I don’t know where this word came from, but it sure as hell describes this situation:

A book serialised on Mail+ at the weekend, called Bad Therapy, suggests that ‘touchy feeling parenting and therapy’ had effectively damaged Generation Z, those born from 1997 to 2012, who are now in the 20s and teens.

The rush to ‘diagnose and accommodate, not punish or reward’ has led to ‘the loneliest, most anxious, depressed and fearful generation on record’.

The modern emphasis on protecting and safeguarding has led us to our current predicament, where even the wrong use of pronouns makes some people ‘feel unsafe’.

This may sound harsh, but this generation snowflake really does need to get a grip. Their future mental wellbeing depends on it.

Never mind “mental wellbeing”;  their entire future requires that Generation Snowflake needs to grow balls (figuratively speaking, of course), develop a thicker skin and stop thinking that the world depends on their mental wellbeing.

I would humbly suggest that the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools would be a good first step, but no doubt some will disagree with me — which is part of the problem, right there.

Prime Example

Following on from the above post, here’s a classic example of mollycoddling:

Why Anya Taylor-Joy’s corset photo is so dangerous to impressionable young girls

On Sunday, to celebrate the premiere of her film Dune: Part Two in New York, the 27-year-old posted a shot of herself wearing the undergarments needed to pull off the dramatic Maison Margiela haute couture gown she wore on the red carpet – namely a corset straight out of the Victorian era, that was cinched so tightly it will have eating disorder counsellors clearing their diaries for the foreseeable.

Here’s the offending pic:

But here’s the silly part:

One [commenter] accuses the actress of ‘normalising starvation’; they tell her plainly that ‘this is not a healthy look for women at all’; and another has written a desperate plea: ‘You are going to kill people with this sort of beauty promotion. Please delete. Please.’

I find it hard to comprehend why Anya would have posted this picture – or at least not taken it down once her followers had made her aware of the potential damage it could be doing.

And sadly the only thing I could come up with was the need for publicity – the need to garner more attention around her red-carpet appearance for Dune.

As a grown-up actress, looked up to by so many young women, she needs to recognise that supposedly fashionable Instagram shots like this can turn into tomorrow’s anorexia inspiration.

Frankly, if “impressionable young girls” feel the need to starve themselves to death after seeing that pic, they need to be expunged from the gene pool anyway.  But here’s another pic of the offender:

Next thing, we’re going to be calling for the abolition of pics such as this because “shots like this can turn into tomorrow’s rape inspiration” among impressionable teenage boys or Third World immigrants [some overlap].

Here’s a suggestion for people calling for this kind of action:

Fuck off.  Just Fuck. Right. Off.

We don’t need to be “protected” from this stuff;  we need to realize — as about 90% of all sentient beings realize — this this is fantasy.  The corset was a movie costume, not a “how to dress” guide.  That some morons will take it the wrong way is unfortunate, but not problematic for anyone other than their own stupid selves.

I’m reminded of the Popes who ordered that Michelangelo’s priceless artworks be defaced by having fig leaves painted over the depicted women’s pudenda.  Same people, same thought process.

What the hell:  why not inspire some lustful thoughts, or maybe an insatiable urge to go and shop at Victoria’s Secret…

Perfect Something

And another fine and wonderful thing comes under attack:

Michelangelo’s masterpiece, The Creation Of Man, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is a symbol of white supremacy, according to one woke writer.

The world-renowned piece of art which features a white-skinned Adam reaching out his hand to God, has come under fire.

It has been called ‘the perfect convergence’ of Caucasian dominion.

My idea of “perfect convergence” would be that of an axe with this fuckwit’s head, but no doubt someone is going to have a problem with this.

Update:  Never mind;  it’s Robin DiAngelo.  Should have known.  Not even worth a rant, although I had one ready.  Every time this human shithole speaks, she lessens humanity’s sum of knowledge and goodness.

Worthless sack of wokist shit [redundancy alert].


Okay, Wait

Here’s a headline which literally stopped me in my tracks — twice.  See if you can see where:

Actress cast as Richard III?  I thought casting men as women went out in the seventeenth century, but since when did casting women as men become a thing?  (As an aside, how will Dickless III play the seduction of Lady Anne in Act I Scene 2 without the audience breaking into uncontrollable laughter?)

And no, by all means play the hunchbacked king as a non-impaired man, which will make the “poisonous bunch-backed toad” line (among many other such insults in the play) completely meaningless.  Fucking hell;  why not just play Richard III as a frog, and have done with it?

Then again, this is Britishland, home of The Bard, where I once walked out of a dreadful performance of Macbeth (at the Barbican Theatre, by the Royal Shakespeare Company) at the halfway point.

So anything’s possible.  Expect to see a guest appearance by Willy Wonka or David Beckham in footballer kit during the final battle scene, where “Richard” utters the immortal line:

“A purse!  A purse!  My queendom for a purse!”


So What, It’s Only Jews

It’s hard to see how much worse the situation could get:

More than 30 synagogues in Massachusetts were targeted with bomb threats on Sunday, just days after its largest city, Boston, rejected millions of dollars in federal anti-terrorism grant money.

Why did they reject the funding?

The city council rejected the grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in a contentious 6 to 6 vote, with the opposition arguing that giving more funds to law enforcement would “do more harm than good” to minority communities.

Oh well, that’s okay then.  After all, it’s only Jooz who’d be targeted by the terrorists, but of course Jooz don’t classify as a “minority” group anymore because White Rayciss Who Invaded Peaceful Gaza.  Or something like that.

Let Boston sink.

Looking Backside

Now that the 2023 Formula 1 season has ended, Max Verstappen has been crowned King Of All Drivers, etc., some questions still remain.

Asks Onetime Drummer Knob:

Simple answer:  Liberty fucking Media.

Long answer:  Liberty fucking Media, a bunch of woketard American businessmen who bought into the trope that grid girls were “exploiting” womyns and glorifying “unnaturally beautiful” women because of the race organizers’ consistent refusal to make grid girls “more representative” of womyns by adding Lizzo-style fatties to the mix.

Imagine introducing this:

…to this:

…and I think you’ll see where I’m going, here.

So Liberty fucking Media just banned the whole institution from F1, the wokist assholes.  Which worked everywhere except Monaco, where the race organizers told them to take a hike.

Expect to see Monaco dropped from the F1 circuit at some point soon.  Oh there’ll be Reasons, e.g. “the Monaco streets are too narrow to race the new F1 cars*”, but it’s going to happen.

*The streets aren’t too narrow;  it’s the cars that have got fat and bloated.

…like Lizzo vs. the old-style grid girls.