News Roundup

Short and not so sweet, even though it’s the weekend:

more warnings from “experts”.  Feel free to ignore, as I will.

I’m just surprised, based on what I saw in Brussels many years ago, that it’s as low as that.

you mean, into still-greater chaos.  The situation, in a nutshell:

but you would get rather different results if the sample was drawn from “Big Tech management”.

yeah, good luck with that, Murdoch-spawn.

and in your case, that would be entirely true.

what I don’t like about this is that I’d also be added to the list just for calling a Democrat congressman a Commie cocksucker when he sat down next to me.

And finally:

you filthy animal, subjecting your poor girlfriend to such punishment.  Also:

…so I’ll just put a random [uh-huh]  pic in here to highlight the man’s predicament [sic] :

News Roundup

Commentary will be short, like Mrs. Borat.

which means I’m pretty much fucked, then.

And in a (possibly) unrelated event:

Covid, cancer, HPV, whatever;  you’re always gonna be at risk with this creature anywhere near your zip code.

not an actual headline, just LOL.

and as they say:  “Owe the bank ten thousand dollars, you have a problem.  Owe the bank $300 million, and THEY have a problem.”

ya think?

And speaking of imbeciles:

I actually know the solution to this, and it doesn’t involve shooting all the Colorado Democrat lawmakers.  It does, however, require shooting all ex-California transplants / refugees in Colorado, but someone’s doubtless going to have a problem with this.

ah yes, those were the days, when men were men and not sorta-women reminiscing about when they were still men.

uh huh.  He’ll just go with the old-time Democrat initiatives like higher taxes, civilian disarmament, more regulations and such.

a.k.a. First World Problem, as can be seen in the pic below of this hellhole (right-click to embiggen):

uhhhh I’ve got some news for you, son:

I think we’re gonna have all the weapons we need, as the Biden Brigade will find out when they try mass confiscations.  (And yeah, I know that’s not what he meant.)

And lastly:

…no link because you’ll probably want to eat at some point today.  Instead, here’s a home-decoration idea:

…or else, a blast from the past:

News Roundup

With commentary shorter than a female hobbit.

long on warning, short on details, e.g. how long should you abstain from that single malt?  One day, two weeks, forever?  (If forever, count me out:  I’ll take my chances with the Chinkvirus.)

and yet (speaking of sculptures of giant cunts) I find this less disgusting than the idea of adding Obama to Mount Rushmore.

remind me again how wonderful modern cars are.

and while you’re there, remind me again how much I hate the music business.

our latest entry in the “guess the scumbag’s race” competition.  Also from Chicago:

(that would be 0.35% in the blue dot, btw:  14 out of 4,018)

with the predictable outcome.  What makes this interesting is that the rozzers arrested and imprisoned the wrong people for the murders.

Veganuary and Dry January?
oh dear, I forgot.  Which reminds me, I need to slice up the biltong and get a fresh case of gin.

even allowing for Titsy’s hyperbole, I still got a thrill running down my leg.

which reminds me of the old bridge joke:  “If you’ve got a good hand, you don’t need a partner.”

And finally…

wait, Roller Girl is 50?  OMG I’m getting really old.