Incomprehensible Witch

Over at Taki’s place, Ted Dalrymple takes aim (metaphorically speaking;  he’s a Brit) at some total loony university professor:

Professor MacCormack’s book defeated me, not only sapping my will to read further but inducing a state almost of catatonia.  It certainly cured me, at least temporarily, of my obsessional desire to finish any book that I have started.  Her style made  The Critique of Pure Reason  seem as light and witty as  The Importance of Being Earnest.  She appears to think that the English plural of manifesto is manifesti rather than manifestos;  I admit that it conjured up in my mind a new Italian dish, gnocchi manifesti.
Open the book at any page and you will find passages that startle by their polysyllabic meaninglessness combined with the utmost crudity.  By chance, I opened the book to page 144 and my eye fell on the following:

The multiplicity of becoming-cunt as an assemblage reassembles the tensors upon which it expresses force and by which force is expressed upon its various planes and dimensions.

And Dalrymple notes:

I have known deteriorated schizophrenic patients to speak more sensibly and coherently than this.

No kidding.  Let’s take a look at this paragon of literacy, shall we?

…and not in drag:  

This Oz bint is, and I quote:  “a professor of continental philosophy at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, England” (whatever “continental philosophy” may be).  Also, Anglia Ruskin University is not part of Cambridge University, but a separate school with campuses scattered across several towns, Cambridge being but one of them.

One wonders what John Ruskin (after whom it’s named) would think of this example of its academic excellence.


Hell To Pay

Seen as part of this article:

“The real question is not whether Trump will leave office in the event that he loses, but whether Democrats will accept the result if he wins.”

Hell, they didn’t accept his election in 2016, so expect the Loony Hysteria Switch to be pushed from 10 to 15.

It may involve mass rioting — worse than at present — and overt rebellion.  Clean yer guns and make sure of your ammo stocks:  this could get interesting.

Simple Explanation

Many tears have been shed (tears of laughter, but nemmind) over this report:

Pro-Black Lives Matter mayor calls attack on her house “domestic terrorism”
Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby has been a loud supporter of Black Lives Matter, and the related protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police department—but she has since changed her tune after her home was vandalized by protesters.
Selby referred to the vandalism as an act of “domestic terrorism” following a siege of her house.
Selby, who was among the first Democratic leaders to take a knee for the protest movement, says she had difficulty processing the violence after rioters struck her neighborhood on Friday.

Try not to burst out laughing or choke on your morning’s Bloody Mary when you read the whole sorry tale.

I can explain it simply for Herronner.

  1. Despite your possessing ladyparts, to the public at large (and especially to the BLM / Pantifas), you are The Man.  Da Mayor(ess).  The Head Cheese.  The Establishment.  Of course they’re going to target you, despite all your kowtowing [sic]   and prostration.
  2. You didn’t have any kind of property protection in the form of security guards or [shudder]  off-duty policemen to protect your property, despite the fact that you’re a high-profile target (see 1. above).  Whether this was because you hate the police / don’t think you should need them / think your house is protected by its dome of Magic Pixie Dust is all irrelevant.  Mobs prefer marshmallow houses to fortresses.
  3. All the public prostration actually made it more likely that you were going to be a target, and the fact that you are probably anti-gun personally made you even more vulnerable.  (Ask yourself this, Cheryl:  have you read any reports of similar acts of “domestic terrorism” being inflicted on, say, former TexGov Rick Perry’s house?  No?  Perhaps it’s because these “social justice warriors” know that Perry would use his eeeevil AR-15 assault rifle (that nobody needs) to turn their worthless bodies into colanders should they try.  Maybe you should take a leaf from his book.  Just sayin’.)
  4. The expression  “When it’s a matter of seconds, the police are only minutes away”  is not just a clever-dick mantra of Deplorable Gun Owners;  it’s a fact of life.  And should you go along with the other Commiesymp (i.e. Democrat) big-city mayors and decide to “defund” your Olympia P.D., those minutes will turn to hours, and  what happened to you is going to get worse.  And to your neighbors, not that you would care about those peasants.

You stupid bitch.  Enjoy reaping the whirlwind from the winds you so blithely sowed.


I see that the Usual Suspects are demanding the removal of all those Rebel hero statues in Tennessee.  But where it gets funny is that they’re talking about replacing them with “real” Tennessee heroes — or in this case, a heroine:  Dolly Parton.

Now, I have to say, the idea has a certain appeal.  I mean… Dolly?


The problem, of course, is that dues-paying members of the Insane Clown Posse are also the feminazis, to whom a statue featuring Dolly’s ummm  assets would be yet another victory for the Eeevil Drooling Patriarchy or some such bullshit.  Which means that Dolly’s “approved” statue would be more likely to look something like this:

…for a twofer, in that the Extremist Muslim Asshole Mob would also be appeased by the covering up of The Whore Parton’s body.  Ugh.

I think I’ll just post another pic or three of Dolly, just to make us all feel better.

Yeah, the hell with that old Klansman, Nathan Bedford Forrest;  in fact while we’re about it, let’s dynamite that stupid Statue Of Liberty, and put up a Statue Of Dolly, using that last pic as a model.  Because if that pose doesn’t say “Welcome!”, nothing does.

Fiddling Time?

As NYFC seems to be about to crash and burn, and given that the situation seems to be echoing in other large, similarly-Democrat-governed cities and states around the country, it raises rather an interesting discussion point.

Should the federal government even get involved?  (That explains the hidden Nero reference in the title, by the way.)

In the first instance, we all know that as a federal republic, the states have a great deal of autonomy when it comes to various policy initiatives and experiments — the famed laboratories of democracy of which USSC Judge Louis Brandeis once spoke.  Logically speaking (I know, I know), should a state like New York have no problem with abolishing the NYPD, should it not be regarded as such an experiment?  Ditto Seattle, where Pantifa seems to have created an enclave within the city and declared it a Soviet collective or something.  In both cases, the attitude of these states’ respective governors is best characterized by a “boys will be boys” laissez-faire response.

My question is:  in the absence of any state action, is there a compelling reason for the federal government to step in and end such experiments?

I’m not sure there is.  And yes, there’s a certain degree of Schadenfreude  involved, in that I know that this foolishness will end in tears;  but at the same time, I also have a kind of Let Africa Sink attitude towards the whole thing — as long as when the cities implode, the federal government is not expected to be part of either the deconstruction of said stupidity, nor the mini-Marshall Plan that will be required to rebuild the fools’ paradises.

The question arising from the above, therefore, is:  as the nation’s economy has greatly decentralized away from the large urban centers, are cities still that important to our country?  Strip away the romantic public relations veneer, and I think we can find that they aren’t.

Take Wall Street, for example.  With the growth of the Internet and the ability to conduct stock trades remotely, i.e. away from the actual floor of the NYSE, I can think of no compelling reason why the stock exchange should occupy any real estate at all.  The importance of New York as a financial center is not what it was, say, in the 20th century, and if the Wuhan virus has taught us anything, it is the degree to which the Internet has taken away the need for such centralization.

I know, it sucks for those fools  wealthy people who plonked down $5 million for that 2BD 2BA condo on the Upper West Side, and who would have to pull up the drawbridges against hordes of rampaging looters every night;  but quite frankly, I don’t think there’s going to be a great deal of sympathy for these people in the population at large — even though The Donald is one of those same people.  (His hotels, for one thing, are going to go under in such a scenario, but the vagaries of fortune of overpriced urban real estate investments are not, as a rule, the concern of suburbanites and country folk in Ohio, Missouri or Utah.)

So, to quote a one-time quasi-revolutionary:  “You say you want a revolution?”  Go ahead, have fun.  Just don’t expect taxpayers from Texas, South Dakota or Arizona to bail you out when it all goes pear-shaped;  because while you’re screwing around with anarcho-socialist communes (which have always — always — failed in the past), we Deplorables in Flyover Country will be too busy making America great again to have the time or money to waste on helping you out.  And contrary to your expectations, American greatness does not depend solely on places like Seattle or NYFC anymore.