When You’ve Lost The Dutch

Dutch people, as a rule, are famously tolerant and generally speaking, a decent lot (except when occupied by Nazi Germany).

So when the Dutchies use bulldozers and batons to clear out a terrorsymp encampment, you have to know that your cause may be in trouble.

And if the above two links didn’t elicit at least a grim smile from you, we can’t be friends.

My suggestion for riot control, as always, is a little stronger than bulldozers and batons:

Okay, Wait

Here’s a headline which literally stopped me in my tracks — twice.  See if you can see where:

Actress cast as Richard III?  I thought casting men as women went out in the seventeenth century, but since when did casting women as men become a thing?  (As an aside, how will Dickless III play the seduction of Lady Anne in Act I Scene 2 without the audience breaking into uncontrollable laughter?)

And no, by all means play the hunchbacked king as a non-impaired man, which will make the “poisonous bunch-backed toad” line (among many other such insults in the play) completely meaningless.  Fucking hell;  why not just play Richard III as a frog, and have done with it?

Then again, this is Britishland, home of The Bard, where I once walked out of a dreadful performance of Macbeth (at the Barbican Theatre, by the Royal Shakespeare Company) at the halfway point.

So anything’s possible.  Expect to see a guest appearance by Willy Wonka or David Beckham in footballer kit during the final battle scene, where “Richard” utters the immortal line:

“A purse!  A purse!  My queendom for a purse!”



Seen at Kenny’s:

Not sure I go with that one, but its proposition may not be unjustified.

The question, however, is an interesting one.

On that scale, I’m at about a 2.  But I’m willing to be challenged.

Here’s my point.  The larger the alleged conspiracy, the less I’m likely to go for it.  So most of the so-called “Global” conspiracies (World Economic Foundation, Jewish Banking, you name it) fall apart at the first hurdle because the larger the conspiracy, the more people involved, the less likely it is to be true.

  • Is there a conspiracy among your coworkers to get you fired? —  easily established and exposed.
  • Did the CIA conspire to kill JFK?  — no.
  • Did Aristotle Onassis conspire to kill JFK?  — maybe.
  • …because he was in the thrall of the International Emerald Market? — definitely not.
  • Are socialists conspiring to bring down the United States?  — read the news and follow the dots;  of course they are.

In the latter case, it might not be a planned conspiracy, in that there’s no secret Bilderburger / Comintern / whatever .org issuing commands to the various socialists;  but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all working towards a common goal — which they are.

The other meme making the rounds runs along the lines of:

“Today’s conspiracy nuts will be seen by history as prophets.”

That, I might go along with.  Unless the conspiracy is an obvious crock of shit.  But as I said above, I’m willing to be challenged.

And by the way:  any suggested conspiracy that includes those bastards at DeBeers Diamonds?  I’ll believe it.

Mixed Feelings

Here’s a story that gets me all philosophical:

A child psychiatrist in Charlotte, North Carolina, used artificial intelligence (AI) to make child porn, and he is now facing the consequences.

In a press release Wednesday, the United States Attorney’s Office Western District of North Carolina announced 41-year-old David Tatum will spend the next 40 years behind bars, then 30 years of supervised release for the sexual exploitation of a minor and the AI-generated child porn.

I’ll get to the philosophical bit in a moment because emotionally, of course, I want this perverted bastard to be burned at the stake and his ashes scattered far away from any children’s playground, never mind imprisoned forever.


Did not some Supreme Court, in its Supreme Wisdom, decree a while ago that making cartoon-based child pornography did not constitute a crime?  Why yes, yes it did.  (The whole story, country by country, can be found here.)

I myself once looked at 3D-printed sex dolls, with the logical extension thereof as it pertained to creating sex dolls of children (FFS).

So ‘splain this to me Simon:  if it’s okay (perhaps) to create sex dolls of children, why not AI-generated images or even movies?  Remember:  no actual person is being harmed by this activity.

This is but my philosophical musing, of course — see my “burned at the stake” suggestion above.

And boy, have we created an Alps-sized slippery slope with this one.


Now I’m not saying I approve of this guy’s solution to an obstruction in the road.

But I do understand it.  I don’t know where ideologues get this idea that they can mess with people’s lives and livelihoods just because The Cause Is Just.  I recall watching these self-righteous tits pulling a similar stunt in Britishland — and stopping an ambulance from carrying an injured person to hospital.

Clearly, to them The Cause is more important than a human life.  So if someone decides that their ability to go about their business without being obstructed, heckled and in some cases attacked is more important than a human life (as Our Hero did in the above article), then the “protesters” have little to protest about when that circumstance includes their lives.

I see that our hot-headed gunman has been arrested and is facing trial.  I bet he had a really good reason to whack a couple of the Smellies I mean Passionate Protesters.  And if he did, and gets released without being charged, no doubt the streets will be filled with hordes of the Perpetually Indignant protesting that.

What a fucking circus (Latin for “round”) we have here.

I think I’ll spend a little time at the range today.  Just because.

Spanking Opportunity

Here’s a way to deal with the Glue Movement — okay, first a little background from Reader Mike L.:

Coco Gauff’s U.S. Open semifinal victory over Karolina Muchova was delayed by 50 minutes because of a disruption by four environmental activists in the Arthur Ashe Stadium stands Thursday night. One protester glued his bare feet to the concrete floor.

My first reaction to this little reindeer game was to think:  “If they’re glued to the floor, they can’t run away, can they?”

Which led to the following (perhaps unworthy) visual:

Oh sure, like I’m the only one who thought of that when reading the article…