News Roundup

And speaking of cuts, we have some news from the Dept. Of Education:

...I’d suggest “Gender Studies” (or “Anything” Studies), but then I’d be accused of being a hater.

...wait, there are still some male teachers out there?

And from The Great Cultural Assimilation Project©:

In other International News:

...I really, REALLY hope that this was a deliberate act of assassination (by the Izzies, the CIA, Iranian dissidents — anyone, I’m not fussy who), and not just some mechanical failure in the chopper.

...seems as though a lot of countries are having problems with ‘coon invasions.

And on this side of The Pond, although not necessarily in the U.S.A.:

And in the Dept. Of Irony:

...this almost rivals “AIDS Cure Found In Dolphin Livers” as a headline.

In the Sexual Confusion Dept.: the surprise of nobody except the Raving Loony Party.

And in Political News:

...I would imagine during the next Democrat Socialist Administration.

...see, if she’d just married him first...

And in Entertainment News:

...and no, it never fucking ends.  Until they go out of business.

...£££££££££££ $$$$$$$$$$$$ €€€€€€€€€€€€ ?  Mind you, it’s not ALL bad:

...even though I STILL wouldn’t recognize any of their songs if my life depended on it.

Time for some more  


...and “Who she?” you ask:

...good grief, no man should.

And to get all that scrubbed from our brains, we’ll take a drive down :

...we’ve seen her before, and here she is again:


And on that low-cut note, we end the news roundup.

Speed Bump #754

Ripped from the headlines:

FFS.  You mean, “…left us standing for hours”?

Once again, in the words of the late great Tony Dennis Farina:  “You guys invented the language;  why don’t you fucking speak it?”

News Roundup

And to help with yer digestion, some news from the Dept. of Education:

...yee haaa.

And speaking of boners:

...of course she wasn’t.  She was just showing a Gen Z pupil the facts of life, all part of a rounded belly  education.

...keyword: Mahinarangi.

And speaking of motherhood, there’s some Election News:

...what, they’re using moms to print the fake ballots now?

...Insty’s being sarky, Insty is.  As is Sarah:

From the Sweet Dreams Dept.:

...meanwhile, over in the U.S.A. on that date:

In the Hearts Of Stone Dept.:

...ethnic background of our amputee not mentioned, but...


And finally:

...probably because they lead miserable lives?  Just a wild guess.

Speaking of miserable little bitches, here’s the Media News: short do you want the answer to be?

And in the EVERYBODY PANIC !!! News:

...[insert “Islam” joke here]

And in Entertainment News:

...something about being “too figure-conscious” , I think.  Anyway, at least she’s free from all those silly Disney rules and can start to enjoy her life a little:

...keyword:  Dublin.

…and: two words:

And in the latest 

And living in :

...why am I having trouble believing her?  Anyway:

And that’s it for the Roundup.

My Daily Earworm

I am normally an even-tempered man, despite what you may have heard or incorrectly deduced from my feverish rants on these very pages.  But I do have an extremely low irritation threshold, which gives the lie to the above.  Allow me to illustrate the point.

I generally wake up in the morning a little after New Wife leaves for work, or a considerable time later if I had a late night.

Whatever the time, my first activity after leaving the bedroom is to make myself a cup of coffee, and some explanation thereof is in order.

Because I am often concentrating on writing this blog, I often forget about the coffee, yea even though it rests but a few inches from my hand.

So a while back, I decided to take action to remedy this circumstance, and started using an insulated metal mug (cheap, from Academy).  It works really well, but here’s where the problem starts.

You see, after I’ve dumped my sugar in the coffee, I tap the spoon three times on the rim lightly, to shake off any extraneous sugar granules into the coffee.  And the musical sound the spoon makes on the full metal cup is exactly same as the opening three chords of the Kingsmen’s horrible Louie, Louie song.

So those opening chords make it almost impossible for me not to continue humming the whole bloody intro, and that makes:  EARWORM.  Which persists in its brain-rattle until I can sit down and open up a decent song video on EwwwChoob and banish the fucking thing from my consciousness.

Until I make myself a cuppa the next morning, whereupon the whole bloody thing starts all over again.

And of all the songs ever written, I would submit to the jury that Louie, Louie  is quite possibly the worst earworm material of all time.

I know, I know:  “But Kim,”  you may ask (and quite reasonably so), “all you have to do is to stop tapping your spoon on the rim!” 

Might as well expect me not to snarl every time I see Jane Fonda’s face on TV, or not to start playing with my M4 bayonet when Chuck Schumer makes the news.

No, I’m afraid that this particular habit is far too deeply ingrained for me to stop it just like that.  Of course, were I actually awake when I stagger into the kitchen then I might be able to consciously forestall the tapping, but that would be to miss the whole point of making coffee so soon after getting out of bed.

Hence my irritation first thing in the morning.  Don’t blame me;  it’s the fucking Kingsmen’s fault.

I’m getting grumpy just thinking about it.