Drag Racing

Not the fun NHRA or IHRA stuff we all know and love, but the corporate race to sponsor drag queen events for kids:

Wells Fargo, Target, Hewlett-Packard, and CitiBank are sponsoring an event in Boise, Idaho, that will feature child drag performers.

The Boise Pride Festival will have an event called “Drag Kids on Stage.” The description reads, “You have watched the queens and kings, now it’s time to see the kids.”

It goes on to call the performances “a drag show like none other” and notes that those between the ages of 11 and 18 will be performing.

Well now, isn’t that special?  And by the way, the list of corporate sponsors is much longer — follow the link to see who else is involved.

I currently bank with Wells Fargo (because they bought out my old bank), but as soon as Nolan Ryan’s RBank comes to Plano, I will be gone as fast as my feet can carry me.

Update:  Yeah, baby.

Another Added To The List

There is no limit to the micro-managing that a Blue state can descend to:

The bill — Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair — prohibits discrimination based on natural and protective hairstyles, including braids, locks, twists and Bantu knots. It also blocks Bay Staters from being denied employment or educational opportunities due to their hairstyles and textures.
Gov. Baker described the nexus of the CROWN Act as a “citizen movement,” started by a “very small number of people in which the right thing to do became clearer and clearer the longer the discussion went on.”


And while we’re there, some old-fashioned ones:


And of course, my old favorite style chart: