year.


    How about “twerps” “idiots” or “vermin”?

  3. When my lady experiences angst wondering whether a sex act is “normal “, I calmly assure her that “Don’t worry, dogs do it.”

    It’s worked so far.

    1. Tracy Cox’s article in the Daily Mail about what is or is not true in matters sexual left out the greatest myth maker of all, “Dr.”* Alfred Kinsey. His two seminal books are almost certainly based solely on his fantasies of a new society where he wasn’t the freak. His raw data has never been released. When people from eighty years ago refused to answer his questionnaires, he included as “Married people” people who had lived together six months or more, and heavily surveyed men in prison, and the New York Homosexual community.

      * A doctorate in entomology based on studying wasps does not qualify one to teach, research and write on human sexuality, any more than degrees in Business and Law makes one an expert on income tax preparation.

  4. I’m glad that Rittenhouse’s assailants can be accurately described however I hope this is setting the ground for the prosecutor to have grounds for appeal or retrial.

    In regards to education or glorified baby sitting as the public school systems have become, I believe there was an article a while back about a student in the Baltimore school system that had a 0.29 GPA or something and he was near the top of his class. The parents are responsible for the education of their children and they should be holding schools accountable for their part in the miseducation of these yoots. The problem is that these parents are so ignorant that they don’t even realize that their children are ignorant too. The teacher’s unions then protect the administrators and teachers creating absurd curricula that are not designed to education anyone. The education industry needs a complete overhaul starting with the removal of those who have made this system so atrocious.


    1. You’re dead right but the root of the problem I reckon is parents not taking ownership of their offspring’s education and I have no idea how to solve that.

      1. Maybe we should be able to walk into any store and buy a gun without any paperwork, but you gotta have a license and a permit to have kids.
        To get them, a couple will take lengthy classes, and they will be tested on the material.

      2. As long as “free” public schools exist lazy/stupid parents will continue to use them as daycare facilities. The public school performance was poor when I attended, 1960-1972, and has gotten much worse since and will continue to worsen. In spite of that fact, because the public schools are “free” the lazy/stupid will use them. Eliminate the “free” schools and you’ll eliminate the problem or poor performance, or cut way back on it.

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