Over There across the Pond, some people are getting all pissed off because a 300-year-old “shock jock” — apparently the Brit equivalent of Howard Stern [who?] — had the temerity to refer to TV Chef Gordon Ramsey’s plump young daughter, as she was competing in the ghastly “Dancing With Someone Or Other” Brit TV show, as “a chubby little thing”.  Here she is in the show, for reference:

Needless to say, all Steve Allen’s LGBTOSTFU co-workers are in a tizzy and want the man fired.

And as if that weren’t enough, some other fatties [not part of the show]  are testing the suspension system of the bandwagon by jumping on it, most notably this land whale:

…who invited Allen to “kiss her big juicy arse“.  (He won’t, of course, because he’d disappear in those vast wastelands quicker than Scott of the Antarctic.)

And all for telling the unvarnished truth.

Ahhh Those Old Wounds Just Never Heal

From some guy, not one but four (consecutive) emails about The Pussification Of The Western Male :

re-reading your famous column and i gotta say, you’re a truly repugnant human being, and I’m glad your wife is dead.

…followed by:

i mean that from the bottom of my heart

… then:

she probably hated you

and finally:

fascist fat fuck, i hope the diabetes takes you out soon.

Back when Pussification was still freshly published, I got far worse emails, so this isn’t even decent invective.

Rough guess:  age about 19, at college doing some worthless “Studies” course and could well still be a virgin.  (Age revealed by lack of capitalization, level of outrage ditto.)  Otherwise, it could have been written by his “Studies” professor, but the grammar is usually better in cases like that.

Also, note that he had to send me his invective across four emails — i.e. delivered in Twitter-sized bits.  Dead giveaway of his age, right there.

I could publish his email so you guys could have some fun with him, but why bother?  No point wasting anybody’s time on this twerp.  I don’t even have diabetes.

Oh, and Mr. Burns, help yourself:

Whiny little bitch.


Here’s an interesting situation over in Britishland:

The English Touring Opera has dropped 14 white musicians in a woke drive to ‘increase diversity’ in the company.  The musicians, aged 40 to 66, have been told they will not be offered contracts with the company in Spring 2022 citing diversity guidance from the Arts Council England, the Sunday Times reported.
The musicians, who officially work as freelancers, can be dropped from the opera season-on-season but many have played with the company for up to 20 years and consider it a permanent job.

Of course, this is a disgusting thing to do, but complaining doesn’t achieve anything, as any fule kno.

Here’s a thought.

I don’t have the numbers, but I’m willing to bet that this 40-66 age group would constitute a majority of the Touring Opera’s audience.  So I call on all patrons in that age range to boycott their performances.

I wonder if the company’s finances could sustain the subsequent loss of income…

Wokery Pokery

Longtime Friend Mrs. Sorenson sends me this disturbing news via email (subject as above):

A mural designed as a tribute to shop staff who worked through the pandemic has been criticised because it “screams welcome to our white town”.
Driffield Town Council said the artwork depicted well-known personalities who worked at independent businesses.
However, some residents took to social media to point out it failed to represent anyone with disabilities or from ethnic minority backgrounds.

And yes, the mural’s personnel (actual people in the village) are whiter than my kitchen cupboards.

However, Mrs. Sor also points out the following (with supporting stats) with respect to the village’s population:

But hey… let’s not let awful stats ‘n stuff get in the way of Wokism, right?

Of Course It Was

As Insty puts it:



Of course, the bank lied when the shit hit the fan and covered them 6″ deep, saying oh noes, they were talking about Flynn’s wife’s cards… like that makes any difference.

Fucking woke scumbags.  The State of Texas should ban government departments from doing business with Chase in Texas, and force them to close their fucking massive office in Plano and move to California.  Or maybe we the citizens should just…

Either way, they lose.  Assholes.

Note to Chase:  doing shit like this does more harm to your so-called “reputation” than anything your cardholders might do.